Mr. V.T. has come through once again with one of those rare finds. This one I am still laughing about, and I don't know whether it's because it's so sad, or so hilarious, or bot. Either this lady is pulling a fast one, or, as is more likely given the somersaulting goofery and kookiness of the Amurikan edgycayshun system, is completely serious (she probably has an Ed.D. degree from a teachurs' colledge and past multipul standardeyezed tests two:


  1. terminally skeptical

    I think the dim one here was the radio host by not playing along with the joke.

    “Sure lady I agree we need to let these deer use the same crosswalks as the school kids. Save taxpayer money this way by using existing sidewalks.” The presumed minority of bad citizens amongst the deer population could either attend classes in personal safety and accountability or just make a contribution to someones freezer when they make a fateful wrong decision to cross at non designated areas.

    The host forgot to ask her why she didn’t slow down at the crossing areas despite the higher posted speed limits since she knew there was a higher probability of deer crossing there. Maybe she too needs to attend deer safety class. I can hear it already: “That’s where I found my future husband. He’s a real gentleman and always lets the kids cross first so he doesn’t poke them in the eye with his rack.”

  2. Sounded like a prank to me, but there really ARE people this stupid. They are usually in public office, but they can escape and hide among real people like deep cover sleepers.

    The important thing is that she felt empowered to be heard, and gets a blue ribbon gold star for all the great effort and enthusiasm she put into her deer crossing report. Everyone’s a winner! Pass her on to the next grade!

    Is she, like, from The Valley or what? OMG! Fer sure!! (Cue Zappa’s “Valley Girl”)

    1. When she actually suggested placing the deer crossings
      with school crossing and such, as if the deer could,
      at the very least, recognize the (deer) symbol,
      I thought that was tattling on herself.

      Her speech, vocalization and general syntax
      was quite intelligent and did NOT match
      what she was saying at all.

      Stupid people talk in a stupid manner.
      It was meant to be overdone.
      In fact, it usually takes intelligence to wax comedic.
      Being funny isn’t easy.

      1. Not stupid, but very nervous …
        maybe joked about earlier and done a dare…
        there are lots of clowns that have come and gone
        on this blog, too.

  3. Please tell me that was a prank call. PLEASE tell me that was a prank call, please please please. Oh deer…..

    1. Are we sure it’s not a joke on the caller’s part ?
      Some people will do anything to hear or see
      themselves broadcast

      Maybe someone ought to start an animal
      literacy program for the (wild?) animals…
      …the one for humans hasn’t worked.

  4. That was priceless!!! Thanks for the laugh.
    I won’t even touch on the education bit as I don’t live in America.
    But I’m passing this one on!

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