November 21, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Rarely do I blog about my personal feelings, or reactions, on this site, but a number of circumstances prompt me to share them. Within days of the last (s)election, two friends, each from one of the two political parties, asked me how I voted. Now, for one thing, I've made my sentiments and opinions of these "two" corrupt party machines well known: NO CONFIDENCE. But rather than trying to explain that to my friends, and that it is really a POSITIVE exercise of the vote, I was treated to the same old saw: "If you don't vote, you have no right to complain."

I had to remind my friends that the Bill of Rights recognizes that the rights of man are from God, they are not given by governments, nor can they be retracted by governments, nor can they be abrogated when individuals, such as myself, view the system as so corrupted that to participate in it is to contribute to the corruption.We had a "choice" between a candidate so weak anyone could have beat him, and a candidate too weak to beat anyone. This is what 150 years of Republithuggery and Dummycrookery have come to: an agreed upon detente of rot and corruption.

But in a way, I cannot blame my friends, for consider the extension of the American "standardized computerized tests," with their pre-selected answers, to the current ballot: we have pre-selected "answers," (candidates), from a narrow range of elite-approved answers (parties), and no option to explain our views in an essay in response to a question. We have been conditioned to such responses even by the polls. I remember, years ago, responding to a telephone political survey of the same nature: I was presented a preselected set of choices, none of which I could agree to.

This year, there are some interesting numbers, and these are the numbers they don't want to talk about:

2012 US Elections - The People Have Spoken: No Confidence

Now, I am far from assuming that the non-voting population - those eligible to vote, but who did not, for whatever reason - did not vote en masse out of the desire to send a no confidence vote to the likes of Lanny Davis, Chris Matthews, Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Dick Morrison. But I'll wager that some of them did, and that it was a significant number.Moreover, I'll bet that of those disenfranchised Ron Paul supporters who did not hold their nose and vote for Barmitt Obromneyack (of either brand name), or for the Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, that a significant number stayed home. Others, like a friend of mine, decided upon his own version of the no confidence vote, by voting for candidates or issues that he could in good conscience, and leaving the presidential "choice" (Barmitt Obromneyack, just to remind you), blank(a fitting irony in that perhaps, since that is what they were and are: blanks).

Which raises the question: why don't the talking babbling buffoons on the left and the right in this country, who defend their respective brand names with a religious fervor (and corresponding blindness), or why don't the Frank Luntz focus groups, ever talk about, much less to, that group of people? Do they even know they exist?(probably not) And if they do know they exist, why do they never ask the disenfranchised Democrat (I know a few, my late parents among them), or Republican(I am one), why we will never darken your party doorsteps again? The answers you learn just may save your party bacon the next time around.  Continue to do as you have been doing, however, and the vote of no confidence will only continue to grow, for right now, as one talking head has already begun his  hyperbolic "countdown" of mutually recognized Great Americans to the next election (which will be, incidentally, just like the last one, the most important election in our lifetimes), others continue to point out the abysmal track records of these "two" political parties, and their long list of broken promises, and will continue to say "No Confidence!"  One day, hopefully, you'll hold another "two party election," and the turnout will be so small you'll both be exposed for the unprincipled frauds you really are. And take heart, you're already trending in that direction.

See you on the flip side