October 1, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

We've all been watching for the past 20 or so years - perhaps in stupefied disbelief - how the banks, brokerage houses, and currency traders have created a whole tier of finance and wealth completely unrelated to any real human manufacturing, creativity, or productivity.  As Catherine Austin Fitts has observed many times in her articles, comments, and speeches, the system has become debt-driven, and not equity driven. We have seen, for example, the creation of whole new classes of "securities" - credit default swaps, derivatives, bundles of derivatives and even bundles of bundles - all with the effect of greater and greater centralization, mercantilism, and even, if one may dare say it, the turning of the major stock and commodities markets of the world into a kind of sophisticated casino, mechanisms not of investment, but of wealth transference. It has become a kind of financial "Matrix" in the sense of the movie by that name, a disconnect with productive reality. It has become, if I dare say it, a kind of fictional "superstructure" that may be masking something else, a sub-structure or hidden structure (and for that something "else" you'll have to wait for the new book).

Readers of this website will be aware that I have blogged on numerous occasions (the last two days being the most recent example), on the corporatization of the entire chain and cycle of food: from planting to harvesting, via the combination of the technology genetically modified seeds and the techniques of political and legal manipulation of patent law and property protection. We are looking at an effort, I am bold to suggest, of turning the processes of nature herself into sources of profit, and this includes, among other things, not only reproduction (today its plants and animals, tomorrow it will be humans), but weather.

Enter the weather derivative:

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Now, a "weather derivative" is a handy tool to have around if one works for the same oligarchical interests that are promoting the meme of global warming and other catastrophism. We might therefore envision future extensions of this idea: solar derivatives, planetary opposition, conjunction, and Grand Cross deratives (enter astrology), since in the later case these can be computed with some accuracy, and, as for the sun, solar flares and sun spots and weather, these continue to be studied.

But there is, I suspect, a much Deeper agenda at work here, and I dare mention it: suppose you had a technology to manipulate the weather? Suppose you could create high temperatures or low temperatures over a whole region? or draughts? or floods? Why not profit from an ability that most people do not even know exists? This technology, and the new kind of "security," the weather derivative, would allow those "in the know" a sure profit while they wreak havoc on some targeted region.  A hidden technology, for a hidden tier of finance that only the select few can access.

Sound fanciful?

Well, consider, the U.S. military has, since the 1950s, been experimenting with all manner of weather modification techniques and technologies. This is a matter of some record, and in more recent Pentagram studies, it has been viewed as a "force multiplier" if it could be controlled. It is a short step from that logic to see that, given a technology to do so, yet another force multiplier would be to "financialize" the very weather being manipulated. And this, to my mind, may constitute the real reason that, now, after 50 years of experimentation, weather itself is being "securitized" or "financialized." The very step of creating such "securities" suggests that the technology has been brought to a sufficient level of development that its deployment and use can produce predictable results - and profits - for the few connected to it.

See you on the flip side.