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September 19, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's some articles that are rather fun - or, rather disturbing, but we'll get to that in a moment - beginning with this one from those ever-so-reliable folks at Komsomolskaya Pravda:

Artificial air to be created in lunar atmosphere for moon colonists

Now let's pause briefly and consider those last comments:

"Astrophysicists were racking their brains over the lunar ionosphere for 40 years. Only recently, Tim Stubbs of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Goddard, put forward a surprising hypothesis: the lunar ionosphere is created from moondust! According to Stubbs, the astronauts of Apollo 15 observed a mysterious glow on the horizon of the Moon. It could be caused by the ionization of dust particles that were glowing in the rays of the rising or setting sun. The scientist believes that the electric charge that occurs during the process is enough to maintain the ionosphere. Needless to say that there is more than enough dust on the Moon.

"Not so long ago, a group of Cambridge chemists led by Derek Fray developed a device that could extract oxygen from the lunar soil - regolith. The name refers to the mixture of fine dust and rocky debris formed as a result of meteor impacts.

"Derek Fray and his colleagues suggested a method based on the electrochemical process developed to produce pure metals and alloys from the oxides contained in regolith. This alloy is used as the cathode, whereas carbon plays the role of the anode.

"If such soil-to-oxygen converters are mounted on the entire surface of the Moon, potential colonists from Earth will have something to breathe in spite of the fact that the satellite has no livable atmosphere of its own."

In other words, scientists are busily trying to figure out how to produce a liveable atmosphere from Moon dust, and we are permitted to extrapolate from this that they are also trying to figure our workable techniques and technologies of terra-forming and geo-engineering, or better put, techniques and technologies of Selene-forming and -engineering.

Then, there's this:

Private manned Mars mission gets corporate sponsors

Let's pause and speculate a bit on this development. After the great age of exploration, Holland and England established their famous "East India" Companies to further the western exploration, contact, and eventual domination of trade with the Orient, and to this end, both governments created these semi-private semi-public companies - with corresponding mercantilist policies - to establish trading outposts and colonies in an archipelago of bases from Europe, through and around Africa, and into the Indian subcontinent and the Southeast Asia Pacific basin. From the point of view of the companies (and governments) involved, it worked.

With the recent calls for corporate manned space explanation, I suggest we may be witnessing a replay of history, on a far grander scale, and with much more at stake, since in effect, such "Dutch East Mars" companies would be able to "collateralize" their extraterrestrial property and resources. With this possible commercialization, comes the inevitable consequence, as such rival companies will inevitably have to protect their investments, and thus, inevitably, any trading routes thus established in space, as with the terrestrial example, will have to fortify their outposts and protect their vessels with ships. Both Holland and England, of course, built powerful navies for precisely this purpose, and one does not need to rehearse the importance of the role of Britain's Royal Navy in the maintenance of British imperialism and commercial power.

Now with this in mind, contemplate the following article:

Space Comrades: Russia seeks US and EU help in building collective moon base Read more:

We've commented previously here about Russian calls for international space cooperation regarding the Moon and Mars, but considered within the emerging context of the commercialization (and potential collateralization) of our celestial neighbors (assuming, of course, that no one else holds any outstanding liens or claims on them!) this is an interesting development, for it implies precisely that such protective purposes are in the mind of the space planners. Whether "ET" exists or not, such a contingency must at least be planned for, and hence, one may safely assume that,public denunciations of the weaponization of space from any of the world's major space powers notwithstanding, in so far as the commercialization of space is concerned, it is an inevitability.

See you on the flip side...