1. 2.5 $Billion to look at some rocks, NASA is the joke of the week.

    If you want to see what’s REALLY on Mars, just go to Joseph P. Skipper’ web site, its all there to see, and it doesn’t cost $2.5 Billion.

    1. Skipper’s website is a good resource and worthy to bookmark for anyone interested in Mars. Plus, there is additional info on Earth’s moon that should be read.

      Also, take a peek at this short video on Wayne Herchel’s, HIDDEN RECORDS site regarding the stap map on Mars. http://thehiddenrecords.com/mars.htm

      While I do not necessarily endorse Herchel’s closing conclusion, neither do I dismiss his ideas. Extremely intriguing videos and commentary on his site. The hypothesis also supports some implications reached by the late David Flynn regarding his intriguing work with geometry, the Mars/Cydonia region’s connection with Earth’s Sidonia region and the Roswell incident.

      IMO, we live in a complex and complicated time in history and all the work Dr. Ferrell has and is working on provides further insight into all the events swirling around us today and is like icing on the cake.

  2. Since I incline toward the belief that these people are pathological liars, and don’t do much of anything that doesn’t reinforce their memes and psi-ops, I have to wonder if they would really got to the trouble of launching a probe to Mars, just to reinforce their “Life on Mars” meme. To me, those look like some really nice pictures of the Arizona desert. It’s good to know though, that if they do find little green men on Mars, the Pope thinks its okay to baptize them. I would certainly find a bunch of Heathen Martians, running around the Galaxy, to be rather upsetting 😉

  3. Robert Barricklow

    In my mind’s eye this was known sometime ago.
    They are releasing dribbles here & there, from a vast ocean of knowledge, purposely kept from the public at large.
    Why, pray tell?

    1. My opinion as well. I’ve been looking closely at the released photos; many seem to have features that are, well, ODD. Are we supposed to figure it out bit by bit, until it’s generally accepted that the evidence points at a previous civilization? Or is it a UFO/alien enemy scare tactic? Or? Stay tuned!

      1. Robert Barricklow

        As you know there are many threads being spun by the powers that be to gumm up the “reality” of today’s world. It is very difficult indeed to tread through theses threads, as many are put “trip wires” engineered to turn your head around & around.
        This site is an excellent “sounding board”. Not only to bounce off ideas, but to get other sources in which to do one’s own due diligence in seeking out the truth & diseminating it as well. Generally a consensus could be made of a compass pointin toward that illusive truth.

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Just a note regarding the Dr’s latest video posted here:
          In writing the short post above I recieved two bogus phone taped messages about an election concerning “self government” elections.
          Somehow those taped messages just weren’t being “bought”.
          Their product, being (w)holy compromised.

  4. Flowing water isn’t the only thing that can cause erosion like that.

    flowing ELECTRiCITY can also do that.

    In the photo, did you see any really smooth rocks, like in a stream here on earth??? I know that not all water erosion is the long-term kind, and yet . . .

    I had a lightning strike in my backyard a few years ago: you would be surprised at how much dirt was blasted away (or should I say, “eroded” away?).

    I know you don’t buy the electric universe idea. I just throw out these comments every now and then hoping that one day you might comment on exactly WHY you think the EU folks are wrong. To say that they are “catastrophic” is irrelevant: mainstream geology (volcanoes, earthquakes, asteroid impacts, etc) and astronomy are full of catastrophic events. The EU folks just have a different explanation for the catastrophes.

    It is a fact that water can cause erosion. It is a fact that electricity can cause erosion. So why doesn’t anyone try to DISTINGUISH between the two? Assuming that your favorite idea is the right one does not prove anything.

  5. terminally skeptical

    Water? It wasn’t a Martian caveman dragging his club? And those pictures from “Curiosity” make me wonder if Stanley Kubrick went underground instead of in the ground and this is his sequel to the lunar landing.

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