November 5, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

India may - and in my opinion probably will - join a growing list of nations banning Duponzanto's and Mon(ster)santo's hideous GMO foods. And let's be honest, their products are hideous, they are producing human suffering, and the track record of persecution of farmers, complete and total disregard of human life, and of the science increasingly challenging their own product, and their own abysmal track record on every level, makes these corporations truly hideous as well. But this article spells out even more dangers, one of which Mon(ster)santo and like-minded "agribusiness giants" are keeping well-hidden from the American people, as Californians prepare to vote on proposition 37:

India May Ban GMO Crop Field Trials for 10 Years Read more:

I hope you caught the vast economic and geopolitical implication of this article, but in case you didn't, here is the core of it:

"If the contamination was not caught, however, it could have gone anywhere and compromised the very genetic integrity of non-GMO farming grounds. It is for this reason that many companies outside of the United States generally dislike purchasing from U.S. farmers, as they sometimes contain even trace levels of GMO contaminants. More and more we receive reports of farmers being completely cut off from other nations after being found to contain trace levels of GMO contamination.

"India is looking to stop this before it becomes much of an issue."(Emphasis added)

In other words, the more Mon(ster)santo and Duponzanto and the whole wretched American "agribusiness community" continues to peddle their abysmal "science" from bought-and-paid-for FDA misadministrators, and their own half-baked corporate "science" studies, the more they pursue their bottom line, the more they are actually cutting the throat of the one remaining American export and actually productive industry: agriculture. India has already seen the consequence of its own disastrous courting by these "agribusiness" companies, for with more and more countries - the US excepted of course - turning from these products, and the contamination they represent, the more US products will be subjected to stricter import controls by foreign nations.... and rightly so, and who can blame them?

We can only hope that India will do so, for it may be what it takes to turn the tide here in the face of our own massively corrupt, and almost totally unresponsive and irresponsible "government", for as Dr. de Hart and I pointed out in Transhumanism, and as many others have as well, these corporations ran roughshod over scientific concerns at the time, in order to promote their products and bottom line, and they ran roughshod over concerns by the public. Maybe, just maybe, this horrendously corporatized government in the USA will, for once, act for the good of its individual citizens, and not for the good of greedy corporations... but it is a sad fact that it may take a growing reaction by the rest of the world to this poisonous "food" the US agribusiness community is peddling before it will do so, for it is obvious by now it is totally incapable of doing so unless confronted with growing isolation from the world community (and even then, as we have seen, it is unable to see past its delusions).

And for India: three cheers, if indeed you do this...  and let's all hope Russia and India and the other countries that are banning the likes of Mon(ster)santo are saving non-GMO seeds... eventually, we will have to buy real food, real grain, from these countries, if we are to be able to eat real food, and not poison.

See you on the flip side...