Dr. de Hart and I, while researching and writing our book Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas, were literally flooded with so many details of of human-machine inferfaces we did not know, really, where or how to illustrate the underlying philosophy and its implications. While we finally arrived on a strategy of presentation after some discussion, many details had to be sacrificed.

One of them was the interface between medicine and the microchip, a powerful combination that reinforces the view that the medical fascism that has grown up in this and other countries since the end of World War Two is about to enter a new era of "orthodoxy", which to challenge is to threaten the very fabric of the alliance between medicine and "big pharma":

Digital pills make their way to market

Well, I have to award this website's first Kammler-DARPA Award for Kookiest Technology to this idea, for we may easily imagine the kinds of developments of this technology already being contemplated in the spotless white halls of big chemical and drug companies like Muck Pharmaceuticals, coming in several "Marks" of versions of the chip

  • Mark I: a chip that embeds itself permanently in your body (perhaps the intestines), to monitor what, and how much, you're eating (for insurance purposes of course, but helpful in times of rationing to make sure you're not going beyond your allotted gruel and beans);
  • Mark II: a chip that embeds monitoring if you're smoking or ingesting any prohibited drugs, like caffeine, nicotine, and so on (again, for insurance and homeland security purposes of course). This extremely helpful "mark II" medical monitor would also be used to track if a patient-victim were also receiving any prohibited therapies not sanctioned by the AMA or Big Pharma, or taking too many health food supplements (if the FDA hasn't banned them all), or, for that matter, eating foods not derived from the GMO products of Duponzanto;
  • Mark III: a chip monitoring if you're taking your big pharma drugs, inclusive of your psycho-active drugs for your depression, bi-polar disorder (insert your mental illness here), in the correct dosage and on time, with automatic radio telemetry provided instantaneously to law enfarcement Offizieren to immediately arrest and detain you for automatic trial in absentia, with jail time and or stiff fines for not doing so;
  • Mark IV: A chip monitoring your brainwave activity to make sure you're thinking correct thoughts and having happy emotions about your fearless Fuehreren, and if not, to radio a computerized pharmacy which will immediately prescribe the appropriate drug based upon an algorithmically programmed pharmaceutical-diagnostic-prescription program (PDPP), which will be signed off by a certified federal pharmaceutical Offizier (thus insuring correct diagnoses and prescriptions);

And of course, from here, it is a short step from the point of informing people that "this medicine contains a RFD microchip to monitor the progress of our drugs for testing purposes" to the covert and quite involuntary chipping of the durg-and-vaccine supply with chips that people don't even know they're (already?) taking.

Thank goodness we have Obama-Romney care to protect us from all that, right?


See you on the flip side.


  1. “Topol is not affiliated with the company that manufactures the device, Proteus Digital Health in Redwood City,California, but he embraces the sensor’s futuristic appeal, saying, “It’s like big brother watching you take your medicine.”

    Said it all. I guess (just guess hehe) he knows what he is doing.

  2. this is exactly why I refuse to swallow pharmaceuticals unless absolutely neccessary and refuse ALL vaccines (the info about the despicable detriment of vaccines is out there- only a matter of research)-


  3. Awake :

    Fortunately this made up accusations about forced medication in insurance reform is simply not true.

    Try staying awake and paying attention to the actual problems with the Massachusetts system.

    1. Give them time, it’s coming eventually unfortunately. Just like mandatory drug tests to get most jobs for a cheaper insurance rate to the employer.

      1. Drug testing for most jobs is already illegal.

        Nice to see another argument for single payer medical insurance.

  4. I think one day we will all sit back and laugh at all the crazy plans they had in store for us. One last feeble attempt at controlling humanity before we break free of alien control.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Reminds me of:
        The struggle of man against power
        is the struggle of memory against forgetting.

  5. Just like in the movie THX1138 WHEN your medicine cabinet tells you drug evasion is a crime and you can be charged with a Delaney chemical imbalance for not taking your medications.

    1. Dont’ forget “Equilibrium” with the delightfully psycho Christian Bale. Another “take your pills or else” society.

  6. If you haven’t had enough yet,
    that’s too dam bad because it’s too dam late…………..

  7. Robert Barricklow

    A Brave New World circa 1984.
    One laughs at this,
    …but the mission creep is on the move,
    Or should I phrase it, “On the creep.”?

  8. Doctor, please stop scaring us by speaking the truth and looking around you with open eyes! On behalf of the citizenry, we want to watch the US “win” the Olympics and just mindlessly chant “USA USA.”
    Seriously, it may now officially be time to worry!

  9. There’s a skip in logic here, because not that many adults are forced to take medication, and many people have a healthy distrust of long term ingestion of pills.

    So neither Obama nor Romney is particularly guilty of pushing enforced medication.

    That big pharma is always trying to come up with a pill for what amounts to every day life is a separate question.

    Anyhow as these chipped pills exist now, and for many years to come, reading their presence is very difficult. There’s only one technology that could possibly do it secretly anywhere on earth and why bother with the pills if one has mastered psychotronics? The pill, I’d posit, would simply be a method of misdirection and pharma profit. Oh wait…

      1. So Dr Farrell, as it appears we are deep into fulfilling *someone’s* fascist fantasy, is there a point at which you will say Adios America, or are you here for good? If you do consider going, where would you go?

    1. 1-800-BAD-DRUG

      Name your poison and you will be referred to
      the lawyer/firm handling that particular
      class action suit.

      Just about all drugs are now being challenged
      as killers rather than treatment for [better ?] health.

    2. That’s likely why Obama care is put in place with the insurance companies in total control. The excuse for forced innoculations will be: your refusal to take your corporate mandated meds will cause other’s rates to go up unfairly to cover your added risk of health issues for not doing so. This mind set will make refusal or avoidance a revolutionary act just like telling the truth is becoming. The globalist dream of a superior race resulting fron their eugenics opperations will come about but not in the manner they intend. How ironic that the sheeple will be culled but so will the psychotic control freaks when the true next generation human minority is forced to rise up and destroy them.

      1. This could be history repeating itself….where man and women are kicked out of the Garden…..again.

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