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August 30, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Ever since Curiosity landed on Mars, I've been pouring over the photographs now being posted at NASA's website, and part of me is like a little kid again, just being thrilled that one is looking at color photographs being taken of another planet, our neighbor, millions of miles away. Take this one for example:


The NASA location for this photograph is here:

"Mars Curiosity 1"

This little picture intrigues me for one basic reason, and that is, if one looks at the upper left hand part of the picture, particularly in its full screen version on the NASA website, it has the appearance to me of sedimentation, and that, of course, would require, at some time in Mars' past, water, vulcanism, techtonics, and as far as I recall, there's no evidence of the latter two around the landing site... It is, in other words, to this amateur's eye, a picture with unique implications for Martian planetary geology. Before we get carried away on that score however, it's important to note that, so far as I am aware, no geologist has commented in any detail about these photos. All I can say is what my eyes see, and what my eyes see looks like sedimentation.

Then there's this stunning black and white (and I'm not even going to comment on why I'm including this one):

The NASA address for this picture is here:

Mars Curiosity Black and White

But the one that grabbed me the most was this:


Apparently not even the folks at NASA could resist this one, for they obligingly put nice boxes and arrows around things ... as if our own eyes wouldn't have been inexorably drawn to these curious shapes on their own. (The NASA link for this picture is here: Curiosity's Curious Things)

Now, all of that is leading up to this one, yet another black and white image, and I again refrain from comment, other than to ask, "Do you see what I see?"

NASA's address for this picture is here (and it may be best to view this one, slowly and carefully, from NASA's website: Mars Curiosity Black and White Piece de Resistance).

Have fun with these folks, especially the last one, and...

...I'll see you on the flip side.