The Daily Bell once again gives us something to think about, and I think this on is particularly critical given my comments last week on the growing implications of Germany's demands for an audit of its gold reserves:

Diminishing EU a Wonder to Behold

In my comments last week on the geopolitical implications of Germany's gold audit quest, I noted that one nation that it was now critical to watch was Great Britain. My reasons then for thinking this, and The Daily Bell article reaffirms this, although in a kind of round about way, are these:

1) Britain stands as a crucial country in the globalist schemes because of its status as a bridge between Europe and the European Union, on the one hand, and the rest of the West - the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand - and, crucially, India.

2) Britain's legal and cultural, development, however, stand somewhat apart from the rest of Europe, since the traditions of Roman law are less present in that country, while its common law institutions - as pointed out by the article - are unique to it, and, because of the profound extent and influence of the British Empire on the development of North America, if a centralized political scheme of union in Europe cannot be made to work in a fashion inclusive of Britain, its chances of success on a global scale, one inclusive of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and, to a certain extent, India, is even less likely to succeed.

What I find mystifying, however, at one level, is this statement from The Daily Bell: "This authoritarian enterprise will be greatly weakened by Britain's lack of participation. What makes it even more noteworthy is that the banking elites that evidently and obviously run Britain have seemingly lost control of the process. We don't think for a minute that Britain separating from the EU is a desirable outcome."

One wonders exactly why such a separation is not a desirable outcome, when, as the original article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard makes clear, very little in the arrangement works to the political, cultural, or social benefit of Britain or Britons. And the mystification continues, for at the end of the article The Daily Bell makes it clear that they'd like to see the entire "cancer" of the EU as a political entity ended: "Even this would not be optimal. Leaving portions of the EU to linger is akin to not completely excising a cancer. There is always the possibility the poison will return. And yet ... to read forecasts of the demise of such a body is encouraging indeed ..."

Reading between the lines of these two apparently contradictory paragraphs reveals what is really at stake: the banking elites that run Great Britain, and a great deal of the rest of Europe, have lost their grip on the whole process, and hence, Britain's decision is not desirable to them.

So note what we have: (1) A German challenge to the economic structure undergirding the New World Order plans of the financial elite, a challenge that, in effect, means that one significant component of the financial structure is now openly signaling its distrust of the system; and (2) a British challenge to the political, cultural, and social assumptions of the political structure undergirding the New World Order plans of that same elite, in the form of the European Union.

But as the Bell also points out, such crises oftentimes afford these elites the very means they use to further their goals...ordo ab chao. Nonetheless, these two developments remain a serious blow to the long term prospects for the Eureopean Union... if similar noises begin to be heard from nearly-always-contrarian France, then, Monsieur van Rompuy, the jig is up...

See you on the flip side...


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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Robert Barricklow on November 7, 2012 at 9:02 am

    Many moons ago, back in the 1980s, it was made apparent to me that the globe was going to broken into thre “economic blocks”: the America/usa[north/south hemispheres], the East/china, & Europe/germany.
    I’ve always been prejudiced to that frame in relation to a time scale. This “NWO” is an incrimental thing.
    It’s a long game.
    It must be stopped.

  2. Enlil's a Dog on November 7, 2012 at 7:35 am

    I lived in the UK for 8 years from 2002-10 and I can say categorically that at least all the people I know do NOT want to be part of the EU..They see themselves as a seperate entity from those on the continent and the reality of it is they are different – culturally and socially.

    However, having said that, here’s the hypocrisy at work –

    Whilst they want no part of the political or cultural aspects of the EU, they are more than happy to take advantage of the cheap BMW’s, Mercs, Audi’s, cheap electronic and white goods as well as the low cost packaged holidays to places like Spain, The Canaries, Greece and Cyprus et al..

    I like Britain and its people, but they will find that they cannot have their cake and eat it too over the long term. Soon they will need to decide whether they will embrace the EU fully, which includes finally accepting the Euro in place of the Sterling as its National Currency, or seceeding from the Union altogether.

    If Britain was to fully embrace the EU and adopt the Euro as its National Currency, the Euro would then replace the USD as the worlds Reserve Currency!

    • Nidster - on November 7, 2012 at 10:24 pm

      We can only hope Britons will separate themselves from the EU.

      Will the worthless Euro replace the worthless Federal Reserve Note as the world’s reserve currency? Doubtful. How does the EU resolve the debts of Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain? And, is Britain or the US far behind the above mentioned nations in being called to make good on their bonds after racking up debt far beyond the capability to repay their debt?

      Iceland has shown us the way to deal with the Banksters. Will it be painful? Yes, but it clears the debt quickly and cleanly so the citizens can get busy re-building their nations.

      • Enlil's a Dog on November 8, 2012 at 1:38 am

        Both the USD & Euro are only perceived to be worthless, the reality is very different.

        Even if Britain and the United States are “called” on their fiat debt who is going to call them; and if they cannot pay it, what is the debtor going to do about it? Nothing unless they want to declare war on the USA or Britain – and who is going to be the mug that’s entrusted to provide the military muscle – Russia, China?? Not likely, not unless both countries do a sudden about turn and align themselves with western banksters lol 🙂 Same goes for the other countries – who is going to go in there and steal the cultural treasures of Italy, Greece and Spain from under the publics’ noses??……Nobody is!

        I have an Investment Banking background and back in 2000 we were all gearing up from within for this very scenario, but it never eventuated because the adoption of the Euro was vetoed by the British public in favour of keeping the Sterling. Had Britain adopted the Euro, the Euro would be the worlds’ reserve currency today!

        We have to remember that at the end of the day all this debt accrued by the likes of Ireland, Greece, Italy and Portugal is only digital/fiat money and not real money. Here is the likely scenario –

        Britain goes to a referendum again to decide whether or not they want the Euro. Say for arguments sake, this time the British public say yes. A big announcement is then made to the world and a big party is held to celebrate the occasion..The EU then decides in its wisdom that a Jubilee – either full or partial will be granted to all the indebted member states..This makes the people happy, the politicians get to keep their jobs (without a revolution) and the Banksters are able to begin again with a clean slate – after all, they haven’t lost one red cent in terms of “real money”, right. The IMF & the World Bank then get together and decide that it would be in the very best interests of all to affirm the Euro as the Worlds’ reserve currency – and because of the Jubilee, a currency that is strong, robust and debt free!!

        This was the plan back in 2000 – the current fiat debt is not relevant to this plan..Debt cancellation is nothing new, it happens everyday for various of reasons in all fields of business.

        I agree completely ala Iceland, but that’s not going to happen in Europe is it – the only thing that can happen in Europe is a full or partial Jubilee – this will satisfy the “unwashed” European public as well as the pollies..The EU Beaurocrats in Brussels and the fiends at the ECB in Frankfurt will be hailed as heroes by the worlds’ media and will come out smelling of roses.

        In the words of King Hammurabi – f***k this, lets start again 🙂

        • Nidster - on November 8, 2012 at 2:13 pm

          I suppose it is a bit sarcastic on my part to say the FRN is “worthless”, it’s just a euphemism in order to bring attention to the fact it is simply digital/fiat money and not real money.

          The scenario you outlined for a debt Jubilee sounds plausible. So, if that occurs then establishing the Euro as the ‘new’ reserve currency could be their goal. Was is not just a couple of years ago that Russia, China, Brazil and OPEC countries began to lay the groundwork to shift away from pricing/purchasing crude oil with FRN? Does that help establish the Euro as the ‘new’ reserve currency? Will the Feds just roll-over and say, “OK, great idea!!!”, or will they direct their minion, the US POTUS, to make trouble and stir things up?

          Thanks for your very interesting posts.

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