October 25, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

RT TV, and the RT website, as you are aware, is one of my favorite sites, and now it would appear that they are coming to grips with the emerging transhumanism-alchemy technocratic agenda (and my thanks to co-author Scott D deHart for bringing this to my attention):

First the EU, next Frankenstein? Nobel Committee’s decision ‘farcical’ – RT’s Max Keiser

As I am writing this blog, I am also listening to a popular American talk show host, commenting in disbelief on the Nobel committee's decision to award the peace prize to the European Union. Of course, these prizes are nothing but fake awards dreamed up by the elites to award themselves prizes to legitimize their policies. But as I listen to this host, he comments that, because of the EU, neo-Nazism and Fascism are on the rise throughout Europe.

Well, gee, no surprise there really, is there? As I recall, that was the plan of a certain Parteireichsleiter all along, wasn't it?

But I digress. In any case, the idea that the EU is bringing about "peace" is, as Keiser rightly observes, laughable and hypocritical in the extreme, as Europe melts down and secessionist movements and protests grow in regions that are fed up - justifiably - with having to foot the banksters' bill in Brussels.

But even more to the point is RT's and Keiser's focus on the Frankenstein-transhumanist nature of agribusiness companies like Mon(ster)santo, and the Nobel Peace prize's abominable track record (recall only its granting of the prize to Barmitt Obromneyack only mere days into his mis-administration). The point here is that RT began to enter the cultural critique business some time ago, and by drawing attention to such issues as Mon(ster)santo and GMO food in the context of wider critique of elitist "awards" such as the Nobel, means that we can expect more such cultural criticism, and critique, coming from Russia through its media organs, and this, too, is a crucial component of the emerging geopolitical conflicts. As the USA has turned "democracy" into a weapon of covert operations in the color revolutions, we can expect, and I predict, a growing trend within Russia and Eastern Europe to respond with ever more trenchant comments of the deeply rooted hypocrisies emerging in Western culture, as an effect of the corrupted elites that now dominate it.  Keiser's humorous rants are but the first salvos in something that, in my estimation, will quickly become much more academic. RT is pointedly saying that this corrupt oligarchy's plans have been manifestly disastrous, and their proposed solutions are even more so. The western oligarchs are squarely in the crosshairs now, and RT has served notice.

Which brings me to a question that a couple of people emailed me about, with respect to Putin's attempts to purge Russia's Yeltsin-era oligarchy of those sock puppets of that Western oligarchy. Why, someone asked me, do they not, with all their vast intelligence resources, not simply "take out" those Western oligarchs?

The answer is provided by history, when both the Soviets and the British were considering various ways to assassinate Hitler during World War Two. As the war increasingly turned against Germany - largely do to a series of decisional blunders by Hitler - both the Russians and the British decided it was far better to leave their enemy's leadership in the hands of incompetence, than to get rid of it.  And the Western leadership is showing all the similar signs of an incompetence born and bred of boundless cronyism and corruption.

See you on the flip side.