November 17, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Last week in my News and Views from the Nefarium I talked briefly about the $43 trillion dollar lawsuit filed in New York City against a multitude of bankstering and government officials. On my Facebook Wall, Mr. J.T. followed that up with the observation that this appeared to be the same thing that David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford were talking about. Well, in one sense yes, and in another, no. In the sense that they talked about this lawsuit, yes, but in the sense of constructing a grand, and almost messianic, scenario, no. In fact, in my opinion, the connections and scenarios that might possibly be constructed from all the financial malfeasance implied in the lawsuit are very much different, and far murkier, than any scenario of Asian secret societies riding to the rescue to bail out mankind. But in any case, one fact now stands out as perhaps being significant, and that is that the lawsuit story actually ran on CNBC, and then has been followed by some tragic circumstances.

The story is reported here:

CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered, 1 Day After CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit

The lawsuit, as the article itself points out, is now not simply confined to the attention of a few internet websites, but has even come to the attention of the Wall Street Journal, but for our purposes, the murders themselves must remain center stage.

Yesterday I noted some massive discrepancies in the story of the German gold audit, the story that simply won't go away (and you can hardly blame the Germans or the German government for wanting to know just what the hell has been going on). And in previous blogs I have pointed out that the New York Federal Reserve's response to German inquiries has essentially been, "Go away, leave us alone, don't bother's all there, take our word for it." The official reason, given by the Fed, was it was protecting "security," and I averred that the real hidden reason, was national security. I pointed out in yesterday's blog the crucial role of the Exchange Stabilization Fund in these financial machinations, and how it functions as one part of a mechanism of a hidden, and totally unaccountable, slush fund. I am not alone in these assessments, for on occasion Catherine Austin Fitts has stated similar things.

All this suggests to my mind that these murders were not only warnings, but that in fact there may be two motivations - a financial one and a national security one - behind the tragic deed, and that the secret, to have perpetrated such a heinous crime against children, is big indeed.

And in my opinion, it is this: we are looking at a huge financial system that is totally off the books, one with deep connections to all those factions and interests I have talked about in various books, and here on this website. This huge mechanism is more than just a slush fund, it is a hidden financial system of a hidden society, or civilization... once we realize that, and just how high the stakes are for those involved in it, the sooner we will be able to abandon silly messianic notions of secret societies riding to the rescue.  To be sure, the dots connect to Asia, but not to people in white hats, but to people who used to wear chrysanthemums in the lapels of their suits, and to some equally unsavory people in Europe and America. They will do anything to protect their secrets. It isn't even ultimately the financial system and fraud they are trying to protect, but rather, what that system has been used for, and what they have done in the name of it.

See you on the flip side.