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It is the eleventh anniversary of the attacks - note I said, "attacks" not "terrorist attacks" - on this day.

I suspect we will be treated to the usual parade of flag waving, replays of airplanes smashing into the Twin Towers and of the smoldering ruins of Pentagram(and perhaps this time around they'll remember to brush in more airplane debris), we will hear the lamestream media, See BS, See No News, Faux News, and various political "leaders" on "both" sides making speeches and urging us that America must not relax its vigilance against all the "terrorists," and, on the other side, we will hear from the usual "truthers" about how it was all an inside government LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) or MIHOP (Made It Happen on Purpose) job, and we will even hear rehearsals of the favorite theories on how it all worked, including cruise missiles, operations within drills, remote controlled airplanes, Dick Cheney in underground bunkers, controlled demolitions, nanothermite, mini-nukes...the whole miserable parade it has become. We will, perhaps, also hear about what it was used for: questionable invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq... the whole "democracy building" enterprise.

What we probably will not hear enough from, nor about, are the victims' families, and what their thoughts and feelings were then, and are now,about how their loved ones' deaths were memorialized... we will not hear from the first responders that now question the official story, we will not hear from the families attempting to sue the government to force the truth...


We will hear an endless procession of faked emotion, of lowered voices, of crocodile tears, from the big name commentators whose names we know all too well: Matthews, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, Grace, Maher.... on and on it will go. Those not toeing the official line will be vilified. Those performing the very American response of questioning the government will be vilified (How dare one question a government that lied about JFK? that perpetrated Ruby Ridge, Waco, and deeply lied about Oklahoma City? and continues to lie with a straight face to this day? Ever notice that the Warren Report, even though no one believes it other than a few fools, is still official White House Dogma?)

No....most of all, we will not hear from those victims' families themselves who entertain such questions.

That would be to legitimize the inconvenient questions that the oligarchs do not want asked, because they either do not wish to answer, or, worse, because they have no answers, and are as mystified as we....

See you on the flip side.


  1. When are you going to write THE book on 9-11, Dr Joseph Patrick Farrell?
    I want the cover, of course!
    The BIGGEST crime EVER against America since JFK’s Assassination!
    All done by the same group, IMHO.

    1. hey, Robert, many thanks for the link- a truly riveting interview-

      I only first became aware of Douglas Dietrich ca. 9 months ago- I have no idea if he has credulity- if he invents everything he states then he must have an IQ over 500+- or he is a mind-controlled slave created to hide the truth under the guise of what most may want to consider “absurdness”-

      maybe I’m a complete fool, but I think this man tells the truth- gut feeling-

      if one is interested (latest Fetzer interview aside) I think his most revealing interviews so far have been on C2C with John Wells (check YouTube) or even better: a series of interviews available in the Februaray 2012 archives @ charlesfrith.blogspot.com

      hope you are well- many regards-


      1. Robert Barricklow

        Thanks Larry.
        At first I was amused, but the more he spoke, the concerned I became as he said things that had the ring of truth that many just wouldn’t/couldn’t equate with. Thus as the interview went on I tried to adjust to his perspective.
        Having just read Programmed To Kill it added to the telling tale.
        Will follow up on your suggestions.
        Thanks for the heads up on those.

        Just in the last few days I’ve come acroos ionformation that follows that “gut feeling” you allude to.

        Curiouser & Curiouser.
        There seems to be no bottom to this rabbit hole we’ve all[those seeking truth] falling into.

        1. programmed to kill….thats by dave….yes?

          thou shalt not kill….. the biggest creatures are vegetarian.

          call me anti lice , just reporting on what i see.

        2. 2nd [time]

          Nice slip Robert
          Very nice
          50/50 chance either way

          HAL tips the scales.
          I never would have been able to stay
          online for the past, last 14 years

        3. “Just in the last few days I’ve come acroos ionformation that follows that “gut feeling” you allude to”-

          could you post the links?- they would interest me greatly- many thanks in advance!


          1. Robert Barricklow

            Simply the interview & the book mentioned. Those two, back to back, were in the last couple of days.

            It was a one/two combination punch.

          2. I listened to mp3s , i felt something green growing in my stomach.

            The JFK one made me want to vomit.
            forward and to the left….hello my lovey lambchop

  2. Every victim fallen from any crime is one too many. But it is only for americans and politicians that 9/11 is important. I am no american but your country made a hell of a lot more victims beyond your borders than 9/11 ever did. Your countries arogance after 9/11 even more so, America is simply a wa rmongering country. If western Europe and America go bankrupt it would be a relief to the rest of the world, albeit a temporary one.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Just In:
    New energy source, “anti-gravity”
    using electromagnetic revertic forces.

    “Progressive News Hour 9/08/2012”
    18:30 clicks in w/Rodney Shakespeare

  4. Robert Barricklow

    I’am reminded on 9/11 of Enrico Malatesta
    “The enemy is not he who is born beyond ours borders, nor he who speaks a language different from our own; but he who, without any right, seeks to strip away the liberty and independence of others.”

    1. Robert Barricklow

      The Greatest Illusion of all time(post biblical).
      No aircraft hit the building.
      Cruise missle hit the Pentagon destroying trillion dollar theft evidence.
      “when the missle , …er, aircraft hit” Rumsfeld

      1. Not a slip-of-the-tongue Robert.

        What he was really saying was something like this,
        “I can hardly contain my own conceit and arrogance !”

        On “oxymorons.”

        Evil / Genius.

        There is no such thing.

        Choosing the evil [of ultimate, gross destruction]
        is immeasurably stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I think ‘cunning’ serves as a better adjective.

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Another good point.
          Sometimes in plain sight, isn’t questioned.
          A preferred hiding spot of the elite.

          1. Yeah, like the current solar activity…………….
            pictured under the heading of a
            Mercury conjunction…………
            and I’ve never read about such a quiet geo field
            in the years I’ve been keeping track….
            surrounding themselves with such a wicked weave
            trying to clear themselves in reverse manner
            similar to what really started the Iraq war…………….
            anytime AFTER……what was that date….
            jr threw out with his sly smile…?

  5. The only thing I will remember about 9/11 is reading Dr. Judy Wood’ book “Where Did The Towers Go” for the first time.

    The technological signature of an off the books physics is what happened on 9/11, and sometime in the future they may use it again.

    Dr. Wood will go down in history as a woman who followed her chosen academic experience, and started to listen to the evidence until it told her what actual science was used on that fateful day.

    If there is a god (with a big G), then he has lost my confidence, along with every political western goon.

  6. I don”t live in America, but I do believe 9/11 changed the world. Millions of people darker than ourselves have died, been injured and had their homes and lifestyles destroyed.

    All achieved through massive lies and yes I know they have always lied (my awakening was what NATO did to the Serbs in the ’90s and Australia’s very own massacre in Port Arthur, Tasmania – a false flag for sure).

    But I still believe they were able to achieve more evil following 9/11 than any other staged event. Therefore it was their ‘greatest’ achievement to date.

  7. nor will we here anything anymore about Beverly Eckert who died in the Buffalo plane crash-

    the woman who refused 1.6m dollars compensation for the loss of her husband in the WTC- the woman who stated on her own website (a self-help group of individuals who lost loved ones on 9/11) “my silence cannot be bought”-

    the woman who met Obama and requested a re-investigation into 9/11 and subsequently boarded a flight bound for Buffalo

    1. In the whole of aviation, there have been very few
      spontaneous plane crashes…………….
      almost all were MADE TO HAPPEN …
      such a convenient weapon

  8. You could add in “a government that openly lied for years about Katyn Forest, out of fear of hurting the feelings of our noble Soviet allies.” This particular lie comes to mind in light of the new materials just released yesterday.
    The US government lied despite definite knowledge that this supposed “Nazi war crime,” as referenced at Nuremberg, was actually committed by the “good guys.” Justice, Western Hypocrisy style.

    1. Both ends have been playing against the middle,
      always a losing battle,
      even in the math

  9. I wish a belated thank you for your link to RT Putin interview very enlightening. See if can look at DemocracyNow interview today with Chris Hedeges looking to our wonderful corporate future this has always been a slave society it is just our masters are more in the open now.

  10. sigh…..heathens being deceived by emotions.

    Aldous Huxley has an interview on youtube with Mike Wallace on fear being a tool that the oligarchs use on the worthless air breathers as we are referred to as.
    Mike actually blurts out at one point why should “we” free them….just too let you know what side of the fence he is on.
    Z Big is quoted as saying it is easier to destroy a million people then govern them….the pursuit of happiness in the knowledge tree did bear a warning

    1. nature knows her own………….AND nature knows
      who to escort elsewhere and/or elsewhen…………
      there’s no need for confessions

    2. In the Scriptures, the two trees were the Tree of Knowledge (of good and evil) and the Tree of Life.

      In Kabbalah, the Tree of Life is depicted as 10 spheres. There is a gap between the lower realms and the supernals (Understanding, Wisdom, and Crown.) In the abyss, the so-called missing sephirah, Daath, aka Knowledge. Likely from the Egyptian Duat (or Tuat,) passage through darkness. Eeriely close to the English death, Germanic toten.

      In Daath, entrancement by fear becomes a fall. In this world, extreme fear justifies evil simply as necessary means. Knowledge without wisdom is science diverted to distruction. We have indeed been warned.

      1. ever slice an apple in two and see a pentagram?

        there is a parable in that sentence for the mathematically enlightened.

        1. You can’t slice an apple in two where
          the pentagram falls into two equal parts
          preserving all the arms…..
          yes, I’ve noticed.

          1. Not what you may be looking / waiting for……….(?)
            …..just true…. like “time’s up”
            which is always RE Freshing [TIME that IS]

            It has already been noted that the
            physics change…but..truth IS the constant

          2. i c the world through my eyes… my fathers.
            5=13 3 squared.

            have a nice cuppa wine and complain about hell hal.

        2. Ah, the geometry of biology. Those Edenic apples (or mostly likely, their cousins, pears) are members of the rose family. All their fruit or flowers displays 5 symmetry. Give a big Fibonacci spin to the War of the Roses!
          Then consider starfish, sea urchins… us. 5, the number of humanity, is 3(f) + 2(m.) Or there’s the pentatonic. Or the orbital spiral of Venus as seen from Earth. Or the quintessence. Or dodecahedrons.

          1. have an overview of giza, ..with all 10 pyramids.

            chimpanzees have 44 and we have 46

            23 plus 23
            what a coincidence
            five circles makes the flower of life….and adds up to 1800 degrees…

  11. personally, I’m so tired of this 9/11 crap, I dont want to hear about it ever again. because really, who cares? except the immediately involved ofcourse.
    as a non-american I just dont give a shit. yeah 3000 people died, so what? more die every day from many other causes. every country has been attacked in the past, doesnt make you special. and dont act like it changed everything, it didnt. the usa was already fascist, the coup had already happened decades before remember? and no, the guilty will never come to justice. and no, the truth will never come out. they, whoever they are, have already gotten away with it and that will never ever change.
    get over it and move on.

      1. how pessismism? because the perps wont be caught? well its been 11 years hasnt it? and i dont recall any powerbroker ever being held to account for any false flag.

        who;s talking about the end of the world?

        1. There just ain’t enough prisons for starters
          Mother Nature(s) way is ALWAYS better, BEST.

          “Ever” is just getting started

          EVERYONE [end-of-A-world]
          Even the nonevent-it’s-a-bust(ers) like JPF

      2. I agree, HAL. And I have a propensity for pessimism. Consider that it’s only been a century that we peasants could learn to read and write. Only three decades for civil rights and equality. Sure, repression and horrendous technologies are real. But the fact that we can consider something else means the worst is not inevitable.

        Some fish know there’s an ocean because they’ve seen the beach. A few figured out their lobe fins meant they could crawl ashore. Others went for depth; developing their own lights. Small minnows discovered that by gathering together, even the nastiest shark couldn’t get them all. That knowledge was pooled in morphogenetic fields. Any fish aligning its electrosensors can gather information. The net isn’t just for capture.

        1. I like the way you put that, RaPhi [sun-life].

          A small wave of leaves when no breeze is felt,
          myriads of them, no two alike, each
          BioElectroMagnetic field unique in some
          extra sensory way, perhaps ‘chatting.’

          [Can you hear it, see it, smell it, as this is carried
          by the breeze it creates?]

          1. In the fin-de-sicle of Empire, the old world-weary gnosticisms arise again. The preachers of “rapture” aim at the fearlful who long for physical escape. The more philosophical seek to purify mind so as to abandon body. Few see that obsession with defense is an admission by the archons, uh, rulers, that they don’t have the real power.
            We feel the collective Dark Night of the Soul. But each of us has to cross the abyss alone. Then from the other side we see that fear, anger, and even death have no power. That all of the energies of life are on our side.
            I have a pin from the 60s “Lemmings are silly, dinosaurs are extinct.” We with experience should probably help the poor lemmings. But the well-armed dinosaurs desrve to be nothing but skeletons in museums.

          2. How interesting a share,
            maybe more than you know.
            Thank you
            May I reciprocate?

            As my daughter lay dying
            she seemed to be the only
            one accepting her fate….
            she could not, therefore,
            speak of it…………….
            her husband was refusing to
            let [her] go in spite of her suffering.

            As her mother, I was perhaps the most
            unlikely candidate, but she desperately
            took a chance.
            She opened my ears with a few
            words and then blurted out,
            “But I’m afraid!”
            I gave her that truth she so needed.
            No one could step through that door with her.
            We all go through it alone.

            [I don’t remember exact words right now,
            but I did remember some when writing
            the manuscript]

            She wanted, no needed, her husband’s
            permission to die, to leave him and I knew
            that mine wouldn’t do. I spoke to her husband
            and her sister without a gentle voice………..

            Finally, they got it !

            My daughter and son-in-law were able to
            talk about her ‘final wishes’ and that horrible
            day he gave her permission to leave [him]

            Her funeral was exactly as she had asked,
            as she wanted, as she was finally able
            to voice her wishes.

    1. anyone who doesn’t care about 9/11 doesn’t care about anything whatsoever (start with a respect for human life) and has no insight whatsoever into the world of geopolitics

      1. To me, it has always been terror to horror
        when you know who, what, when, where and why.

        I suppose so many, all that are ‘left behind’
        [just “flip” it]
        will be poring over the ‘how’
        [always detailed in ‘diaries’]
        as it becomes available.

        On the other, some details of absolute, abject
        and sheer evil will bring many to tears………..
        tough lessons that the ‘left behind’ will never forget,
        but never dwell on, perhaps the only thing ever
        to remain in some manner, unreal…..

      2. what i dont care for is this mythmaking about 9/11. how it has been blown up beyond ay proportions. just because there was a “terrorist attack” in the US doesnt make it any different from any other crimes around the globe.
        9/11 was oh so terrible, but I never hear anyone about the hundreds of thousands that died at american hands after. this s no big deal ofcourse. most were darkies anyway right?

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