3 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM, NOV 16 2012”

  1. Robert Barricklow

    The “tell-tale” sign for me on this is the despicable press.
    Where they lead, lemmings follow.

  2. Bingo!! You hit it Dr. Farrell. Seven Spielberg’s Lincoln movie is to be screened by Obummer and Spielberg along with the usual Hollywood fascists. The meme is being put in place. The petitions are phony and we’re being set up for the new Lincoln to save the Union, which of course means martial law among other things.

  3. Why would anyone be surprised to see a secessionist movement? Perhaps the real reason for this movement is what the productive citizens see coming down the pike. NDAA, wake-up people! National Defense Force that is “just as powerful, just as well armed and well funded as the military”, wake-up people!!!

    Why anyone would be surprised is beyond my understanding. The sentiments are well understood and embedded within Dr. Farrell’s observation that a secessionist movement has begun, “in a society and culture already well down the path to a Big Brother state.”

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