Babylon's Bankers


September 23, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Zero Hedge is now reporting these details on those fake tungsten-filled gold bars sold int New York City:

Gold Counterfeiting Goes Viral: 10 Tungsten-Filled Gold Bars Are Discovered In Manhattan

I hope you caught the last two paragraphs: here they are once again:

"Which was also to be expected. What is also to be expected is that as more and more stories of Tungsten making it into broader gold circulation, that retail sales of physical gold will certainly be impaired as end consumers become far more cautious about what they buy.

"And while we await more information, especially from the Secret Service, who is "on top" of this case, which we assume implies that gold is after all money, we leave readers with our conclusion from Tuesday: "with false flags rampant these days, we would not be surprised if this is merely yet another attempt to discredit gold, this time physical, as an undilutable medium of warehousing wealth. So buyer beware: in a time when everyone is broke, triple check before exchanging one store of wealth for another.'"

Given all that I have written here about the bearer bonds scandals, we now have the gold itself being counterfeited. That is to say, in my opinion, this story is related to the bearer bonds story. This may or may not be a false flag. It is conceivable that the banksters, under severe pressure already, are trying to suppress the price of gold. It is, I would suggest, equally conceivable that there is a bigger game - going back at least to 1928 when Hjalmar Schacht of the Reichbank visited the NY Federal Reserve, only to be informed that they could not find the Reichsbank gold(See Confessions of the Old Wizard: the Autobiography of Hjalmar Schacht, p. 245). This, plus the massive obfuscation concerning the actual amount of gold in existence, would also seem to me to present the possibility that someone, somewhere, is sending messages to the banksters.

And let's not forget this one:

Fake gold bars out of tungsten a counterfeit story

I hope you caught the implication of the involvement of Ft. Knox:

"Whoever pulled this one on the gold bars had connections inside the government, big banks and also a top-of-the-line fabrication facility. For, counterfeit is not something new for the US government, it did this is 1964 when zinc dimes clad in silver were introduced. That's why the pre 1964 coins are valued more. Elsewhere, early this year, another counterfeit story made rounds as some of the gold bars in the vaults of the National bank of Ethiopia were found to be gold plated steel."

Well of course, this wouldn't be the first time that financial oligarchs were caught culling and clipping coins. The real question is, "fake" gold-backed bearer bonds, and now...fake bullion bars... What does it mean?

Well, possibly, it means that the "fake" bonds represent real bonds. After all, one does not counterfeit what does not exist. But if such bonds were only intended for a select few, then, when those come due, you'd better have an awfully lot of gold(which means you're going to have to skim it from the public market, plus have a lot of it that's gone unaccounted for - that's another story), or you'd better be ready to refinance the paper. In short, you're looking at a whole tier of finance that the governments and banks are strenuously denying even exists. And the implications - think global leverage here - are enormous.

Or, perhaps this metaphor will help: there are two players: Venice, and everyone else.

See you on the flip side.