September 29, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Over the next couple of days, I plan to talk about the growing discontent with genetically modified foods, or GMOs, for short. The concern has now reached worldwide, as were going to see in a moment, but as I sat down to write these blogs, for some reason, the unfortunate Queen Marie Antoinette came to my mind, as a kind of symbol of the mercantilist arrogance now gripping the corporate world of the West (and again, please note, I said mercantilist, not capitalist. Thanks to Woodrow Wilson and the Dummycrooks, we haven't had capitalism for a long time in this country...another story!  But hey, he kept us out of war, right? Not!)

Anyway, back to her Royal French Majesty Marie. I imagined her as an upper echelon bureaucrat at Duponzanto, sitting in her corporate office suite at Versaill.. er... St. Louis, or perhaps ensconced in some Food and Drudge Administration commissioner's cubicle receiving various bribes from Duponzanto, and responding to the growing worldwide tide against GMOs, and saying "Let them eat genetically modified and unlabeled cake." What prompted this Bastillian meditation were two articles that a whole bunch of you sent me, not the least of which included my longtime friend Dr Scott de Hart, who called and informed me that Duponzanto (or Mon(ster)santo, or whatever you wish to call the monstrosity in St. Louis) is running adds against California's Proposition 37, which calls for said companies to at least let us know that the food we're eating is their genetically modified crapola.

Well, go figure... Duponzanto is feeling the heat abroad and at home. Maybe this is what made me think of Marie Antoinette(patience folks it's 48 minutes long, but you get the idea):

Shocking French Study Shows GM Foods May Shorten Lifespan!

Now, when France or anyone in France starts saying such things, I take notice, because the French haven't had a real independent government with a mind of its own since, well, President DeGaulle maybe. Their politicians seem to have been even more bought and paid for than our own. Funny how that worked out, since DeGaulle was a rough contemporary of John F.Kennedy, and had the great big brass French stones to kick NATO out of the country for its repeated attempts to kill him (another long story) for the crime of being a pro-French president of France. So when even France has problems with such "foods" and sponsors such studies, I sit up and take notice. Fortunately the French seem more independent minded than their politicians, and know the dangers of these shoddily-tested "food" products.  Even the French government, as readers of this sight know, has banned certain GMO crops.

Well, the growing tide against these "foods" is not restricted to those upstart-and-always-ready-to-fly-off-the-hand-on-the-slightest-provocation-"Wewant our own nukes" French. Now those always-so-stubborn-and-crafty Russians are preventing the onward march of mercantilism and "agribusiness":

Russia suspends import and use of American GM corn after study revealed cancer risk Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

How dare those always-so-stubborn-and-crafty Russians not want to buy our home-engineered red-white-and-blue corn simply becausetheir less-than-intelligent European scientists are concluding that it causes an increase of cancer risk. Why, Duponzanto conducted numerous studies and spent millions of dollars on safety studies. Right?


The fact of the matter is, American "agribusiness" exerted enormous pressure on the FDA to assert the principle of "substantial equivalence" for its genetically modified food. In effect, what this meant was that is the preponderance of a crop's genetic makeup was "corn" or "wheat", then under law it should be treated as "corn" or "wheat," and hence required no real rigorous scientific testing. That, at least, was the "reasoning." But, of course, like Marie Antoinette, the corporatocracy of Duponzanto wanted everyone to have their genetically modified and unlabelled cake, and eat it too, so to speak, since simultaneously, they lobbied - successfully - for the right to patent and license their genetically modified crud, thereby massively increasing their profit margin.

This, of course, is classical mercantilism, and mercantalism run amok, for humanity itself is playing a direct price...

...and that isn't all, but to get to "the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey used to say, I'll have to see you on the flip side...