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October 19, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Normally I schedule these daily blogs in two-week clumps, every other Thursday or Friday, and this week is no different. And as I sit here perched atop my keyboard looking out the window, which I had opened to view the cheerful overcast drizzly day, in one of those odd synchronicities, as if to underscore the gloominess of having to turn to the subject matter of goepolitics and politics, the sun came out in a burst of depressing sunshine, and the birds started chirping and singing happily. Yea, I admit, I'm a rain person and not a sunshine person. What underscored my mood of gloom with the change from cheerful rain to gloomy sunshine, was this article that many of you sent me, being reported by (let it be noted), Iranian Press TV:

Kissinger, US intelligence community endorse “World Without Israel”

Well, after Beebee Nuttyahoo's less than stellar performance at the U.N., aided and abetted by cartoonish drawings of bombs, one is tempted to say, "who can blame him?"

But the essence of the report lies here, and with it, the dangers long ago foreseen by then U.S. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, who urged Truman not to recognize Israel:

"The extremist Likud coalition governing Israel, according to the US intelligence report, is increasingly condoning and supporting rampant violence and lawlessness by illegal settlers. The report states that the brutality and criminality of the settlers, and the growing apartheid-style infrastructure including the apartheid wall and the ever-more-draconian system of checkpoints, are indefensible, unsustainable, and out of synch with American values. "

One wonders, however, if this is just simply code for something else. My suspicion is that it is.  A "no Israel" code could just as easily be taken as a "no Yahwist" world, and indeed, there are many indicators within the literature coming out of the Anglo-American elites to support this view, from the Gaia religious nuttery of people like Maurice Strong, to the clash-of-civilizations ideas of Samuel Huntington, to the atheistic nuttery of the early Bolsheviks. In other words, this is an indicator that the Powers That Be are forecasting dramatic change because they plan to drive it, and that planned change could include the prospect false-fulfillment scenarios that Dr de Hart and I outlined in Yahweh the Two Faced God.

The article goes on to mention other factors in the reevaluation, including growing awareness that America simply cannot hope to project power in the region by alienating its Muslim and Christian occupants just to prop up a regime in Tel Aviv that looks to be increasingly out of control. But then again, what the article is not saying is that the so-called Arab spring shows all the signs of being driven by the West's own covert operations cells.

Nonetheless, the development is significant in that it is a key and strategic reevaluation of what has been a cornerstone of US foreign policy since 1948. This is one to watch very closely folks.

See you on the flip side.