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August 25, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

OK... as you know,we've adopted a new system of Prizes and Awards here at, for the most egregious acts of various natures. We've already had our first nomination for the Kammler-DARPA Award  and now we have a contender for the Goebbels Prize for Most Outrageous Piece of Propaganda Codswallop, which must in this case go to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the consistent fly in the ointment of the West's blatant attempt to dominate and intimidate Asia.

Now, in case you haven't been paying attention to developments in the past few years, Mr. Putin has done the following naughty things that have branded him -- at least in the Western media's eyes - as a Neo-Stalinist of the very worst sort:

(1) He has charged the West and NATO with breaking solemn promises made to Russia in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union that it would NOT expand NATO into Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Republics of the Baltic States, Byelo-Russia, or the Ukraine;

(2) he has charged that the Western missile defense shield is really not directed against rogue states but against Russia;

(3) he has charged that the West is trying to encircle and thus to dominate Russia

(4) He has indicated he will not allow this to happen, and thus has

(5) established a permanent Russian naval base in Venezuela,

(6) Announced Russia's intentions to establish (ore re-establish) a naval presence in Cuba

(7) sent strong Russian naval units to the eastern Mediterranean to counter growing western pressure against Syria

(8) joined with China in vetoing US-sponsored UN sanctions against Syria

(9) Accused the West's attitudes to Julian Assange as being something much less than what one would expect from democratic nations championing human rights.

Now, in the last two weeks, RT TV is reporting the following "little" story:

Undetected Russian nuclear sub 'patrolled Gulf of Mexico'

Now, Russian boomers patrolling the Gulf of Mexico is probably an event that happens every day, and probably we have some boomers right outside Polyarni too, maybe just outside Russian territorial waters around St. Petersburg too. Big deal. The Russians probably know we do, and we are probably pretending like we don't know that they know, and they're probably pretending like they don't know that we know that they know.

But undetected Russian boomers in the Gulf of Mexico, now... that's a different matter. How would the Russians know they were undetected? Well, normally, when Russian boomers are around, so are American attack subs and aircraft, and if there aren't any detectable to the Russian skipper nor American aircraft showing up on Russian spy satellites or American Coast Guard cutters on Russian radars, well, that's a pretty good indication you haven't been detected.

So now let's go back to that little article in RT and note an interesting paragraph:

"An arch-conservative US website claimed that a Russian nuclear sub has been patrolling the Gulf of Mexico undetected for more than a month. The website laid the alleged blunder by the US Navy at the feet of President Barack Obama.

­"The Washington Free Beacon website claimed that a Russian Akula-class nuclear sub, loaded with cruise missiles, has been patrolling near the US strategic nuclear submarine base at Kings Bay, Georgia, the home base for eight of America’s nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines.

"Armed with various types of torpedoes, including those with nuclear warheads, anti-submarine-warfare missiles and long-range (3,000 kilometers) nuclear cruise missiles, Akula-class subs are capable of destroying both nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers.

"The Republican-supporting website cited unidentified American officials in alleging that the Russian sub went undetected because President Obama, a Democrat, is preparing to cut the US military budget by $487 billion in the next decade. America’s antisubmarine defense systems were included on Obama’s list of proposed spending cuts."

Now, for an American newspaper to get that kind of information would mean that ultimately that information had to come from Russia, and ultimately, with Russian government knowledge and permission, which, in this case, I think is true. In other words, I think the event really happened, I think the Russian sub did slink around in the Gulf of Mexico undetected, and Mr. Putin is gleefully telling us that it did ("Dear Barack, Hey, apparently you guys didn't pick up on our boomer in the Gulf for a month, so just letting you know. Have a nice day. Vlad. PS: did you get the matrushki nesting dolls of you and Michelle I sent? Say hi to Joe and Hillary for me. Best, Vlad.")

Now why would Mr. Putin want to bolster a Republican newspaper which is calling for increased defense spending? Surely Russia doesn't want another arms race. Well, probably they don't, but....

...they've been watching the circus carnival of financial malfeasance surrounding Wall Street, LIBOR, and everything else, and while they cannot afford another arms race, my wager is, that the analysts in Moscow have concluded that we can't afford it even less than they can...

The real Goebbels prize here should really go to the American newspaper, for its myopic endorsement of even more defense spending on an already runaway military empire that cannot even follow a Russian boomer in the Gulf of Mexico... Mr Putin's navy simply served notice that it hasn't lost any of its ability. Watch for those reassurances to come, now, that indeed the USN knew all about it. The propaganda wars may be beginning again...

See you on the flip side.