1. Milton Zentmyer

    I agree in regard to the terror in her eyes. What a horrible waste.

    Obama’s smile is just a little too bright and shinny. Obama is a product of MK ULTRA. I shudder to think what is programmed inside HIS HIDEOUS HEAD.

  2. Annnd, the good doctor went to ALL the wrong schools…Yale, George Washington U., Colorado U. Med. TPTB made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Gag your wife(so to speak), or WE will. These mother-murdering, bitch ass punks are so predictable…not much on originality. Been using the same tired old techniques since Garfield. Man, I wouldn’t wanna be in their shoes when life review time comes around. Probably reincarnate as a chicken, veal calf, pound puppy or something like that. I imagine Barrack saying something like, “Jeez, I sure do hope I don’t get hurt. Just four more years, then I’m home free.”

  3. Charlotte Knight

    IMO there is some terror in her eyes in that photo, even though she seems to be smiling….more later….

  4. Robert Barricklow

    These “shooters” have the 2nd amendment in their crosshairs. Anyone who could form a “meme” of thought(i.e., witness) counterintuitive to the layed out perception management program, will meet a dead end. Witnesses, as in the JFK shoot, were eliminated. A professor once calculated the odds of these witness dying/accidents approaching a googleplex.

  5. yeah, I read this, too- am not sure if there’s any truth to this report (let alone the entire MSM scenario of the Batman muders)- MSM invents the news at times

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