1. Milton Zentmyer

    Obama said that he looked forward to “working with” the Repugs in regard to social security and medicare…..watch for Obama to sell out his base and spilt the Democratic party wide open.

    Actually, there are some Dems that might remember what the party was long, long ago and start moving away from the corporate ruling elite.

  2. Seriously? This Daily Bell writer favors Mittens and his silver-spoon ilk who “have earned or produced the wealth in the private sector” — while he trashes struggling wage-earners?????

    Shame on me, I work for a union – to this writer, that makes me a “parasite!” Funny, I thought I was just supporting my family and trying to fend off creditors (more of those “earned or produced the wealth in the private sector” folks this writer so admires). I guess I should do my country a favor and leave my union job and go to work for a union-busting champ like Wal-Mart (again, more of those “earned or produced the wealth in the private sector” folks this writer admires).

    Obviously Dr. Farrell’s right about the pathetic lack of choice in last night’s reality-show election production — but this DB article has way too much of a sour-grapes elitist taste for me.

    1. Agreed… no offense to unions was meant by me personally… in fact, you raise an interesting point: the libertarian Austrian-school ideology often espoused by the Daily Bell seems, at least to me, to forget the days of unbridled mercantilism in the 19th century and 18th centuries, child labor, appalling hours and conditions, and rampant corporate power…

  3. Perhaps those who voted no confidence in the two party monopoly, and were especially horrified at the prospect of a repeat of the Bush era, and more Faith Based Yahwehism, Amerikan Christian Zionist Theocracy, The O’Pakalips, and this latest addition of “Magic Underwear”, might be interested in my latest discovery that I made on the internet of a pdf copy of “Babel and Bible.”

    I’ve been wanting to read it ever since I heard Dr. Farrell talk about it on the Byte Show.

    1. RB-

      Pretty hard to take seriously this Glenn Beck cloned website, with head lines like:

      “MARC FABER: Obama Is A Disaster, The Stock Market Should Have Fallen 50%, And You Should Buy Yourself A Machine Gun”.

      As for a carbon tax, very unlikely.

  4. A big problem with this DB guy, and it’s really too easy to find, is the Ayn Rand garbage he’s spewing. He just can’t wrap his head around the fact that Romney and Bain benefited massively from literal welfare for the powerful and connected. So that makes Mitt a much bigger part of the “47 percent” than someone with a salary of $30,000 per year and 4 kids.

    The lie that People Like Mitt “earned” all their monies is really insulting.

    Yeah sure both Romney and Obama are in thrall to a fraudulent ibanking system, not based on earning money or producing longterm gains in knowledge, technology, benefits for all and only then money. But ultimately this DB article is celebrating the destructive policies of Bain Capital, including its welfare abuse.

      1. And Bain and Co, the parent company of Bain Capital, received huge amounts of corporate welfare from the FDIC in the late 1980s.

        All arranged by Mitt’s blatant blackmail of the FDIC.

        This is just before Mitt really started to “earn his millions” by indebting actually successful companies (the failed companies idea is a lie) and then taking out fees and leaving the companies with the debt. Of course those writing approvingly of Ayn Rand in places like the Daily Bell think this often formerly illegal behavior is perfectly acceptable.

    1. hear hear…regardless who we voted for(if we voted) it was a vote for corporate welfare… and as for Ayn Rand, though I like her novels, let’s not forget one of her favorite embodiments of a rugged individual was the serial killer

  5. In watching the concession speech of the Rebloodlican, it’s hard to believe it’s the same man who ran such a vicious attack campaign against the Demoncrip. You would think they were best friends or something, back from the good old days of covert death squads and kidnapping children from poor families, for international pedophile rings. Politics…Voting…We the people…Blah blah blah It’s run by organized crime. The freak show is all just theatrics. Just like All Star Wrestling. Just like Hollywood. Just like the media. All the world is a dangerous puppet show.

    1. “You would think they were best friends or something”

      Just more proof it’s all a scripted show for the masses.

      1. you know it- as written in the fraud known as Shakespeare (but doesn’t matter- the following is truly the truth)-

        “life is a stage”- Hamlet

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Went according to script.
    Look for more lies that, frankly, aren’t even dressed up intelligently. Look for clown economics with bozo explanations by (ex)’splaining presstitutes to the dumbed-downed sheeple, that believe in this past circus-presentation, brought to you by corprations, kowtowing to the Banktatorship.
    Now on to Obama getting done what a republican couldn’t do, but damn sure would, if they could get away with it.
    As Tarpley so often says, they get away with it “under left cover”.
    I can’t help but laugh because it’s so funny stupid. I feel I woke-up in stupidsville, and everyone is talking “smartly” by the numbers.
    Still at the post office today I talked about congress having the post office pay 20 years of retirement funds up front, in what used to be a yearly obligation. That’s why they are hurting. I said the corporate news doesn’t utter a discouraging word.
    They all nodded yes, as I asked for affirmations of question after question. Some others in the post office responded with knowing looks. They didn’t know, but they didn’t doubt …that it was because they weren’t supposed to know.

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