Cosmic Warfare


October 22, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

When I first began writing in this field over a decade ago, I observed that scientists always believed that data could be stored in, or on, crystals, but that it had not yet been achieved(The Giza Death Star Destroyed and The Cosmic War). Science fiction, too, was filled with the idea of "data crystals" that would function as hard memory copy of data much like our current writable CDs and DVDs.

According to, in Japan, Hitachi is now reporting that it has successfully created quartz slivers that can store data on the medium, and that this medium allows the data to be stored without any significant degradation, almost forever:

Data that lives forever is possible: Japan's Hitachi

What intrigued me here were these comments toward the end of the article, and those familiar with certain esoteric lore will immediately see what piqued my interested:

"Hitachi's new technology stores data in binary form by creating dots inside a thin sheet of quartz glass, which can be read with an ordinary optical microscope. Provided a computer with the know-how to understand that binary is available—simple enough to programme, no matter how advanced computers become—the data will always be readable, Torii said.
"The prototype storage device is two centimetres (0.8 inches) square and just two millimetres (0.08 inches) thick and made from quartz glass, a highly stable and resilient material, used to make beakers and other instruments for laboratory use. The chip, which is resistant to many chemicals and unaffected by radio waves, can be exposed directly to high temperature flames and heated to 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,832 Fahrenheit) for at least two hours without being damaged. It is also waterproof, meaning it could survive natural calamities, such as fires and tsunami."(emphases added)
And toward the beginning of the article, this:
"(Hitachi) on Monday unveiled a method of storing digital information on slivers of quartz glass that can endure extreme temperatures and hostile conditions without degrading, almost forever."
Now, let's deal with the first point: the recovery of encoded information. There is Native American Indian lore concerning the crystal skulls that I reviewed in The Giza Death Star Destroyed to the effect that these objects contained knowledge and that it would be restored to humanity when it is ready. It is thus conceivable that this "readiness" consists in the attainment of technology to read any data that might be stored in them. Hitachi's quietly sensational technology may have brought us a step closer to doing so.
There are similar traditions recorded, of course, for the famous (or depending on one's lights, infamous) Mesopotamian "Tablets of Destiny," which in my interpretation in The Cosmic War argued for these mysteries objects being crystalline data storage. And there is the tradition that Thoth-Hermes, ancient Egyptian god of Wisdom and Knowledge (Science), in prevision of the Deluge, stored all humanity's knowledge on two pillars(the twin Masonic Pillars Jachin and Boaz), one impervious to fire, the other to water. Pillars of stone...crystals perhaps.
In other words, technology and science may once again have - inadvertently? - taken us one step closer again to a confirmation of ancient traditions (in this case, the idea that one can inscribe vast amounts of knowledge on stone, impervious to degradation), and that mankind would once again learn how to "read" the knowledge. We're not quite there yet, but sooner or later, the technique and technology Hitachi has begun, will be perfected, and the means of recovery of data from crystals will be commonplace... at that point, we can expect that the elites will start looking at things like the various legends of the crystal skulls more closely, and will perhaps attempt to test those legends by ascertaining if any data is indeed written into them, and recovering it.  We can rest assured they probably won't tell us everything they find, if they find anything at all....
See you on the flip side...