September 25, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

There is more interesting news on the growing mystery of humanity's genetic history, and since this is a topic of interest to us here on this website, this one(courtesy of Mr. T.W.), following in the wake of the story I reported from Russian genetic studies a few weeks ago, is rather important:

Sex with early mystery species of humans seen in DNA, UW researcher says

What is interesting here is something that I have speculated upon in my various books, and that on the basis of consideration of some ancient texts, and some modern genetics. We may outline this speculation by highlighting its two main components: (1) that at some point in the course of human evolution, a major intervention occurred in the form of genetic engineering by "someone else," whom I have on various occasions called our "genetic cousins," and that this may have brought homo sapiens sapiens into existence, or considerably modified an already existent species and (2) that at some subsequent period, a further, though more limited, intervention or interference of such a nature took place. I have, in outlining these speculations, attempted to exhibit various areas of parallelism, and various areas of contradiction, between modern science and ancient texts, and the out of Africa hypothesis would seem to be one such area of general contradiction, since by any alternative community "reading" of ancient texts, such interventions were most likely performed in or near Mesopotamia.

Here, however, we seem to have indications of yet another major "intervention" - or perhaps a better word would be, mingling - within the human species, one which for whatever reason does not have appeared to have spilled over into the European population but remains confined to Africa.

What I find the most interesting in this article, however, is the language in which it is couched:

"Akey said that present-day Europeans show no evidence of the foreign DNA, meaning the mystery people were likely confined to Africa.

"The find offers more evidence that for thousands of years, modern-looking humans shared the Earth with evolutionary cousins that later died out. And whenever the groups met, they did what came naturally: They bred.

"The once controversial idea that humans mated with other species is now widely accepted among scientists. In fact, hominid hanky-panky seems to have occurred wherever humans met others who looked kind of like them.

"In 2010, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany announced finding Neanderthal DNA in the genomes of modern Europeans."

Now, it requires but a shift in paradigms to assume that, rather then early modern man gleefully copulating with whatever other slightly different primitive member of genus homo it came into contact with, that this might have been with a member of genus homo not originally from here.

This proposition of course will be roundly denied publicly, but it is the language of the article that, if one reads it carefully, suggests that maybe the idea is quietly and carefully being considered behind closed doors and in hushed voices (lest it jeopardize their funding!).

The key here is going to be when genetic studies are finally done of all those rather large mummies we keep hearing about from time to time... that is, if "they" will be honest enough to share them...

....but don't hold your breath.

See you on the flip side.