October 6, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many of you have probably seen the movie The Fifth Element with British actor Gary Oldham and American celebrity Bruce Willis. For those of you who haven't however, the movie is set in a future in which virtually ever aspect of an individual's private life is monitored by a global superstate, to such a point that handprints and footprints are painted in each private living quarters, along with yellow-and-black police crime line demarcations, and a siren and light. When one has suspected of a "Crime" the light goes off, and one is expected to "assume the position" by stepping on the footprints and placing one's hands in the handprints, waiting for law enfarcement to arrive and conclude the arrest.

Well...ok...it's not quite that bad....yet, but there are indicators that it could be. This one was sent to me by a friend in Canada, with the comment that it gave him the creeps. I watched it, and it gave me the creeps too, so see if it does to you:

There it is: 24/7: round-the-clock monitoring by "experienced security professionals"(what're we talking here? Delta Force? SAS? GSG-9? Navy Seals? Waffen SS?) through the cable system. You can check on your home through your phone, or computer, it's s short step from there, to being able to view what's going on in your home...and for "them" to view it too.  As my friend stated in his email, they will sell this by saying (intone Janet Reno voice here) it is "out of concern for the children."  And, so the commercial goes: you can save on energy!! Isn't that nice? You can turn off your heat or air conditioner while everyone's gone, and then turn it on just before you arrive home to have it all nice and toasty/cool (take your pick), and the smart meter will be able to tell you just how much energy you're (allowed to be) using, while you can make money on it all at your job at Grand Larsen E-Commodities Brokers selling weather derivatives and gold-wrapped tungsten bars to the Chinese.

And speaking of which, there's another big brother intrusion that some are fighting:

Smart meter or no power at all? Nevada energy sends armed men to disconnect power – just for opting out

Now, just imagine if we could but combine all these "home monitoring," "smart meter" technologies with the emerging technologies of brain and thought mapping.... why, we could make sure no one hand a violent thought ever again, or, alternatively, if they started to, send in the police before they could do anything about it, and arrest them for thinking about it (think of the movie Minority Report here).

See you on the flip side.