1. zionist gangsters may have chump Romney on board but not US military.

    from Veteranstoday:

    Last week, General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, America’s highest military leader under the president, traveled to Israel to personally deliver a message to Netanyahu.
    The Israeli leader was told that under no circumstances would the US participate in an attack on Iran and that such an act by Israel, were it unilateral, would damage relations between the two nations.

    Following this meeting, General Dempsey flew to Bagram Air Force Base in Kabul where his aircraft was destroyed by a missile attack. Sources within the Pentagon indicate that America’s “counter-battery” missile defense system was disabled by a computer virus during the attack, which would otherwise have been impossible.
    No source for this electronic intrusion in such a key defense system at such a critical time has been found.
    Soon after this attack, General Dempsey announced a cutback of US forces participating in joint military exercises with Israel. The initial force of 5,000 troops has been scaled back to 1,200.
    America had also promised to move two AEGIS destroyers into the region. These are naval vessels with advanced air defense systems. Where two had been promised, there will now only be one…”

    from israeli paper:

    “Dempsey “was nowhere near” the plane when the rockets hit near where the aircraft was parked, Graybeal said.

    The spokesman added that Dempsey had finished his mission in Afghanistan and had left by Tuesday morning, though it was unclear what plane he flew out on or how badly the targeted plane was damaged.”

      1. There is some electronic and satellite frying
        in the current non-event Happening.
        while there is definately a Happening going on,
        I am well pleased
        that it is being eased.

        I have also started feeling better,
        better than I have in years
        my new TV is no longer showing “pixels”
        with every channel change.

        if THEY would just get out of my computer ! !…
        stop deleting, forcing me to backtrack…..

        In the last ten years after one of them
        bought the house I live in and finally fled last year
        [I’ve been here 12]
        the cia bought the surrounding property as well

        [try to imagine what scum I have had to live {with}
        and the dirty, expensive tricks
        …no, guess you can’t]

        probably anticipating proximaty problems (?)
        perhaps having to resort to ‘older’ tech (?)

        I have a double tap on my phone…
        whenever I’ve needed the carrier to come out,
        he starts looking at me as if I’m from
        a Mars leper colony

    1. seems the internet has morally educated the warriors of the racketeers…..something our teachers neglected along time ago.

  2. I just found out over the weekend the CROWN calls USA lower CANADA…they dont recognize the conclusion of the REV.war/war of insurrection as we do 🙂

  3. When students seized the United States Embassy in 1979 the highest ranking military man there was an Air Force colonel. I knew him. He had been my deputy commander only a year before. That made the event more personal for me.

    A few days ago I received an article about Syria’s threat to the USA. In it was stated that “devices’ have been planted all across America. I’ll try to find that link and post it.

    Tom Bearden wrote in his 2005 book, “Oblivion” that bombs are planted all across America. I can’t find the exact quote right now. I know this is sloppy reporting.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Timed Out Again.
      Like the TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership, trying once again to shut-down the interet through another improvised backdoor.

      As I was replying to Kent.
      The only credible Nukes Stashed Around the globe is Israel’s “Sampson Option”. Some belive it, because the black hat fits so well.

      Speaking of black hats, the Syrian ones are worn by the Anglo/American Oligarch, who are financing the bad players, across the Middle East.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        In the “Time-Out” rewrite I forgot to mention – the despicable reporting on Syria done by “Hypocricy Now”/Amy Goodie2shoes.

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