Joseph Talks about the "vanilla" vs "chocolate" flavors of the "two" political parties and their versions of fascism, and about three articles indicating the depth of fraud within the Western financial system:

Ecuador Demands its Gold be Repatriated

Stock certificates feared damaged by Sandy

Major Banks, Governmental Officials and Their Comrade Capitalists Targets of Spire Law Group, LLP's Racketeering and Money Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury

10 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM NOV 9 2012”

  1. Where IS…
    …[the gold]…
    …IS the gold?

    Did Sitchin’s annunaki sneak back and steal it
    while we all were napping?

    This has become a real conundrum, folks !

      1. What’s funny/strange I guess, is that I get the
        impression that THEY all think one of the others has it.
        So who’s been pilfering leaving behind tungst(i)n (?)

  2. Robert Barricklow

    The State-Corporate Amalgam is, in and of itself,
    “The Law” – “the Prerogative State”.
    ORDER IS ALL – Important.
    Law is naught but a contrivance through which it is achieved, maintained and perfected. Law becomes a perfect subjucation. The medium for transmission of what has been referred to as an “injust legality”.
    That is what is being passed about today in whatever form is taken shape. Elections, financial, economic, social environmental & political – all collapsing. We live in a corrupt system contolled by a small elite who put profit & power over the health of humankind & the planet.

      1. many thanks margaret- I saw after I posted the link it didn’t ‘adhere’ as intended-

        hope you are well- many regards-


  3. Dr. Farrell, an absolute first rate edition of News & Views by pulling together 3 seemingly disparate stories.

    One has to wonder at the occultation and hidden meaning behind storing Trillions of dollars worth of securities in a vault located at 55 Water Street that were subsequently damaged or destroyed due to ‘storm waters’ by a historic storm that experts estimated could result in $1 billion in damages days before making landfall, which now appears to be a huge understatement in the wake of the current estimated $50 billion in damages to the affected areas.

    Rare is the storm that gets named three days before it’s even formed, but Occultists relish having their involvement displayed in plain sight. The fact that a hybrid storm that bears all the hallmarks of being contrived and steered to just the right location at this time in history, and dubbed a “Frankenstorm” by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is just too obvious.

    Can hardly wait for the promised blogs on the $43 Trillion lawsuit, but get some rest first. RICO (racketeering) violations against the Banksters? Hardly scratches the surface. Perhaps the serious problems with the repatriation of gold to the several nations you mentioned will help expose the frauds.

  4. The magic bullet that does acrobatic flips and twists. Hijacking Jets with box cutters. The missile flying into the wall of the Pentagon, caught on video tape, is really a jumbo jet. The amateur pilot who accomplished what no combat pilot ever could, and perfectly skimmed the ground at low altitude, and slammed a jet into the wall of the Pentagon. The bunker buster missile hole is because a jet engine dislodged and shot forward through the wall of the Pentagon. All the ridiculous lies that are fed to the public and swallowed hook line and sinker. They could probably just come right out and say, “Yeah, we did it all, and now we’re going to come and knock you over the head and take away all your guns, and give them to Mexican drug dealers, so they can come and kill you.” Who would do anything about it anyway? I’m just not seeing a need to create a super storm in order to destroy securities certificates, when they have so profoundly demonstrated that they can invent any ridiculous lie, and the public will buy it. How about just saying, “So sorry, but a pipe broke and flooded our vault, and ruined a bunch of securities certificates.” Or maybe do the same thing they did with Germany’s gold and just say that the securities are gone, we don’t know what happened to them, but nobody is allowed to come and look for them. Interesting speculation though, and I wouldn’t rule it out, but at this point, it doesn’t seem right.

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