September 19, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

FLASH: More fake tungsten-filled gold bars have shown up, this time in Manhattan, and judging from the sophistication exhibitted by the counterfeits, this is serious (my thanks to Mr. P.T. for sharing this with me):

Fake Gold Bars Turn Up in Manhattan

There are possibilities here:

  1. The operation is small, unconnected to anything larger, and nothing to be concerned about;
  2. The operation is connected to the banksters themselves, and is conceived as being a means to keep the price of gold artificially suppressed while they run their printing presses (not, in my view, a very plausible scenario);
  3. The amount of gold actually in existence is badly and deliberately obfuscated, and this is someone's way of sending a message to TPTB...

And on and on we could go... but if this trend continues, and indeed, if it becomes a large trend... then make sure you know what's inside your gold, for the article really points out what thereal problem is in today's financial world: "reputable dealers," in a world where the major banks are themselves part of fraud like LIBOR and the derivatives, what does "reputable" mean?

See you on the flip side...