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September 16, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I had fully intended these next two weeks' worth of blogs to be mostly about technological and cultural issues, but, as usual, on my normal surf through the always-rewarding and information-laden website of Russia Today (, I found once again that the government-sponsored Russian news service is reporting on an interesting development: the use of U-boats by the international drug cartels, to smuggle drugs:

Feds helpless in fight with drug cartel submarines

Eat your heart out Grossadmiral Doenitz; you could have had your U-boats, torpedoes, wolfpacks and drugs too!

That may seem like a wry and perhaps inappropriate joke, until one considers the implications here, and the things not being said in the article, but which, we may rest assured, - given its connections to the Russian government - probably already knows. Here are the implications:

  1. U-boats aren't inexpensive; they're costly;
  2. Training crews for submarine duty is also costly, thus implying this is a major investment for the cartels;
  3. The cartels are giving the nice shiny new US Coast Guard cutters runs for their money, meaning, that whatever these Medellin u-boats are, they're not some patched up World War Two American, Japanese, German, British, Italian, or Russian navy surplus;
  4. This also means the crews are trained well enough to avoid American interdiction efforts, implying again a major financial commitment and some professional training of those crews;
  5. This means the drug cartels are investing significant money into their u-boat fleet, and this implies that they will attempt to buy "state of the art" equipment from those suppliers that would sell such equipment (maybe Russia, maybe Germany, maybe France...);
  6. the drug cartels, as most are aware, are deeply in bed with elements of American and other western intelligence (and some would say, I among them, with a rogue group within American intelligence, or a rogue group that has spun off from American intelligence);
  7. the drug cartels are - per the research of Henrik Krueger in The Great Heroin Coup - deeply penetrated by the postwar international Fascista (or whatever one wishes to call it, the point being, the Regia Marina, Kriegsmarine,and IJN had a little submarine experience under their belts, and the USN and RN even more so, and more recently at that)...
  8. Thus: buying u-boats and training crews implies, at some point, oligarchical complicity in the transfer of such capabilities to the cartels, via cut-out, international arms dealers, payments by, say, oh.... cash, drugs, bullion, bearer bonds, that sort of thing.

All humor aside: it looks like the really big people behind the cartels in the crazy world of intelligence-Mafia-Fascista interface are making good and sure that that drug money keeps rolling in... it's a nice source of off-the-books funding for, know... covert operations, secret research, and stuff like that. And on the bright side, the same wonderful group of people can then turn around and demand - through their sock puppets, shills, and stooges in public politics - an increase in the funding for the "war on drugs" to upgrade equipment and give the Coast Guard missile cruisers and aircraft carriers(and the cartels will have to respond by buying their own aircraft carriers)... we can try to steal the cartels' version of the Enigma encoding-decoding machine, and have a brand-spanking-new Battle of the Atlantic right here in our own back yard (the Caribbean Sea) with our own version of Admiral Tovey(that's the good guy folks), and Admiral Doenitz(that's the bad guy)...

All humor aside, the "drug war" has now become an "arms race" and the same people behind both sides will

...sigh... Wait for it folks... the Congressional hearings, the quiet minutes with somber and stern-faced talking heads on Faux News and talk radio (if it makes the news at all)interviewing alarmed admirals opening the first salvos for requests for more funds, bigger boats, driving up the cost of drugs as more cargoes are interdicted, forcing the cartels to buy bigger and better U-boats, find better mercenary admirals to run their fleets (there are a few naval veterans in Latin America I hear... or maybe they're already running some schools...hmmmm....)

See you on the flip side...