6 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM OCT 25 2012”

  1. Dr Farrell,

    Regarding George Anne, you might want to check out this Coast to Coast AM interview with Bill Sardi.


    I believe it’s in hour 3. He makes some pretty incredible claims regarding his Resveratrol product “Longevinex.” In one case, a complete reversal of total blindness due to Wet Macular Degeneration, and the reversal happened within days. Might be worth a try, and an inexpensive alternative to having a dishonest butcher charge her 1000s of dollars to chop and burn her eyeballs. I’ve seen the interview on Youtube also.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    This is a sign ther Rothschild family has gotten Its roots into the Chinese financial firewall. This “privat/public partnership” is a vampire parasite sucking the life blood from the public sector(which it is attached to), until nothing is left, but to start feeding on itself.

    Max Keiser Report (E-358) Goodbye, German Gold?

  3. The germans didn`t get to be germans by not being german. They invent everything, work hard, and havd pride in their work. I would like a BMW. They just want to be precise about the amount and quality of the gold they own, which is in the hands of other countries` central banks who said, “let me handle it for you bubbie”.

  4. Thanks for an update on George Anne’s situation, we need to step up and help her with the extra funds she is going to need. And, thanks Dr. Ferrell for encouraging her to let everyone know that she does need more help.

    Interesting developments on the gold issue.

    ALERT!!! ALERT!!!! ALERT!!!!

    I remember Fed spoke persons testified in front of the US Congress in late 2011 that the Federal Reserve Bank does not have any gold, and has not held any gold since 1934 in response to Dr. Ron Paul’s question “How much gold does the Fed have?”

    Here is a youtube vid of a portion of the hearing…at the 1:45 mark they admit they “own no gold”, they surrendered it to the US Treasury and only have gold certificates. The US Treasury (maybe) holds the gold. When the SHTF it is not going to turn out very well for any of us. What usually happens when a wounded ‘beast’ is cornered?


  5. Brendan Lawrence

    I wanted to also add the Germans demanding an audit of their gold reserves is encouraging … “You vill be giving back our gold, ja?”

  6. Brendan Lawrence

    The news of George Anne’s predicament is not very good … though not surprising. If she lived in Australia she would have been able to have the surgery as our health system is considerably more flexible and fair to its citizens. Our health system has in part adopted the British health system, which in itself I believe is very good.

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