6 thoughts on “TIDBIT: WELL SAID…!”

  1. One does not have to appeal to extrinsic causes for authoritarianism in Islamist or Marxist movements or states as authoritarianism is intrinsic to such entities. Moreover, ” individualistic liberalism is in fundamental agreement with orthodox Marxism on this point, namely that there is no ‘governmental authority ‘ properly so called . For individualism, authority is vested in agreements between individuals , which as a matter of principle, can be canceled any time; for Marxism, it is the hallmark of those preliminary stages of society which will one day dissolve altogether in a Communist society.( Josef Pieper )”

  2. I have a lot to thank you for though, Joseph.

    Your first few books had me making connections
    I never would have thought of, but stuff
    I was looking for all along.

    I jumped right into the surrendipity of
    synchronous ‘coincidence’ and was able to finish on time.

    Still alive (oh yeah!) and looking forward to things like
    privacy, true friends, my daughter, etc.,
    as the ruling inmates go [away] I won’t be tortured any more.
    [I’ll be 65 on 08/25]

    The full ‘carrot people” can never reform;
    emptied of “totbots”
    THEY could never ‘live’ with the guilt.


    I’ll have to go back to writing, but not until next year
    AND it will be MY RealName byline !
    Reports of a very strange investigation—
    Steven King meets reality!

    The first out will be little more than editing,
    as THEY always leave extensive diaries and records.
    Now I can think that living so long as I have been allotted
    won’t be so bad !

    Happy “transition” and 2013!
    It’s gonna be great !

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Authoritarianism right out of
    Alice In Wonderland’s Red Queen Reign of Terror.
    We are definately in a strange land.
    It is definately NOT the country we were taught existed.
    I wonder who are those guys?
    What school of thought teaches these psychopaths?
    And strangely they are called,
    “The Best & The Brightest”.

    But are inmates really running the asylum?

    1. “But are inmates really running the asylum?”

      All that is about to change……….
      but then, who ‘listens’ to me?

      Too bad because I am the only one that
      actually knows what the hell is going on.

      Not a bad thing as I really need some down time!

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