Babylon's Bankers


September 19, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well today seems to be a day for unusual news and people have flooded my inbox with interesting articles, and a few of these I thought I should pass along. This one came from Mr. P.T., and once again, it seems that Germany is, oddly enough, goosestepping out of phase with the rest of the West's lemming-like parade into the glorious Central Banksterdom New World Ordnung. The one making this odd statement is none other than the head of Germany's Bundesbank:

Debt crisis: central bank action is work of the devil, says Germany's Jens Weidmann

Well, I don't know about you, but I think Herr Weidmann's  comments must have them scratching their heads in London and Wall Street (well....maybe just a bit), and certainly also in Frankfurt,Hauptquartier of the European Central Bank, answerable only to the OKW (if even there) in Brussels. To say the least, it's an indicator of just how bizarrely conflicted the signals out of Germany are becoming. On the one hand, you have the Germans themselves, who are none too happy about having to bail out the rest of Europe and enrich the private bankers in London and New York. Who can blame them?

Then you have the odd contests going on between various members of the Bundestag, and even agencies of the German Federal government, wanting a physical audit of Germany's gold and in some cases, there have even been calls for its repatriation. Contrast to this the "no need for that nothing to see here move along" attitude of some German banks in the face of such calls.

Then there's Chancellorin "Quirkie Merkie" (or should that be Murky Merkel?) herself.

On the one hand, she doles out reassuring platitudes to western leaders about Germany's full commitment to the fascist disaster in Brussels called the European Union, with its transnational currency, the "euro", even to the point of calling for more centralization (something I'm sure delighted Pompy Rompuy), while mere weeks later flying off to China with virtually the whole Bundesregierung in tow, to conclude deals with China that will exclude the dollar as the basis of bilateral trade (and include more the Euro)...

Well... they're burning the midnight oil again, you can bet on it, in London, New York, Brussels, and other lairs... you can bet on it. And shame on ole' Goethe for letting the false alchemy of central banking and the "pact with the devil" idea out of the bag. (Gotta watch those German poets you know!)

See you on the flip side.