As you know, I've been following the Bearer Bonds Scandals, and the German gold audit story, for some time on this website, and many of you are likewise doing so, and now sending me information. Well, this one comes from a reader of this website, and it came to me as I was scheduling this two weeks' worth of blogs. In a post a few days ago I pointed out how Zero Hedge, in an article on the German gold audit, suggested strong evidence that the Bank of England had been involved in a scheme to defraud the Bundesbank of its gold, by shipping subpar gold to the German central bank.

Well, now it seems that there is further confirmation of this story:

Exclusive: Bank Of England To The Fed: "No Indication Should, Of Course, Be Given To The Bundesbank..."

I hope you caught the end of this article and those significant paragraphs, but in case you didn't, here they are once again:

"And while others engage in click-baiting using grotesque hypotheses of grandure without any actual investigation, reporting or error and proof-checking to build up hype and speculation, which promptly fizzles and in the process desensitizes the general public and those actually undecided and/or on the fences about what truly goes on behind the scenes, Zero Hedge travelled (metaphorically) in space - to London, or specifically the Bank of England Archives - and in time, to May 1968 to be precise.

"While there we dug up a certain memo, coded C43/323 in the BOE archives, official title "GOLD AND FOREIGN EXCHANGE OFFICE FILE: FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK (FRBNY) - MISCELLANEOUS", dated May 31, 1968, written by a certain Mr. Robeson addressed to the BOE's Roy Bridge as well as its Chief Cashier, and whose ultimate recipient is Charles Coombs who at the time was the manager of the open market account at the Fed, responsible for Fed operations in the gold and FX markets.

"This memo, more than any of the other spurious and speculative accusation about Buba's golden hoard, should disturb German citizens, and of course the Bundesbank (assuming it was not already aware of its contents), as the memo lays out, without any shadow of doubt, that the BOE and the Fed, effectively conspired to feed the Bundesbank due gold bars that were of substantially subpar quality on at least one occasion in the period during the Bretton-Woods semi-gold standard (which ended with Nixon in August 1971)" (Emphasis in the original)

Now this is more than just hugely significant, for the implication here is that two of the world's most important, and largest central banks - the Bank of England, and the Federal Reserve, or at least, its New York Branch - are involved in an international scheme of fraud. But to what purpose?

I have been suggesting, along with Catherine Austin Fitts and some others, that we are looking at a hidden system of finance, a huge slush fund, that funds covert operations and activities of all sorts.  Given the role of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, part of this operation antedates World War Two, and indeed, if one recalls the pithy observations of interwarReichsbank president Hjalmar Schacht, it  isn't the first time the Anglo-American bankers were playing fast and loose with Germany's gold. Schacht, it will be recalled, dismissed the whole thing as "an amusing incident," but he was far too byzantine a man to ignore the effect of his words on "those in the know." Interesting that his niece wound up marrying SS Lt. Col. Otto Skorzeny, and that Schacht himself ended up working for....Aristotle Onassis. Draw what connections or conclusions from that strange constellation as you will.

In any case, I digress: what we are looking at is something indelibly intertwined with the postwar American national security state, and therefore, indelibly intertwined with its military-industrial-intelligence complex. So it is, perhaps, time to speak in a parable, or via an analogy. If one puts a certain amount of electricity into a circuit, a large portion of that input should appear at the load end of the circuit. We may call this electricity, "Quantitative easing." With all the quantitative easing going on over the last few years, where's the Weimar style inflation so confidently predicted by some many pundits that should have appeared long before now?

....unless, of course, the current is going somewhere else, and the load end isn't where we think it to be....

...See you on the flip side.

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. WilliamDeanAGarner on November 24, 2012 at 3:35 am

    Interesting comments, thots, ideas, beliefs. All. I’m grateful we have forums like these to exchange what is on our mind. . . .
    Let’s address one teeny little issue: while I was a corporate mercenary for international private military companies I designed and assisted in building from the ground up, I never received money for my work; only paid for expenses. I did 211 overseas missions, rescuing people outta hostile territories and taking them to places of safe haven. Also had a second mission profile that I’ll not discuss here at the moment. And I never lost a client.
    I’m turning 53 on Monday, 26 November 2012. Yes, I may return to helping others in need, if my feet, knees, hips and pelvis allow. My m.o. is to help others in need, not cause destruction and raise holy hell.
    While many good people, Dr. Farrell for instance, choose to discuss what I would term the symptoms of the disease, I focus on who and what IS the disease: the Reptilian-Jesuits Axis (RJA). And I go after those I KNOW to be in cahoots with RJA. Dr. Brzezinski is one of many. Yes, I did write an open letter to him and phoned him, as well, to let him know of my intent here. He was speechless. And this is a man who has never been at a loss for words.
    If you’re into the disease and not necessarily the symptoms, then please visit my blog: I don’t hold back from reporting on the accurate truth. Not afraid of getting whacked by RJA. We The People MUST feel empowered, if only enough to DO THE RIGHT THING and call a spade a spade.
    Dean Garner

  2. Frankie Calcutta on November 19, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    If getting your hands on gold is the order of the day, for whatever reason, I would have to guess the Vatican is next on the list and I don’t think it will be pretty. That’s assuming the Vatican is sitting on tons and tons of gold. I’m not sure how it could be carried out but I do know the demon Netanyahu once stated El Qaida (meaning the bankster proxies the CIA and mossad) wanted to blow up the Vatican.

    Like all of the bankster’s crimes such as the WTC massacre, a Vatican attack would serve many purposes– punish the Vatican if it was leaving the bankster reservation (like Japan and Fukishima), ignite the beneficial religious war in Europe between indigenous white Christians and muslim immigrants while triggering the final crusade which will lead to the Yahwehistic apocalypse in the middle east. Lastly, just like the WTC, a Vatican “terrorist” attack could be the cover for a bank heist whereby bankster henchman (possibly wearing radiation suits) clean out the Vatican gold vaults as Vatican city smolders or is evacuated due to biological, chemical or radiation attack.

    I would also add that this destruction of the Vatican has been foretold by numerous Christian mystics throughout the ages and we all know how the banksters like to turn prophecy into reality.

    But my prophecy would be this– this will be the last great crime of the banksters and will usher in their near demise and end of their reign.

    • Robert Barricklow on November 19, 2012 at 9:00 pm

      Interesting scenario, this wasn’t on my radar at all. Thanks Frankie Calcutta for your perceptive post.

    • Nidster - on November 19, 2012 at 11:45 pm

      Frankie, speaking of a future attempt to ‘blow up the Vatican’ you should focus on the 3rd secret of Fatima, which basically asserts the scenario you describe as a future event. If memory serves, the pope, or at least a bishop, survives the attack.

      The Banksters and the RCC are in the same game so to speak, you know, fleecing the sheep, so look elsewhere for the perps. Do some research on the prophecy of the final pope.

      • Frankie Calcutta on November 20, 2012 at 9:33 am


        Its been a long time since I looked into the secrets of Fatima. Is that definitive? I always thought the third secret was rumored to be about Satan infecting the Papacy but no one knew for sure as it was never made public.

        Interesting. Thanks.

  3. terminally skeptical on November 19, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    Wow this missing gold thing is getting really interesting by going off in so many directions. Onassis the dope runner, Jackie who might have been an accomplice in her first husbands death, Maria Callas’ early death. The Don Nicoloff dirt (with which I was familiar like the Zapruder film thanks to Ken Adachi, right Larry?) I think I’m gonna fire my mom because in my present state of doubt I don’t think I can trust her.

    A sincere thanks to Robert B. for the history lesson via Max Keiser and James Turk interview and all of the contributors on this thread, etc., etc. It’s probably the flagship piece so far, at least since my arrival here.

    • Robert Barricklow on November 19, 2012 at 6:48 pm

      terminally skepticle, Max Keiser is a favorite of mine as he is as passionate about what’s goung on as Dr. Farrell, Dr. Fetzer, Stephen Lendman, and many, many others.

      Max is on /”programs”[Max Keiser Report] Tue, Thurs, & Saturdays.
      Max is on /”programs”[On The Edge] Saturdays

  4. LSM on November 19, 2012 at 9:21 am

    “Interesting that his niece wound up marrying SS Lt. Col. Otto Skorzeny, and that Schacht himself ended up working for….Aristotle Onassis”-

    and Jackie Kennedy ended up in Onassis’ arms (bed)-

    if my read sources are correct (and they always stand to correction) it’s a Greek tradition (or used to be) that if a Greek is at least partially responsible for the death of a woman’s husband it’s his duty to take her in and protect her-

    and if my read sources are correct good ol’ Jackie was already visiting Onassis (JFK knew it- but he didn’t care- he was too busy bonking other women) long before Onassis officially discarded opera diva Maria Callas- which is why Callas was so rabidly vehement once she found out about her being deceived- so Callas dies of an alleged heart attack at the ripe old age of 54- could it have been she was ready to sing a melody exposing Onassis’ involvement in the Kennedy assassination and was snuffed?- I haven’t ruled that out-

    nor have I yet ruled out Jackie’s complicity in her husband’s death- watch the Zapruder film very carefully-

    but back to the article: Skorzeny, Onassis, Kennedy assasination, etc.- they’re all intertwined regardless of the time period-

    hope all are well- many regards-


  5. Tor on November 19, 2012 at 6:13 am

    You really gotta love that Nazi meme. It’s just so universal. It’s like the Beast of the Apocalypse, or Satan. In fact the creating of the “Hitler devil” by the elites in so many ways resembles their creation of their phantasmal “Satan” during the middle Ages. Anyone you don’t like is Hitler, who worships the devil, and is probably also the Beast of the Apocalypse. Everyone is a Nazi. Republicans are Nazi, Democrats are Nazis, Tea Baggers are Nazis, Southerners are Nazis, and Libertarians are Nazis, Feminists and animal rights activists are Fascists, Hollywood fascists. Corporate fascists. Nixon was a Nazi, Reagan was a Nazi, Bush 1 and Bush 2? Both Nazis! Obama is a Nazi. Nazis escaped to Argentina. South America is full of Nazis. The whole South American drug trade is run by Nazis. The CIA was infiltrated by Paper Clip Nazis, and they are all Nazis. NASA? Same thing. They are Nazis. The Soviets brought in Nazis too. They were all Nazis. Stalin was a Nazi. The banksters are Nazis. They did business with Hitler. Rockefellers were Nazis and Hitler was actually a Rothschild. Who started that one? A psyops spook. Of course, Rothschild Jews are really Nazis. They arranged for the Balfour declaration because Nazis are secretly pro Israel. That’s why we run around the globe declaring war on the planet, bombing countries and killing people for Israel. It’s really for the Nazis! The Mufti thought that Hitler was God.
    Muslims are Nazis too! The Catholic Church is full of Nazis. Same with Orthodoxy. Just look at Putin. He’s a Nationalist. A Nazi! Evangelicals are Nazis too. Nazism was an attempt to revive Norse Paganism and occultism. Pagans and occultists are Nazis!

    Who would have ever thought that you could win a world war, and convert the entire world to your ideology by surrendering, getting your country bombed into the ground, watching your people get raped and brutalized, and get yourself tried in a Kangaroo court, and hung. That has to be the greatest chess move in history! As far as Germans, well that’s just a no brainer. Of course, Germans must be Nazis. What right do Germans have to ask for simple honesty and integrity in a bank, who they entrusted their gold deposits to? Of course everyone has the right to steal from Germany, because Germans are Nazis.

    Nazis? I don’t see any Nazis. Germany is a NATO ally of the West. They got their gold ripped off. That’s how the West treats their allies. Demand that Germany commit their country to complete ruin by bailing out the EU, and when they don’t? Just rip off all their gold. Then begins the memes, making some stupid connection to Nazis. All the world is a Nazi UFO community, playing video games…Nazi Zombies in their brains.

    • incognito on November 19, 2012 at 10:02 am

      If you’re not prepared to do rigorous analysis, why are you here?

      To the Onassis comment: Yes, Onassis was bankster CIA/Gladio operative who trafficked drugs for them. That’s how he was so rich. Yes, I find it terrible that Jackie ended ip with that scumbag, and no, I don’t think she cheated on JFK at all. She just didn’t know anything about what was really going on.

      Isn’t it ineresting that JFK Jr would name his magazine after one of the men who murdered his father?

      • Tor on November 19, 2012 at 10:36 am

        I’m here because I feel like being here.

        • Tim H on November 19, 2012 at 3:34 pm

          Cynical, but with more than a grain of truth in my humble opinion.

    • Don B on November 19, 2012 at 11:53 am

      Nice try Tor but no cigar.


    • Frankie Calcutta on November 19, 2012 at 8:54 pm


      You have to see the Nazi International and zionists/jewish mafia as two antagonistic gangs working as henchman for the same crime lords. The zionist faction is reckless and plagued by raging egos– the curse of their culture. One of the main weapons in their arsenal, aside from their unparalled and abject inhumanity to those who are not Chosen like themselves, is the facade that they are omnipotent. This they wield with the utmost effectiveness by allowing this perception of omnipotence to flourish in the public mindset. If everybody thinks they are all-powerful, people will think twice about standing up to them. The entire US Congress cowers to this meme.

      The Nazi International on the other hand is secretive and careful, have superior command of technology, greater martial prowess than their zionist rivals, and probably more dependable and dutiful to the bankster crime lords. This subservience may stem from the conditions for their survival after WWII and probably a genuine fear of the banksters wrath. As you have pointed out– nazis are the global bogeyman and if uncovered against their will, they would be annihilated.

      Because the Nazi International is less brash and egomaniacal than the zionists, I suspect the zionist henchman will one day be sacrificed or have been already but just don’t know it yet. If everything is a target for looting in the eyes of the banksters, the last man standing with lots of loot right now are jews– whether zionists, gangsters, or just law abiding citizens. Not to mention they make the most beautiful scapegoat. And who will lead this sacrifice of God’s Chosen when the time comes? Nazi International.

      Yes, Dr. Farrell is very right. Nazi International is very real, very clever and very pervasive.

      Now if you were to tell me that the rise and fall of the Nazis was a conspiracy to silence study and public knowledge of the true Aryan culture that was the last great global culture whose remnants can be found on all continents and whose spirituality is anathema to malevolent, grossly materialistic global overlords of today– that I would believe. Its the 800 pound gorilla in human history that we don’t study in school and nobody knows about.


      • Tor on November 21, 2012 at 7:39 am

        Frankie, I don’t disagree with anything you say. Especially, your concluding remarks. I would just add this, and it’s purely a matter of my own opinion. I read Dr. Farrell’s “Nazi International.” It’s a great book, but for me the Jury is out as to how powerful the “Nazi International” really is. I would ad, that I see more evidence of two competing ideologies. One that is very pro Western, Zionist, New World Order, and the other being more inclined to the idea of Nationalist Sovereign States, and these States having the right to act in their own best interest. I totally agree that these are the creations of Elites who don’t really care what I have to say about it. They don’t have any respect for me or my life, and I feel the same about them. They study trends and infiltrate people’s movements, such as those that you suggested in your closing remarks. Movements that are started with the best of intentions are corrupted and twisted to suit their needs. That being said, what I take issue with is this idea of an all powerful, or even extremely powerful “Nazi International” operating behind the scenes, skillfully manipulating chess pieces. It looks more to me like a loose coalition of a “Nationalist International.” Also, their coalition looks to me, to be heavily infiltrated by Zionists, and various other scum bags like the Bush’s, who are loyal to absolutely nothing but lining their own pockets with gold. Also, the western agenda appears to be very anti-White, which makes me curious about the possibility of an even deeper layer to all of this that might possibly have something to do with two warring groups, that might have, long long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, and even centered right here on earth, been involved in a “Cosmic War.” Anyway, some things that I question regarding Dr. Farrell’s “Nazi International.” The Nazis and even the Japanese had atomic weapons before the end of WW2. If we are to accept this as being true, what are the moral implications of them having these powerful weapons, but having the moral restraint to not simply use them to win the war, and conquer the earth? Seems to me that Dr. Farrell just blows this off, offering instead a rather lame maneuver, in which Martin Bormann seizes power and rules the world from the seat of power in the Nazi International. I personally reject the whole scenario, because it simply makes no sense to me. Also, I don’t see much evidence that today, this “Nazi International” is really much of anything but hated and hunted. It seems to me that such a powerful group would have more power, not only to protect their members, but to promote their ideology in the world. On the other hand, Zionism is in your face, and openly proud, bragging and boasting of their power. Still, I don’t deny that the “Nationalist International” is very secretive and covert, and has powerful weapons, but I’m not sure how loyal the “Nationalist International” is to the “Nazi International.” Anyway, just a few of my own observations. I suppose I could write a book, but I don’t because I think it would not be looked upon very favorably by Zionist publishers, and since I’m not on the side of any of these elites, no sense in setting myself up to be attacked by them. Also, I better quit now because Dr. Farrell probably does not want me to write a book here:) Just wanted to offer some of my own opinions, and also make it clear, that I’m not on anyone’s side. Again, I don’t disagree with any of your comments, other than to say that on some points, for me, I’m not so sure.

        • Frankie Calcutta on November 25, 2012 at 12:07 pm


          If there is a very powerful Nazi International, then why would they allow the white race to be diluted and ultimately turned into drugged up, zombified, microchipped, genetically mutated fodder? That is a mystery. Maybe the Borman faction of Nazi International, who does the bidding of the banksters in my estimation, is so mercenary and nihilistic they don’t care about any race? Or, maybe they weren’t “Aryan” themselves? I always figured Borman was the bankster operative in the Third Reich which would make him the greatest double agent in the last century. He seems to be the one who stymied the use of the secret weapons on the battle field.

          I would also guess that these guys are all privy to information regarding human genetics that we are not which goes far beyond the crude Nazi understanding of genetics and what it means to be Aryan or jewish. I would imagine the majority of homo sapiens are a mishmash of many genetic strains both “jewish” and “aryan” or to take it one step further as you conjecture— distinct off-planet DNAs from solar systems or galaxies far far away. I think what we are really talking about is the murky world of battling DNA strains, alien cousins, and non-physical entities who have an affinity for one particular DNA, and lastly the unfinished genetic engineering of our species. The Hindus may hold some of these secrets in their ancient texts. I would love to be able to read Sanskrit. I do know they believe there is an evil DNA strain along with a good one that just needs to be turned on (like a machine) and which gives access beyond our five senses.

          I was always a little bit skeptical of Dr. Farrell’s Nazi International theory (due to my own rigid theories) but he makes one hell of a case for it and then it really started to make sense and I felt like I could see for myself their machinations at work past and present. My pet theory would be that, along with the bankster mercenary NI, are other groups of renegade nazis– some that pull the strings in German and European politics and possibly some who departed company with the whorish Borman faction and took their high tech toys and went elsewhere, maybe off planet or out of time.

          Regarding the all-pervasive in your face talmudists/zionists , well, the only thing I could guess— if you wanted to destroy someone like that, you’d give them enough rope to hang themselves. That seems like the simplest and cleverest tactic and it certainly seems to be working in my estimation. They haven’t made any friends this last decade with their grand larcenies, corruptions and wars. I too find it hard to get away from them as the final arbiter of our mental and physical serfdom. They did write the Bible and the Koran and you would be hard pressed to make a case that they didn’t currently control the media, banks, and domestic politics. If you believe that most big events, usually the violent ones, are planned in advance rituals, well, the kabalists are the ones who have openly embraced ritualistic magic for quite some time. So, it is a hard hurdle to get over that they may be in the employ of someone else. And it was one of the founding Rothschild illuminati who originally convened 2000 fellows kabalists and talmudists to devise a scheme for world conquest. The Rothschild as non-jews using judaism as a cover and eventual fodder? Maybe.

          What would be scariest is if nazis and talmudists are plotting together to enslave us all. That is what it appears like on the surface. But I think there is a much bigger picture that I couldn’t even begin to guess but do enjoy trying to unravel and this website and Dr. Farrell’s books are the best place for clues for this mental exercise.

          Tor, I enjoy all your great insights.

          • Tor on November 25, 2012 at 6:39 pm

            Here is my big problem with the whole theory that the Nazi International is in bed with Zionists. It’s the same case you make regarding Catholicism, and the Jesuits. There probably is not some secret cabal of high ranking Catholics sitting around worshiping Satan, and performing evil rituals trying to open a portal to unleash doom onto the world. My guess is the Pope probably really believes in his religion and the same with most Jesuits. IMO, same thing with the Nazis. I tend to believe that most Nazis were true believers, and they really thought the Third Reich was really going to bring about a new golden age. I think after WWII, they remained true believers, and as Dr. Farrell points out, there is great reason to believe that even Nazis like Werner Von Braun remained loyal to the cause. So in considering that, it’s really hard for me to buy the idea that the Rothschilds invited Martin Bormann and Company, hiding out in South America, to a Builderberg meeting and said, “Hey Mr. Bormann, we got a great plan to take over the world, and kick off a new world order headed up by me and all my Zionist buddies and we would like you to give up all this Nazi nonsense and join the cause.” Martin Bormann’s response. “Hey Mr. Rothschild, that’s a great Idea, because I never believed in any of that crap anyway, so count me in and feel free to hunt down all my fellow escaped Nazis.” I won’t deny that it could be the case that some might have, and there are certainly all kinds of people who will embrace anything if they feel it will benefit them. But for most, I just don’t think so. I’m thinking more along the lines that after witnessing Germany being blown to bits, and things like the Soviet rape gangs, these escaped Nazis probably swore and oath of revenge. That being the case, one could also write a book on the idea that beliefs of Nazis just are not compatible with the beliefs of Zionists, and how there is absolutely zero chance of such a union ever happening. Of course the one way that it could happen is if the Nazis were all treasonous to their beliefs and completely willing to sell out for any old cause. I just don’t think so. But to me, these days, it doesn’t even look like a “Nazi International” operating behind the scenes. I’m not denying that the Nazi International exists, but I don’t think it has the power that Dr. Farrell suggests. It looks to me like the Western New World Order crowd is at odds with a coalition of various groups from all over the world who have rejected the Western Ideology of egalitarianism, multi-culturalism, and the cosmopolitan liberal, and their claims that these things will usher in a new Gene Rodenberry Star Trek utopia, where we all work for free and travel light years in our space ships to shake hands with new cultures and be nice to them. It looks to me like the opposition is saying, “your new world order looks more like a new world nightmare, and we don’t want any part of it.” Also, “You NWO creeps are just insane and reckless.” It looks to me like Putin is telling them flat out, “Keep your damn Monstersanto GMO crap out of my country, and likewise your silly apocalypse insurance, and any other type of insanity that you fluoride heads dream up.” I hear theories that Putin is in bed with the Banksters too. I don’t think so. Sure, he’s not a sweetheart of a guy, but I just think he recognizes insanity when he sees it. This, because these nutbags once took over his country and created rivers of blood. What’s more is I think he is totally aware that what these idiots ultimately have planned is to commit mass murder, and kill off billions of people. What I’m seeing is the opposition embraces, as an alternative, various versions of Nationalism, and agree that sovereign states should act in the interest of their own sovereign state, and not be ruled over by insane New World Order overlords. I don’t think that they are as tight knit of a coalition as the New World Order crowed, but they seem to me, to embrace Nationalism as a better alternative, and agree that they hate the idea of a New World Order. So for this group I coined the term, “The Nationalist International”, as more descriptive than Dr. Farrell’s “Nazi International.” What I mainly reject with Dr. Farrell’s Nazi International theory are that its secretly very powerful, and it’s in the shadows, running the world. This, because I’m not seeing the evidence that this is true, or that there is anything promoted by the West even remotely resembling a Nazi’s vision of a Nazi’s perfect world.

            I really enjoy your insights too though, Frankie. I’ve been wrong before, so it’s great to have someone who keeps me thinking. Same with Dr. Farrell, and all the rest of the great comments by members here. Don’t always agree, but it keeps a guy thinking.

    • Skyoracle on November 20, 2012 at 5:50 pm

      Tor…..excellent observation! They have been dumping everything on those dastardly Nazis for the last 75 years!

      I am suprised that the social indoctrinations hasn’t worked on you (or me) as its seems to have on the rest of society’

      Ever notice that during that same 75 years it has also been taught upon society just how ashamed one should be for being born white? All the programming on the boob tube is about making sure that they are totally subjective to any other human being! I hope that the dawn of Aquarius saves the misdirected children and younger generations in time!

      I can’t help but wonder what this is all about other than to be able to control the votes in a democratic society. The means to control society to drink the poison maybe?

      • incognito on November 20, 2012 at 8:23 pm

        Skyoracle: your comments are disturbing. I haven’t watched TV in 15 years. Switch it off. Thy don’t call it programming for nothing. Read. Only read. Develop your own criteria about how your country should be. Read the classics, whose lessons and morality are timeless. Read about the evildoers who are behind that propaganda trying to teach you to be ashamed of being white. Their intent is to divide the American people along racial lines. My talk about Nazis is based on research. Yes, the German people were targetted by some powerful jews (and by their own elite) but their patriotism was twisted by the manipulators. Yes, immigration should be strictly controlled, but emember, these scumbags destroyed the peaceful societies that existed in Mexico, Central America and South America (with their genocidal and cynical “war on drugs”) causing that flood of illegal immigrants into the USA in order to dilute the American people’s idea and reality of a Nation (multiculturalism garbage). They left the border wide open on purpose for that and other reasons. Try to understand that you’re being played. Just like good German people thought the Nazis were good because the trains ran on time, they defended the German people’s rights, they too were tricked. They always use racism to manipulate. I’ve read a couple of times that Hitler was a bastard Rothschild. I dont have a solid source on this but I do know theBushes were and are Rotscum minions (and they worked for Hitler). Understand thatyouve grown up in a society that is under attack. But it’s not just white Americans who are under attack; it’s all of humanity. Don’t fall for their manipulation.

        Amunaor: Yes, Smedley Butler wrote “War is a racket”. But keep in mind that FDR came from a drug trafficking family. And when you talk about opium trafficking back then, the drug lords were (and still are) Rothschild, Sassoon and the British queen.

        I’m glad you liked Bollyn’s website. The guy has gone through a lot. But keep in mind that he never talks about the homegrown counterparts to the zionists who carried out 911 (see Susan Lindauer’s interviews on this subject for a chilling understanding of what happened at the C1A during the 6 months before 911). Also, he’s still alive. Very strange. But I thoroughly enjoy his unmasking of all these zionists in American society. That scum needs trying and hanging for treason. All those Zionist “judges” too! Scum!!!

        I gather from your comments that you’ve read, “Who Really Owns Your Gold”?
        He’s another excellent source and researcher. Check out Dean Henderson’s WordPress site as well. Skyoracle: check out these websites, my friend. The cure for disinfo is Truth.


        • Joseph P. Farrell on November 20, 2012 at 9:20 pm

          As far as I know Incognito, the earliest source about the Hitler Rothschild story is a book by Langer called The Mind of Adolf Hitler, in which he references a secret dossier compiled on the subject by Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss (I believe, it may have been Schussnigg).

        • amunaor on November 21, 2012 at 12:56 am

          I have a copy of Susan Lindauer’s book: Extreme Prejudice, haven’t had a chance to digest it yet. Too many other irons in the fire. As for William Dean A. Garner’s: Who Really Owns Your Gold, I haven’t had a real urge to look at it. I know that Garner was a mercenary for quite some time and is returning to that lucrative job at age 48. I’ve marked Henderson’s WordPress site.

          If you haven’t already, try getting a copy of: Trading With the Enemy – 1985 by Charles Higham. Higham tried his damndest to chisel into the Chase Manhattan WWII files buried within its vaults, which caused him to throw his hands up in the air with exasperation! Nevertheless, his little 1985 book still manages to connect a lot of dots.


          • incognito on November 21, 2012 at 4:43 am

            Thanks very much to both of you. You know, one of the tricks I use to wake people up is drama. For instance, I’ll say, “The President of the United States founded the Medellin Cartel and was Pablo Escobar’s partner in crime”. I can prove that statement. I use that on people from Colombia. My father was kidnapped and tortured for ordering Escobar’s cocaine thrown overboard from one of our ships after he and Bush had a falling out and he no longer has access to Air America shipping services. These people destroyed 50 years worth of my family’s labor and owe us about a half a billion dollars.

            You know, I started researching this stuff with a view to filing a lawsuit against them and have run into the most amazing story in the world. A terrible story in many ways (since it explains the who-what-why of humanity not Thriving), but at least we know now the causes of the disease. I hesitate to mention this but what the hell, it’s true: there’s a video on YouTube which you can pull up by searching with “bush reptile”. In it, you will see Bush being interviewed in a tight fcial closeup alongside his old Mena drug trafficker sidekick Clinton. You can see that he looks down at the monitor showing him what the camera pointed at his fce is showing the world and suddenly his whole demeanor changes. If you look closely you’ll see he has pupils like a snake (oval shaped and golden colored). He starts fidgeting and pulling all kinds of faces (LMAO) and suddenly he shifts in his seat and rolls his eye with a METALLIC CLINKING SOUND!! I’d like to hear the trolls explanation for that! Oh wait, they’ll just ridicule me with, “The little green men are coming! The little green men are coming!” LOL

            What a fascinating story is behind the reality of that video. I’ve recently gone into it and it makes sense.

            So anyways, Dr Farrell and Amunaor, thanks for the sources. I especially appreciate the Rotscum-Hitler blood link source. That explains why he wasn’t discarded like any other minion would have been.

            One last thing, the author of Who Really owns your Gold, Garner, has set up a new web site and is blogging. He recently took some very interesting pictures of what looks like a UFO (which is just the real science of the universe at work, long suppressed by these scumbags). Where’d you read he was going back to mercenary work? And at 48!?

          • amunaor on November 21, 2012 at 4:18 pm

            Incognito asks: Where’d you read he [Garner] was going back to mercenary work? And at 48!?
            Took me awhile to find it, but here he actually boasts about some of his mecenary exploits, after which I had trouble sticking it out to the conclusion of the presentation. I just couldn’t scrub the image of Blackwater crusader, Eric the Prince, from my mind.


          • incognito on November 21, 2012 at 7:29 pm

            Thanks, I had heard that interview but missed that. I do know that Garner speaks truth though. So I wouldn’t agree at all with your Erik Prince Blackwater/Xe comparison. You know he actually wrote a death threat to Zbig? Then followed it up with a personal phone call? Hey, if there were justice in this world all of this scumbags would hang for crimes against humanity.

            Good luck and good night.

          • incognito on November 22, 2012 at 6:20 am

            I got a real treat for anybody interested in truth. Here are 5 books about the Jesuits and their evil ways. These books were written over a hundred years ago and so are guaranteed to be Matrix-free and pure truth.

            Courtesy of Dean Garner:



      • Tor on November 21, 2012 at 8:09 am

        Skyoracle, indeed for some curious reason their agenda seems to be very anti-White, and even genocidal.

  6. incognito on November 18, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    I was going to email you out of courtesy but I can’t find a contact form so it must you want to minimize contact from the public. So, this is what I wanted to tell you:

    I think you’re suffering under the redirection of the decade. Germany took the US gold is more like it. Yes, I know it sounds illogical on the surface but here are my sources:

    google: “veil of invisibility”

    and purchase, for $6.99, a document called The Bush Connection at

    I’m not affiliated with that site in any way shape or form but the deathbed confession of Hitler’s personal bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny, is a real shocker and fits in with everything I know about the banksters (which is quite a lot). Even that confession, in all its shocking glory, hides the real truth.

    People who have read my comments know I’ve reserched reality for years and make no crazy, unsubstantiated assertions. What I don’t understand is, if you have written so much about the “NAZI INTERNATIONAL”, how is it that you weren’t aware of this?

    Last week, I shamed one of these paid for subscription newsletter writers. I’ve been doing research for almost a decade but off and on, so I don’t understand why I keep besting supposed professionals.

    We’ll see how long my comment stays up, if at all.

    • Margaret on November 18, 2012 at 8:57 pm

      re George Bush and the Nazi connection, see article by Don Nicoloff, April 2007 Idaho Observer

      [snip] Further research about the life of Otto Skorzeny, “master spy,” reveals his little-known affair with Eva (Evita) Marie Duarte de Peron, wife of Argentina’s President, Juan Domingo Peron. Gold which was stolen by the Nazis (laundered by Swiss banks and the Vatican, then smuggled to Argentina by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris) had accrued enormous interest after World War II, and upon her death, Eva Peron bequeathed Skorzeny $100 million, which ultimately fell into the hands of the CIA. The Nazi-CIA connection to the money was obvious. Based upon Skorzeny’s claims, this money probably fell into the hands of George H.W. Bush and his “handlers.”

      there is much more, cost free as well . . .

      • amunaor on November 19, 2012 at 2:44 am

        The Nazis in The White House–

        The MERGER of the US spies and German Nazi spies after WWII has led to unAmerican governmental policy ever since. Supreme Court Justice Goldberg said John Dulles and Allen Dulles were traitors for what they did. Besides the Merger of Spies, the Dulles were involved in hiding the Nazi Germany corporate and looted funds in 700 corporate shells and Switzerland. Now you know why the DC airport was called Dulles Airport. The Nazis in the White House honored NAZI TRAITORS…..

      • Robert Barricklow on November 19, 2012 at 12:33 pm

        Thanks Margaret.
        I’ll be checking it out.

    • Robert Barricklow on November 19, 2012 at 12:30 pm


      Thanks for the link and your post(s).

      • incognito on November 19, 2012 at 1:17 pm

        Robert, when you first mentioned Jim Fetzer I was cautious. But I read Gordon Duff and Kevin Barrett over at VT religiously and now I know who Jim Fetzer is. If GD and KB at VT say he’s okay, then he’s okay in my book.

        Tor: what do you get when you educate a pig? An educated pig.


        • Tor on November 19, 2012 at 1:56 pm

          Duh said “Tor: what do you get when you educate a pig? An educated pig.”


          Hi Duh,
          So you are calling yourself an uneducated pig?

      • incognito on November 19, 2012 at 1:51 pm

        Sorry, Robert. Meant to thank you for your comment first and then comment about Jim Fetzer. Somebody here said that Jim Fetzer was somehow shady, which is why I wanted to clear that up.

        I also wanted to pass along this link:

        I feel it is my duty as an American citizen to inform the public about what’s really going on. Look, Obama is far from perfect, and I didn’t vote this time around, but that’s only because I wasn’t aware of all the things I’ve learned in the last few weeks. There are some good guys in the US gov. Gordon Duff is their unofficial voice. The country is in danger. Please put aside all the propaganda brainwashing you’ve been targetted with your whole life and listen to his words (at truth jihad radio) and his writings at VT over the last few weeks. It’s all true. I agree with him. If that article I linked to up above doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you then you are deep in their clutches spiriually.

        Best of luck to all.

        • Robert Barricklow on November 19, 2012 at 2:15 pm

          I’ve been reading articles posted at that VT site for some time. Originally got onto after reading Guilt By Association by Jeff Gates. As a veteran myself, I was partically happy to see that many of the writers at that site I was already reading.
          As far as James Fetzer. I’am reminded of a time when I asked my father how to solve an algerbra problem. To make a long story short, the answer he got was different that the book’s answer. He immediatelty asked, “Who the hell published this book!!!” He went to the title page and seem satisfied. Later I checked & rechecked the problem. My father was right, the publisher wrong. Lesson learned. Always question source.
          So I listen to, & question all sources, even Dr. Farrell. But as a measure I find Farrell’s work more in allignment with my “thinking” whereas Dr Fetzer is at odds with me many times. But I’am not listening to him, I’am listening to his guests. They are the “source” that has the information I’am keen on. Like yourself, I care, and I’ve been down the wrong trail too many times to think I have the answer. But like you, I’ve travelled far, and want to go further –
          To head “them” off at the pass(so to speak), if at all possible

          • incognito on November 19, 2012 at 2:48 pm

            Hear, hear! Well said. I agree that this stuff is hard to sort out and purposefully so. My beef with Farrell is that he charges for his “expertise” instead of crowdsourcing and pooling our knowledge in order to figure out what’s really going on. This affects all of us and we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. Just his whole style of preaching down to us from his Oxford (bankster alert) PhD high-horse, and then restricting the comments further recently, it just smacks of a moron to me. Anyways, I just comment here because of the folks that visit here who want some truth. Way too many zombies out there. An informed and educated citizenry is the guarantee for our liberty (JFK, I think).

          • Robert Barricklow on November 19, 2012 at 3:10 pm

            He has expenses.
            You & I would like to “do” things that would benefit “the community”, but many times this takes the form of money. Research is expensive. I appreciate all these sites that “give”, Dr. Farrell’s is one. remember the axiom, “time is money”? Well, unfortunately, we live in the paradigm “they” establishe “long ago”. that MUST be changed; but, for now it’s “queen rules”. In other words, the hot egg has been dropped on their monopoly board. And even that “hot egg” is being redefined.

            As the song goes/Everybody knows the dice are loaded/Everybody rolls with their finger crossed.

        • amunaor on November 19, 2012 at 3:53 pm

          “Obama Threatens 14 US Governors With Immediate Arrest”
          Posted by EU Times on May 26th, 2010 // 193 Comments
          This story has been confirmed by our readers to be a “Sorcha Faal” hoax.

          In case you don’t know, Sorcha Faal is a propaganda meister par excelence…….Wizner’s Wurlitzer testing the resonance of the molecules between your ear!

          Recently Faal had swamped the ‘Internets’ with really fine stuff about Drone Strikes having caused the massive explosion in Indianapolis and it went viral:

          Happy Trails!

          • amunaor on November 19, 2012 at 5:11 pm

            To clarify:

            incognito said: “I also wanted to pass along this link:


            I feel it is my duty as an American citizen to inform the public about what’s really going on.”

            Your link refers to an article titled:
            “Obama Threatens 14 US Governors With Immediate Arrest”

            Ferreted out and proven to be a plant by Sorcha Faal, a propaganda artist.

          • incognito on November 19, 2012 at 7:21 pm

            I got this from a news aggregator called Investment News. I’d never visited this website (political extreme) before. I did check Politico and saw a comment about Perry backtracking on his secession threat. But it really doesn’t matter. Gordon Duff says that there are forces plotting coups or secession in retribution for the people behind Obama saying no to (Rothschild) Nutty-yahoo about Iran. This is the first time since Kennedy that somebody in charge has told Israel to go to hell.

            Let me copy you on an email I just wrote a friend which will clue you in further into the present geopolitical context the US finds itself:

            [begin paste]

            So in your opinion there is not one bit of difference between Obama’s crowd and the Bush crowd? Yes, Zbig was behind Democrat Carter, and Zbig works for Rockefux but he did write in The Grand Chessboard that Iran as an ally was the best possible strategy against Asia for the US. He also said that if Israel attacked Iran the US should shoot down the Israeli planes (according to Gordon Duff interview on TruthJihadRdio). Besides, the only way to defeat Iran is to nuke it. They can sink all of those battle ships in the gulf.

            Consider this: It is clear to me that the banksters use international financial markets to keep local politicians in check. Why would the banksters (S&P, Fitch etc) downgrade and bad-mouth the US economy? The cacophony of negative comments about the US economy and the dollar, lately, coming from the likes of Goldman Sachs, Turkey’s president, the IMF (which proposed introducing a separate currency in the US), Roubini (all Rotscum minions) is deafening (and they were all cheerleaders for the “recovery” -green shoots!). The stock market, long controlled by Fed-connected hedge funds like Citadel with their computerized trading platforms (HFTs) has been nosediving lately. Interest rates, long manipulated terrain as well, at Shanghai (Shibor) are at 4 month highs and rising (LIBOR having been gutted by their own controlled media). It is HSBC, Standard Chartered and Barclays who are helping to internationalize the yuan. Retail foreigners are dumping US treasuries and China flat out refuses to buy any more. That article specifically mentions that Pawlenty is concerned about the US “appeasing enemies and abandoning Israel”. Perry is long-time bankster controlled. Romney was Murdoch’s and Nutty-yahoo’s man (as well as most of Khazar organized crime). You don’t think there’s two factions here? The media is not coming out and saying any of this. These are all my deductions.

            [end paste]

            If you believe, like I do, that there is a break from the banksters (maybe not a clean break but at least a bit of a lifeline in our gov), and assuming reasonable wish for retribution on their behalf, then this piece of propaganda makes perfect sense. I’m aware of the fraud Sorcha Faal is. I was unaware that he was the source. But again, it doesn’t matter. Just the fact that someone has the intelligence to dream this garbage up is frightening by itself.

            There’s a podcast by Gordon Duff which can be found on American Freedom Radio’s 2011 archives for their Truth Jihad Radio show which features him for a full 2 hours. In it, he mentions Sorcha Faal. And what a coincidence. He mentions in that same podcast the fact that when a threat against your life is made, the more discredited the source, the more serious the threat is. That is exactly what that piece I linked to is: a threat against the USA.

            Look, I like Dr Farrell, at least he’s digging for truth. His problem is that he wants to dig for truth but not touch what he considers delicate subjects. Too bad. What else is there but fluff if you don’t go there? And fluff I can find plenty of everywhere. Why the heck write non-fiction books then?

          • incognito on November 19, 2012 at 8:26 pm

            This was just posted today:

            There are now solid and verified reports that a coalition of rogue extremist groups within the American military and veteran community, generously funded by monies from the Gulf Cartel in Mexico, laundered through what Dr. Webster Tarpley describes as the “Mormon Mafia” and Israeli Likudists had planned to overthrow the US government by force after the election.

            Sources at the highest levels have indicated that General Petraeus was to be offered the “presidency” after an iconic act of terrorism would cost the lives of top American leaders including but not limited to the President and Vice President.

            There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe General Petraeus knew anything of this and were he to have been aware, would have moved to block such an effort.

            However, during a “national emergency,” different decisions for criteria would have applied.

            Jeb Bush was to have been his Vice President.


            Rotscum and the Jesuits have killed many US presidents and have tried to kill many more. I think, God forbid, you will find my words prophetic.

            Happy trails to you as well.

          • incognito on November 19, 2012 at 8:58 pm

            Look up my prior comments on Tarpley on this blog or search for “Tarpley’s disinfo” on exiled journalist Chris Bollyn’s Now, prefacing that for a moaning hour, here’s Tarpley:


          • amunaor on November 20, 2012 at 4:49 pm

            1934 U.S. corporate elitists calling Roosevelt a traitor to his class for having implemented his New Deal policies, tried to involve Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler in a treasonous plan to foment an armed coup against Roosevelt.

            Instead, Butler turned on the Banana Republic Capitalist’s, stating that he was fed up sending men abroad to get slaughtered defending Standard Oil interests, and that he’d had enough of what he called, “being a gangster for capitalism.”


          • amunaor on November 20, 2012 at 5:38 pm

            And……..thanks for the Chris Bollyn link!

          • Robert Barricklow on November 19, 2012 at 6:37 pm

            Thanks for clueing us all in.

            “The illegal we do immediately.
            The unconstitional takes a little longer”.
            NYT, Oct 28, 1973 – Henry Kissenger

          • Robert Barricklow on November 19, 2012 at 8:55 pm

            I’ve pulled that[Gordon Duff] up:
            it’s dated 12/05/2011.
            I’am starting to listen now.
            Thanks for the tip.

          • Margaret on November 19, 2012 at 9:09 pm

            Sorcha Faal aka David Booth reputed to work within the CIA in COINTELPRO. – – also search “sorcha faal david booth” for more

          • amunaor on November 19, 2012 at 10:47 pm


            That’s the sleeze bag! David Booth! Quite prolific with his art by the looks of it.

            I just hope there aren’t any clones.

        • Robert Barricklow on November 19, 2012 at 3:58 pm

          Thanks for the link from political xtreme.

          As FDR was said/Nothing in politics happens by accident. I wonder who(m) orchestrated this? By that I mean, the orginal puppet master on this operation(if true?). Looks like the Rothschild’s blowing off the dust, of their Civil war plans. Those well-layed plans were screwed-up by Lincoln(and they killed him for it).

          • amunaor on November 19, 2012 at 10:34 pm


            I have no problem what so ever with Gordon Duff and I do keep a close eye on his words from time to time.

            I seriously doubt Spook Meister Petraeus had his finger removed from the pulse of events for even a split-second. More likely the Grand Meister of Deception has been milking events to fruition, until he was forced to face the corporate lens with his pants down, a cover for Steven’s death while running guns for CIA into the loving arms of al-Qaeda terrorists, bound for Syria.

            I’m familiar with all of the hallways and byways of that insane asylum upon the shining hill. I campaigned against poppa Bush along with his manufactured gulf war invasion part-1. I’m familiar with all of the usual suspects that you point out, although, I do have my own suspicions, those which emanate from the big lie that fanned out over the crossroads in Rome, that wretched ghost still fills the lungs of many, depriving them of oxygen to think clearly.

            Like a black widow spider, the Pope of the Inquisition, waits silently in its lair to lurch into the breach at any moment. In Rome it all began, and with Rome it must end. Then we will know who controls the gold.

            The U.S. ship of state, prowling the foreign policy waters, sails under the Nazi Totenkopf (322) ensign; a symbol for: murder, rape, pillage and plunder. The rest is myth! And the truth of what actually transpired behind the scenes during the big urban re-development project of WWII can still be pried loose as it lies locked away within Chase Manhattan vaults, under that pernicious, catch-all, cloak: National Security.

            I’m with you and JFK! I too believe that the entire rotten nest, beginning with that octopus: the Cocaine Importers of America (CIA), then working back into the hideouts of its paymasters, should be scattered to the four corners.

            Perhaps the time is now ripe for President Obama to salvage whatever remains of his legacy, which those surrounding him have attempted to dash upon the rocks from day one. Perhaps now is the time in which to use this opportune ‘gift’ by which to expose what an out of control rogue the CIA really is, with its rotten nest ripped up and dismantled once and for all; a creature causing Harry Truman in 1961 to lamentably despair, “I never would have agreed to the formulation of the CIA back in 1947 if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.”

            And happy trails they are!

          • incognito on November 20, 2012 at 4:23 am

            Damn well said, amunaor.

            I thought Truman said that in his WaPo op-ed one month to the day after they murdered JFK? Very interesting choice of words on his part, eg (American Gestapo)?

            Good luck.

  7. terminally skeptical on November 18, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Like others here I too have more questions starting with my ignorance of how and why German or for that matter any other sovereigns gold should end up in our vaults in the first place. Is this tied into a balance of trade consideration? It seems to me that each nation should be able to store their own gold. Could someone who knows shed a little light on this situation.

    • amunaor on November 18, 2012 at 3:54 pm

      It’s called: clipping the coin of the realm. The U.S. mints have done this in the past by sandwiching a lessor grade metal between thin clad coats of silver. I suspect that what Joseph is referring here is that whilst the ‘custodians’ of German gold, the BOE and Fed, where safe guarding their clients stash, they were also, clipping the coin of the realm; reintroduced as subpar, possibly at a molecular level, adding a whole new meaning to the term: fool’s gold.

      Before paper, and now digital vapor-ware, became the conveyance medium for the fruits of one’s labor, it was gold. Bankster’s discovered that it was much easier to hold the client’s fruits of labor, gold, in their vault, while issuing a certificate of deposit, a paper voucher guaranteeing an equal exchange. In 1913, the artistry of clipping the coin of the realm was introduced into law as, Fractional Reserve Banking.

      • terminally skeptical on November 18, 2012 at 6:15 pm

        Thanks. Though I wasn’t familiar with the phrase I understood the mechanism and history. I just wondered why nations would consent to letting the U.S. keep their gold. Wasn’t it in 1967 that De Gaulle send French navel destroyers over here to pick up their booty from The Fed and other nations followed suit? He had the foresight to make good on on those gold certificates. I realize those were different times back them yet it’s a mystery to me why other nations would not insist on harboring their own bullion. There must have been no small amount of coercion and closed door agreements to allow this to stand. All in all something just doesn’t smell quite right here as I don’t think we’re getting the truth from either side of the story.

  8. Enlil's a Dog on November 18, 2012 at 9:14 am

    Hmmm – where is all the Gold? This is getting nuttier and nuttier each time I read about it!

    Where did the Germans buy this “sub-par” Gold from and from whom are they buying it? Where is the oversight and the quality control or quality assurance on the part of the Germans – did they ever once actually appoint someone to do some kind of Hallmarking inspection on this stuff before it was delivered??

    This is all very, very weird!

    If the Germans have been getting sub-par Gold then perhaps other countries are too, and if that is the case then where is all the real stuff going when it leaves places like South Africa and Australia, et al??

    Anunnaki lol?? Surely not – I mean, it couldn’t possibly be could it?? Could Sitchy have been right all along and we’re still mining it for them to this day?? 🙂

  9. Robert Barricklow on November 18, 2012 at 9:11 am

    Not all patients are going to be happy with the experience of this “electrotherapy”.

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