August 1, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I couldn't resist this one from The Daily Bell, because it so perfectly illustrates the incestuousness of the American oligarchical system, for make no mistake, that is what the form of government in this country has become:

Success! ... CFPB's 'First Enforcement Action'

Remember all that call for more "regulation" from "outraged banksters" that such fraudulent and criminal behavior as robo-signing, un-regulated derivatives creation and discounting, and all the hand-wringing that accompanied it, could be tolerated? The fact that this Consumer Financial Protection Bureau resides in the Federal Reserve says it all: "Here: Let us regulate ourselves, install our regulatory offices in the one institution in America that has no public accountability, won't even publish its shareholders, has never been properly audited, and we'll protect you! By the way, you have to borrow money from us to pay our salaries while we're busy protecting you, thereby increasing your indebtedness to us."

Now, after you finish puking at the naked corruption of this latest scheme (and let's not even call it a Ponzi scheme, for Ponzi was a pillar or rectitude and probity compared to this Cosa Nostra protection racket), just remember who gave you all this wonderful benefice:

1) Ronald Reagan began it all with the push for "greater de-regulation" (oh, by the way, he promised to shrink the size of government;

2) This was continued under King Boosh the First; and

3) Expanded under Bill Clinton.

Bought, and paid for (with Federal Reserve Notes, let it

Let's be honest, folks, it isn't working any more (at least, not working for the people), and it is useless turning to the very people who have produced this mess and tangle of corruption to straighten it out. Asking politicians and bankers to mind the henhouse is to set the foxes among the birds. And we're still waiting for some of these crooks to go to jail...

And Capital One, the subject of this particular story? Well, as The Daily Bell points out: "In any event, Capital One has issued a statement explaining that it didn't do anything wrong directly and has blamed third-party vendors for the problems for which it has been fined."

Of course it did nothing wrong(directly) is perfectly legal to lend money and credit at a rate of interest that would make Shylock blush, and therewith, another typical tactic of a corrupt oligarchy: legal = ethical=moral.

So the next time you see a Dummycrook or Republithug talking about cleaning up the corruption and crony capitalism, and you're wondering if they can be trusted, just remember the cardinal rule: if they're speaking, they're lying; trust must be earned, and in the 99 years since the creation of the Federal Reserve monster, the record of politician-oligarchs in both parties, and the banksters and corporations that have corrupted them, is clear.

See you on the flip side.