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October 11, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

A new study on the effects of certain compounds in cannabis on cancers is being reported by The Huffington Post, and this one hits me close to home:

Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers

As many readers of this website know, I lost my youngest sister Jeanie 12 years ago to an aggressive glioblastoma, a tumor that I have no doubt was caused by her constant use of a cell phone, for she always held it to her right ear, and that was the area in which the glioblastoma initially developed. As I have also reported elsewhere, she received a then-new type of chemotheraphy via a platinum injection directly into the tumor via a catheter, a therapy which, much to her doctor's, her husband's and my astonishment, showed up the tumor as deader than a doornail when we viewed it in the x-rays after the risky procedure. She really, of a hemorrhage caused by the catheter scraping a blood vessel in the brain that would not stop. In any case, I encouraged her physician to write it up in a medical journal, but needless to say, he was reluctant, and for understandable reasons. Glioblastomas are just not supposed to be "curable". The cancer industry marches on, with deadly drugs and radiation.

Well, I can hear now the screams of certain right-wing talk show hosts lamenting this study, perhaps dismissing it. It doesn't fit their political "paradigm". Nonetheless, the study is there:

The substance in cannabis that inhibits the gene regulating cancer cell growth, cannabidiol, apparently works on particularly aggressive cancers, including the type that apparently took my sister. The article notes that one could not get enough of the substance to do any good by merely smoking marijuana, but that it has to be delivered in concentrated form via injection or pills, surely good news to the big pharma industry, which at my last check, was delivering "marijuana" pills at a nice tidy $1700.00 per 30 pill bottle. How I I know? Well, I knew someone who had a prescription for it, and that is what it cost the government to pay for the prescription, since this individual could not afford it other than via Medicare.

But I'll bet that smoking the substance in its naturally occurring form wouldn't hurt either, as a sort of "preventative therapy." Sort of makes you stop and wonder at the wisdom of our government, attempting to ban a plant, and spending millions of dollars to seek and destroy it when it is being illegally grown(by God and nature). I also suspect that it will be a long wait before any of this becomes a practical therapy available to cancer-suffering patients. After all, the FDA is much too busy doing scientific studies of cancer-causing GMO food, right?

If you believe that, I have a few tungsten-filled gold bars that you can add to your investment portfolio.

See you on the flip side.