This is old news (of a sort) but yet, fascinating and new news: Scientists may have found a method to predict the occurrence of large solar flares or CMEs, based upon changes in the radiation output or half lives of radioactive materials on earth. Now, we'll get to the significance of that in a moment, but first the article:

Advance warning system for solar flares hinges on surprising hypotheses

Now, let's read those relevant paragraphs again:

"In 2006, nuclear engineer Jere Jenkins of Purdue University noticed a change in the decay rate of a radioactive sample 39 hours before a solar flare. Since joined by a Purdue University professor of Physics named Ephraim Fischbach, Jenkins' subsequent research has reinforced the discovery, using two samples of the same isotope, chlorine 36, in two separate experiments in two different labs.

"It isn't just solar flares that seem to induce changes in radioactive decay rate. Changes in solar rotation and activity, and the Earth's position on its orbital path around the Sun also appear to have an effect, and it's the latter variable which seems to have been decisive in the research. Between July 2005 and June 2011, continued monitoring has apparently shown consistent annual variation in the decay rate of chlorine 36, peaking in January and February, and ebbing in July and August."(Emphasis added)

Now, for those of us raised in junior high and high school physics of the sort that was taught back in the 1960s and 1970s, the idea that radioactive material decay rates were variable dependent upon the organization and geometry of the wider local system was...well...let's just say, it wasn't a popular idea. In a word, what this new study suggests is two things that I've been ... well....harping on in some of my books: (1) all physical systems are essentially open systems and (2) this means that there is an elaborate, though little probed, system or network of feedback loops from one system to another, or, if one wishes to put it in slightly different terms, such systems are examples of dynamic torsion.

Indeed, this whole idea that the position of the Earth and the timing of experiments could subtly alter the results of experiments formed the very basis of the research work of well-known Soviet astrophysicist, Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev. And as I noted in my book The Philosophers' Stone, the RCA company in the 1950s actually undertook a study of sunspot activity which showed that this was correlated to the positions of the gas giant planets in the solar system.  Such concepts are baldly and nakedly alchemical, for it was long a tenet of alchemy that successful results in the confection of the "philosophers' stone" consisted in part of the timing of the performance of "the great work," i.e., was dependent upon local celestial geometry and planetary and solar position.  Likewise, I have argued that at least one reason for the Nazis' use of a radioactive serum in its Bell project may have been to measure variations in the radioactive decay rates of the compounds of that serum, rates that would in turn have indicated the degree of torsion effects the device was generating in its rotating plasmas.

We have in other words taken yet another small step in the modern confirmation of some very ancient views.

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  1. I got one of the first-out copies of,
    [yes, that really is with a Z and is correct]
    The Role of Solar Outbursts In Our Past
    and Future,” by Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

    I’ll be reading much of tomorrow, even
    if I can only sit still and concentrate
    for very short times !

  2. There are several sources IIRC for the existence of “the” ether, which the solar system is drifting through at (I think it was) 4,000 km/hr. The speed of the earth in its orbit around the Sun would add or subtract from that, giving a yearly variation. If these are correlated, strength is added to both hypotheses.

    Of course no tenured (or ambitious) scientist can touch these with a ten-foot pole: instant academic death.

    Regarding isotope dating, it’s not knocked out of the ring, only shown to be a little less accurate. These are small effects.

    Ol’ Bab

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    1. Thats exactly what I fought!

      This means that simply all C14 dating is more inaccurate than we thougth.

    1. A double entangled, ribbon filament flare ripped off on Friday,
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  3. Would guess this is public discovery of already developed tech–and much more developed. (Given the difficulties encountered by W Reich, Dinshah, and B Cathie–this is known about.)

    Jenkins and Fischbach did the work, but in the past it wouldn’t have been available publicly.

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