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August 5, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I've been blogging and talking a lot about the current age of transition, and the accompanying geopolitical realignment taking place, largely with the so-called BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Now, before we venture off into the latest BS from the Western media and "analysts," I want to make one thing clear: Is Putin an authoritarian? Answer: Yes. Is Hu Jintao? Answer: Yes. Is Putin some sort of evil neo-Stalinist that the Western media is attempting to portray him? Answer: No. Is Hu Jintao a throwback to the genocidal butchery of Chairman Mao? No.

Well, here's one that made me simultaneously both laugh, and cry, and gag:

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Implicit in the title of this article is the premise that China and Russia constitute a new "axis" of evil dictatorships intent upon global domination, and, as evil axes of dictatorships are wont to do, they hold meetings, assemble behind closed doors, and plot how they are going to End the American Way of Life and Take Over the World...and, oh my, whatever are we going to do about it? We must respond to this aggression.

All of this of course, is a big fat whopping lie, and the lie is contained here, in these paragraphs at the opening of the article:

"When the Soviet Union collapsed, no major power emerged to challenge the United States and the West. Simply put, for two decades policymakers failed to define a grand strategy to govern its foreign policy. Washington, in effect, enjoyed a “free ride” in conducting its foreign policy.

"In moving from crisis to crisis without an overarching set of goals or principles to guide its policies, the U.S. and the West have lost strategic momentum. Simultaneously, a new bloc of states – an “authoritarian axis” – is gaining strategic momentum. Dangerously, this rival bloc is mounting serious geopolitical resistance to the West and altering the balance of power."

To anyone who has been following the geopolitics and diplomacy of the United States and its allies, these two paragraphs could only come from the propaganda fantasy-room of Dr. Goebbels. As I mentioned in last Thursday's News and Views, and in the previous two days' blogs, the USA gave solemn assurances to post-Soviet Russia that it would NOT seek to expand NATO into Eastern Europe or the former Soviet republics of the Ukraine and Byelorussia. It did.

It ignored Russian protests of expanding ballistic missile defense into Europe, giving the US and its Allies a first strike capability (and if you believe that the missile defense system is really about defending Europe from "rogue states" like Iran, you're sorely mistaken). The USA and its Allies then pursued the deliberate goal of projecting western military power into the Eurasian Heartland to control is energy resources and to prevent Russia, and more importantly, China from doing so.

In short, the West "seized the moment" and did so deliberately, and with reckless abandon, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. As for the Arab spring...forget it: there too the real real target is to prevent the Russians and more particularly the Chinese from having influence in the resource-rich region. The same behind all the hand-wringing in Darfur and other places in Africa. There is coordination, in other words, on both sides, and a plausible and in my opinion strong case could be argued that the rise of this new alignment on the part of Russia, China, (and Brazil and India) is precisely itself a response to the aggressiveness with which the West has pursued these geopolitical goals.

We will hear lots about human rights, how Russia and China are not genuinely open societies, how Russia suppresses religious freedom by attempting to curtail the efforts of the nuttery of American evangelicalism in that country, or how China suppresses the rights of TIbetans, and so on. We will hear about their support of repressive dictatorships and horrifying atrocities, we will not hear about how desperate Third World countries are turning away from the American-backed IMF and to China because the Chinese consistently offer better deals than the supposedly human-rights-concerned democratic West... Why is it we hear nothing, in this article, about the fact that India, the world's largest democracy, in spite of the decades of mistrust between it and China, is gravitating to the Asian orbit? Did Prime Minister Mr. Singh suddenly wake up one day and decide "I've become an authoritarian. I think I'll try to patch things up with Russia and China..." What about Brazil? Is it too to be demonized as "authoritarian" because it is seeking expanded relationships with these countries?

Human rights protests? Well... consider only that these are carefully crafted covert ops in their own right (think RAND corporation, George Soros, and all those "spontaneous" revolutions from Kosovo to the Ukraine that put into place "spontaneously pro-Western" governments". Democracy was imposed on Post-World War One Germany, and that didn't work out too well...

... we will not hear about the Western elite's own trampling of human rights, its shredding of the Bill of Rights, its institution of executive star chambers, its covert operations and atrocities, its own oligarchs' role in international drug trade, installation of cruel and repressive dictatorships (think Allende or a host of other dictators: Hussein, Marcos, Stroessner, Mubarek....on and on we could go) ... you'll have to tune in to RT to hear about those sorts of things. And ask yourself an important question, why is RT TV, Russian television, concerned about the erosion of America's freedom? Could it be because the Russian leadership knows good and well the depth of powerlust of the western oligarchs? the depth of their corruption? and the depth of the insane world view they hold? Don't get me wrong, I don't believe for a moment they are genuinely concerned about those things over at RT TV, except insofar as the erosion of traditional American values is being prompted by an insane and corrupt oligarchy, which knows its power is slipping, and which could, accordingly, act as irrationally and with as much bloodlust as leaders in their own recent history, whom, in both Russia's and CHina's case, they have managed to consign to the dustbin. They may not be the wonderful beacons of light and human rights and freedom that we think ourselves to be, but they're a long way from Stalin, Brezhnev, Mao, and Deng Xiaoping too.  They may indeed constitute an Axis, but that Axis increasingly looks to be inclusive of India and Brazil, and there's the rub... Why? Perhaps it is because there is another Axis too, one intent upon dictating to the rest of the world via a choke hold on energy and resources, and it's not centered in Moscow or Beijing.  The last time the US and its allies played this game of oi-and-resource brinksmanship with an Asian power, cutting off its energy supplies, the result was Pearl Harbor... This time around, the challenger is not Japan, but Russia and China...

See you on the flip side...