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The latest brain child to cross the desks of the Victor Frankensteins running the world's science laboratories is this little story about engineering goats to produce human breast milk substitute(doubtless for those occasions when mom is too busy to breastfeed, little junior can be turned over to the family pet goat for nourishment):

They’re genetically modifying goats to create human breast milk substitute

Now let's return, for a moment, to that psychopathology of the desire for control that I blogged about a couple of days ago. Suppose, for a moment, in the psychopathological thinking of the elite, you had perfected such technology that you could engineer genetic markers in your genetically modified crops (and now, your genetically modified goat's milk) to cause sterility in people possessing only a certain genetic marker. In one fell swoop, you'd have the genetic answer to your Malthusian dreams. With the proper tweaking from nanotechnology, you could also program other modifications in your target population. With the added capability of all the robots coming on line to do everything from shoot and scoot to washing the dishes, having all those extra mouths around to feed and grow your food is just "counter-productive"(a favorite word of the pathologically sick elites; it's a good word, but in their mouths...well, you know...).

Another application: forget about vaccines (which a growing number of people don't trust any more anyway)... why not just put your "drugs" and other poisons in the animal component of the human food supply. Imagine if one could treat ADHD by putting the Adderall right into the Big Mac or chicken fingers?

You get the picture: the potential for "crossover" technologies and new vectors of delivery for any number of schemes, drugs, poisons, genetic modifications, is growing almost as fast as we can think of them. But there is a bright side to this: knowing the psychopathology of the desire for control, we can anticipate the types of thought patterns of these people. In the end, these patterns are simple, because, really, there is one, and only one thread, underlying them: power, control.

See you on the flip side.


  1. Well, if “the potential for crossover technologies and new vectors of delivery for any number of schemes, drugs, poisons, genetic modifications, is growing almost as fast as we can think of them.” you can bet the house that other more devilish crossover technologies are already much further down the pike.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Reminds of the fairy tell, Rumpleskilton.
    That thread of gold is of course symbolising power/control. The Babylon Bankster made that plain as day follows night(oops it could be the other way). The point is, that power/control are threaded into a purposely corrupted system to benefit the powerful at the expense of the rest of society.

  3. Interesting! I was just thinking of one more suggested application. Let’s suppose you belong to a race, religion, and ideology that believes fervently in its manifest destiny as masters of humanity and believes that other humans are really nothing more than animals created for their pleasure and amusement. Let’s say that your particular brand of whack job Supremacism believes humanity to be…Oh I don’t know…Maybe some kind of donkey? If you had the funding to make your nut job ideology a reality by genetically engineering the people that you believe to be animals, so they would actually produce offspring of slave, animal/human creatures, wouldn’t such fanatics be very interested in doing this? Probably not. It was just a thought. Probably just some kind of new goats milk for babies.

    1. Tor,

      they have already started this genetic transmutation of homo sapiens. the resulting creature is the homo goyimus.

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