September 17, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

The developments within genetics has, as we have outlined here on this site in numerous blogs, brought both great promise and a certain danger to mankind. We have spoken repeatedly and written many blogs about the dangers inherent in genetically modified organisms - crops - and the corporatocracy promoting them to squeeze out the small farmer, control the world's food supply, and reap tremendous profits from the whole miserific process. Well, today there are two articles that I want to draw your attention to:

IDS-Like Virus Mysteriously Appears During Merck Trials

And then this one:

European court ruling creates ‘right to eugenics’

What disturbs me about all this - and it should disturb you as well - is that it is abundantly clear that science is rapidly progressing to the point where power elites can determine that a certain segment of the human population is somehow "less than viably human", today it may be fibrosis, but tomorrow it may simply be Asians, or blacks, or Indians, or what-have-you. The termination of life by decision based upon some malady is, as moral philosophers have pointed out over and over again,  a slippery slope, and can lead to the idea of termination because of "genetically inherited tendencies to certain diseases or behaviors"...again, all in the name of some abstract ideal, and never very clearly defined ideal at that, of what "human being" means.

We would do well, at this juncture, to recall that eugenics and sterilization laws were passed in this country in the 1930s, and that the current home of the public Human Genome project is Cold Harbor, which was also the headquarters decades ago of the eugenics project, where card index files were maintained on any number of people and their "blood types" and background, and all of this was funded by the financial elite. We would likewise do well to remember that this elite, like it or not, viewed the Caucasian, and more particularly, the northern European, as being somehow the "ideal" from which everything else in the human species was somehow a declension.

I make no bones about this, because behind such decisions, behind such experimentation, I strongly suspect that we are dealing with "the same tired only Fascism" that we saw emerge in Europe and North American in the 1920s and 1930s. The only difference is, it is being updated with the latest in modern technology, and masking behind a penumbra of "human rights" in jurisprudence that literally could backfire on everyone.

See you on the flip side.