November 9, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, the elites are desperate, it seems, or at least, desperate to convince us that all is well and that they have things well in hand, and the latest meme may be an exercise in massive social engineering, perhaps even an experiment in the group consciousness effects on the economic aspect of the physical medium. What am I talking about? Well, here's the Daily Bell:

The Recovery Meme and Why It's Just Talk

We've just survived another presidential sock puppet (s)election between two candidates between whom there was not more than a micron's distance, and now we can return to the normal circumstance of allowing our "government" of the rich, by the rich, and for the banksters, lie to us once again about how much they really are struggling to remedy the situation that they caused.

Of course, the Daily Bell is correct that what all this is about is "they" want to create a global government with a global currency... that, at least, is the standard conspiratorial view of things, except there's a huge fly in the ointment:

Human nature.

The essence of the globalist vision is a kind of dystopian utopia, or utopian dystopia. What I mean by this is that the globalist planners have perhaps managed to convince themselves that they will overcome the natural tendency of humans - especially humans in powerful positions - not to want to compete with and dominate others. It is this essentially internationalist extension of progressivism that makes their vision so dangerous, for inevitably, factional infighting will occur, and the bigger the prize, the more the temptation to seek to be the dominant faction. These people are sharks, and as they have no regard for most humans, they have no regard for each other.

We're seeing the distinct signs that the sharks are already circling each other, with Germany's calls for gold audits. It is notable that the recovery meme is so intensely touted, most recently, in one form or another, by Barmitt Obromneyack as he was running for his first/second term, and notably, while this schizophrenic personality was arguing with himself in the staged presidential selection debates, we heard about how the recovery was proceeding, or could be proceeding better. For the elites and their sock puppets, all is normal, all is proceeding smoothly... except for the nasty fact that this "recovery" seems even more dubious with the recent German and British defections...

As for the word recovery, it has about the same value and integrity as two other words beginning with R: Rockefailure, and Rottenchild... The next time you hear about recovery, just remember these two names: the hands inside the sock puppets and ventriloquists' dummies in power in the west, and remember that while they may also be thinking of bringing in their novus ordo saeculorum ab chao, in the final analysis all they have wrought in the past, and all they will ever produce, is simple chaos.

See you on the flip side.