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This comes courtesy of Facebook friend Ms. P.H., who kindly wanted to share it. As we fast approach The Apocalypse on Dec 21, 2012, this is a handy thing to print off and put in your bug-out bag so that you can be on the watch for the right wine to serve with your possum, Spam, rat, or...as you'll see, fried tarantulas... (I knew I shouldn't have let that one go!)

Wine pairings for the post-apocalypse: What to drink with rats, dog food, and more


  1. Uhhh, Joseph. How was YOUR Thanksgiving????

    Maybe that’s the reason to give thanks…..you aren’t eating slugs, spiders, rats or dog food. Lordy!!!

  2. The one that sent my hand to the mouth while reading was none other than slugs….oh yikes!!!

    I live in the Pacific Northwest and these slimers are on the deck, the windows from time to time….oh yuk….and if you are unfortunate enough to touch one, you simply cannot get the slime off of your hands….without hot water and lots of soap and a stiff cloth.

    The “recipe” didn’t mention the disgust of the slime let alone just the thought form of placing one of those things in your mouth….UGGH AND DOUBLE YUK!!!

  3. Waaaaay too early in the day to hit me with that fried tarantula picture.

    I agree with the person who said the perfect post-apocalyptic food will be Twinkies. Hurry, buy them in bulk while you still can! Since they have no true food ingredients, they’ll last indefinitely, and one bite will stay in your gut forever. Reminds me of the lembas bread of Tolkien’s elves.

    1. I’m w/ you MizGreen. I don’t care for such exotic fare, no matter how ‘tastefully’ prepared. Twinkies as appetizer or dessert? No matter. Make that entree a McDonald’s Happy Meal hamburger and fries. And stock up . . . they will not decompose for months (years rumored) in storage or your bug-out bag. Probably any wine will do . . .

  4. terminally skeptical

    When it comes time to invite your favorite bankster “over for dinner” just tell him to bring the wine. That will be my post apocalypse answer to problem-reaction-solution.

  5. Frankie Calcutta

    I’ve been making my own homemade wine for years with this in mind. Dandelion wine, elderberry wine, chokecherry wine, rosehip wine, blueberry wine, ruhbarb wine, even parsnip wine. Most of them taste like hell but I figure they will be invaluable when the apocalypse comes and I get Left Behind because I read “Yahweh The Two Faced God” and believe it to be the truth. In the least, I will be able to retreat to my basement bunker/bar I call the Apocalypse Lounge and drink them myself while waiting for the local cannibals to find me and eat me… or I can use the homemade wine to barter with. Ready to drink Homemade wine will be more valuable than gold when that gloomy end times come, but you won’t hear that on Alex Jones.

    1. Especially since you can distill it and turn it into ethanol and use it as fuel. Also, getting an ethanol permit is pretty easy, if one wants to keep the flying monkeys from SWAT teaming his house.

  6. It’ll actually be over by then and besides,
    wine gives me a headACHE…..

    but tanks for the invite

    [i was, wasn’t i]

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