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September 11, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

It is the eleventh anniversary of the attacks - note I said, "attacks" not "terrorist attacks" - on this day.

I suspect we will be treated to the usual parade of flag waving, replays of airplanes smashing into the Twin Towers and of the smoldering ruins of Pentagram(and perhaps this time around they'll remember to brush in more airplane debris), we will hear the lamestream media, See BS, See No News, Faux News, and various political "leaders" on "both" sides making speeches and urging us that America must not relax its vigilance against all the "terrorists," and, on the other side, we will hear from the usual "truthers" about how it was all an inside government LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) or MIHOP (Made It Happen on Purpose) job, and we will even hear rehearsals of the favorite theories on how it all worked, including cruise missiles, operations within drills, remote controlled airplanes, Dick Cheney in underground bunkers, controlled demolitions, nanothermite, mini-nukes...the whole miserable parade it has become. We will, perhaps, also hear about what it was used for: questionable invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq... the whole "democracy building" enterprise.

What we probably will not hear enough from, nor about, are the victims' families, and what their thoughts and feelings were then, and are now,about how their loved ones' deaths were memorialized... we will not hear from the first responders that now question the official story, we will not hear from the families attempting to sue the government to force the truth...


We will hear an endless procession of faked emotion, of lowered voices, of crocodile tears, from the big name commentators whose names we know all too well: Matthews, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, Grace, Maher.... on and on it will go. Those not toeing the official line will be vilified. Those performing the very American response of questioning the government will be vilified (How dare one question a government that lied about JFK? that perpetrated Ruby Ridge, Waco, and deeply lied about Oklahoma City? and continues to lie with a straight face to this day? Ever notice that the Warren Report, even though no one believes it other than a few fools, is still official White House Dogma?)

No....most of all, we will not hear from those victims' families themselves who entertain such questions.

That would be to legitimize the inconvenient questions that the oligarchs do not want asked, because they either do not wish to answer, or, worse, because they have no answers, and are as mystified as we....

See you on the flip side.