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November 4, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I have been suggesting over several blogs, and will be outlining yet again in my forthcoming book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, that here is a hidden system of finance in the world, based upon fraud, and that has been created for the twin purpose of being a huge hidden slush fund for political covert operations, and as well of a huge black projects financial funding mechanism. I am not alone in making such observations, as many of my friends and colleagues in the alternative research community have been making similar observations: Richard Dolan, Jim Marrs, Michael Schratt, Dr. Richard Sauder, Catherine Austin Fitts, and many others among them.

One thing seems to run as a common theme among observers of the extent of this hidden tier of finance, and that is, it is simply too big, too huge, to be explained solely as a hiddencovert operations slush fund... something truly huge must account for its size, and most of us come to the conclusion that this something is a "hidden" or "secret" space program, one involving the creation of technologies so far in advance of what is publicly known that we might be tempted to view them as impossibly magical.

But what, really, would be thereturn on such a huge investment of money, beyond the creation of technologies of hegemony right here on Earth? What could possibly tempt major banks and corporations to cooperate in such a huge undertaking, and the fraud that I have detailed here in numerous posts on the Bearer Bonds Scandals and, more recently, the implications of Germany's calls for audits and repatriation of its gold.

Enter Craig Venter, and the Martian Genome (and my thanks to Ms. P.H. for this very intriguing story!):

Martian genome: Is there DNA on the Red Planet?

And there's also this, with suggestive bows to Michael Crichton, Project Wildfire, and The Andromeda Strain:

Craig Venter On Mars DNA Plan: 'We Can Rebuild The Martians' In Earth Lab

Now this is intriguing on a multitude of levels, for Craig Venter is no fly-by-night dreamer, but a serious scientist, one moreover, who led the drive for the privatization and corporatization of genetic technologies and, more importantly, of the idea that genetically engineered life, of whatever form, was intellectual property and therefore patentable (see my Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men). We are looking, as the article informs us, at a new kind of SETI: the Search for the Extraterrestrial Genome, nor is this a search that need be confined to Mars... it could, equally, take place here on Earth.

Venter's certainty about DNA on Mars, and of its recoverability, suggests something different to me than it suggests to the article's authors: it suggests a degree of inside knowledge, made possible, perhaps, by access to data that such a secret space program may provide. Venter's involvement here and willingness to invest money in what he considers a certainty is the key to what may, all along, have been the implicit assumption of this huge hidden system of finance:

That implicitassumption is that such a huge system would have to have the prospect of huge returns in order to make the fraud being perpetrated worth the effort and, if possible, todisguise the fraud in the form of returns, and such a huge amount can only come from the privatization, corporatization, and collateralization of whatever might be found in outer space on our nearby neighbors. Already, as we have blogged elsewhere, there is talk of mining the Moon, and asteroids... now imagine the mining of extraterrestrial DNA and the patents one might gain from it, and one is looking at potentially (well, isn't this convenient) trillions and perhaps quadrillions of dollars...

Venter is just the right fellow to be making such disclosures... he's just quirky enough, just visionary enough, that one doesn't know quite what to do with him, whether or not to dismiss him as a fringe nut, or to take him very seriously indeed.... he has pointed the way, as he did in the 1990s, to the tremendous potential for investment returns...

...but really, in the final analysis, he has merely let the cat out of the bag...

...see you on the flip side.