Babylon's Bankers


In Babylon's Banksters, I observed that much of the current financial woes can be traced to the influence of the formula of Dr. David Li, a Chinese mathematician who sought to capture in one scalar quantity a whole nest of credit default bundles and derivatives. As I pointed out there, Dr. Li glibly dispensed with the need for any appeal to historical data in the concoction of his formula, and, for that matter, there really was no historical precedent either for his formula, or for the types of "securities"the banks began to trade and list as assets.

Thus, when the meltdown came, it came at an unprecedented scale, and to a degree that all indications are that not one of the major banks really had any clue as to what was happening, or why (beyond their own rapacious fraud in the mortgage sector). It is this absence of any real model or historical precedent that, to my mind, in part explains what I have been describing as the feel of "panic" to the banksters' actions, a panic that, in my opinion anyway, one senses lurking just beneath the carefully controlled (and probably heavily sedated) exteriors presented calmly to government committees of inquiry.

Well, now zerohedge is coming to very similar conclusions:

Financialization's Self-Destruct Sequence

In other words, if the outwardly calm Ben Bernanke seems to have an underlying touch of anxiety, a just-this-side-of-hysterical-panic edge in his voice, the reason is, it's probably true, simply because nothing like this has ever been seen before in human history, and the banksters, who brought on this whole situation, are responding to it with formulae based on earlier models, models which no longer apply. In short, that panic may be genuine, and not just a put on.

The question now is, if this hypothetical speculation be anywhere close to the truth, what is to be done about it?

See you on the flip side.


  1. I find the following words in Farrel’s article worthwhile = “… that absence of any real model or historical precedent…” Also the two words “heavily sedated?”

    How in the world would one fine a precedent for Li’s unmathematical-like formular. (in the stars I guess, ha,ha!)

    While I think Farrel meant Prozaic(ed) there are other ways people express ‘the seriousness of the matter’ and reveal to others with trained eyes how they really feel or sizing them up like some homicide detective only the murderers kill Civil-Society instead of single victims!

  2. Hi Dr. Farrell,

    You should do a google search of Nazis Thailand Parliment. You will be surprised by what you will find. I’ve been going to Thailand since the mid 90’s. I’ve noticed for years that Thailand has a very strong weird connection with Germany of all places. I’ve encountered a lot of old retired German men there who I’ve always suspected as being retired Nazis. After reading your work I would not be surprised at all that Thailand is a very strong base for the Nazi International.

  3. Robert Barriclow

    This was and is Crisis By Design.
    Derivatives ARE weapons of Mass destruction.
    Ellen Brown says the fuse was lit 9/11/2007 on the “Financial Melton”.
    The purpose is a reshuffling; again, of a stacked deck with FEWER cards in play.
    This is being theaterred, play housed 90’d as “accidentally beyond control”. It’s designed to be so.
    To stop it, all that needs to be done is turn the 1% despicables world upsidedown, by turning the system into a system that works for: 100% of Earth’s living instead of the 1% parasites(at the expense of Eath’s living beings & life).

    We have the wherewithal.

        1. With my body as the barameter of desperation,
          we are in countdown, but no fire in the belly,
          except for Totbots.

          1. Robert Barriclow

            Ironic, in that the
            “Danger! Will Robinson! Danger!”
            was said in only ONE episode:

            “The Deadliest of the Species”

          2. Robert Barricklow

            By the By HAL838 I read you posts as well(in fact I read everyone’s).
            But when I read this I wanted to post it. It’s from Ambrose Bierce, one of my favorite writers:

            A route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing.
            One could call that a pure defintion of philosophy.

          3. no/thing=infinity

            Set aside the philosopher for a moment
            and ask a physicist.

            What’s your ‘beef’ as you so think it?

          4. Robert Barricklow

            A good place to start:
            To put into law; to drive into law,
            a system that places the rights of communities, people, & nature ABOVE
            the rights of corporations.

  4. I think the banksters have run out of time. They are pulling out all the stops as of late with aerial spraying, roadblocks, assassinations, veteran round ups, but they haven’t achieved the complete US zombie state nor the police state and now the jig is up. These last couple of years, as they got ever closer to grabbing that brass ring, they had to show their face and now the world knows who they are and what they are up to. I think the opposition has circled their wagons and have the banksters painted into a corner. They would love to start a catastrophic war and reset the game board but it seems they do not have control over the US military either. The only thing left for them is to release a plague and retreat to their underground bases, but even this strategy may ultimately be blocked by someone. Off planet nazis? ETs? Returning Gods?

    Contrary to the public sentiment, this is not a time of gloom and apocalypse but instead a time of great hope. A great time to be alive. Have faith.

      1. Well Hal, I just had this impulse to try and cheer people up. its gone now.

        Trying to decipher who is in running the show and what they are going to do next can make one schizophrenic. Another victory for the High Cabal? I’m not sure what I believe anymore. The only thing new I’ve learned of late is that our Sun is wish fulfilling, if propitiated daily and with sincerity. That is a real game changer. Gorge Carlin was right. We should all just be worshipping the Sun. It blows the doors off of Yahweh.

        It may be time to talk (write) less and listen more.

        1. Ra ?
          Yes, it is the real giver of life, isn’t it ?
          And yet not even a conscious entity of itself.
          Yahweh symbolizes the crush-kill-destroy ‘mentality.’
          How sad…………but apropriate to the age.

          Wish fulfilling?
          It is a star, after all

  5. I believe something is afoot Dr Farrell,

    According to

    Today alone there are Biological hazards in,

    Portugal (Municipality of Almada)
    Ukraine (Mykolaiv Oblast, Voznesensk)
    USA (state of NY [Noyack Bay])
    Ireland (Beaches at Waterford, Cork & Kerry)

    And a Epidemic hazard in the state of Colorado (Cimarrona campground, Archuleta county)

    What are the odds that these “events” would occur in different countries all on the same day?

  6. Dr Farrell, this is probably not what you were seeking as an answer, but you asked this, “The question now is, if this hypothetical speculation be anywhere close to the truth, what is to be done about it?” One word: PREPARE. Prepare for yourself and for your loved ones. We cannot save the world or society or the economy or even our local community. In a disaster such as this we can and should prepare ourselves. Prayer is first, then Water, Food and Shelter are important as well as a kind heart to assist the unprepared..

    1. Montana here I come!

      Sure — be prepared! So is the opposition. The government or whoever probably has a record of every can of beans located anywhere in that state. Think your safe from intrusions? Think again? (the small-fry I don’t even think they care about?)

      The opposition is keeping an eye out for the so- called provision holders. ( they might need too if plans ‘screw up?” Maybe not for Monsanto is doing its job pretty well so far!)

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