December 4, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I have been talking a great deal the past few days about the emerging technologies of transhumanism, and I have proposed an essentially three-phased stepped process that, to my mind, appears to be transpiring:

  1. Remote control;
  2. Emulational technologies, i.e., the downloading of an individual organism's entire memory onto a chip; and finally,
  3. Anamnetic technologies, i.e., development and employment of the technologies of number 2, to identify and contact "higher consciousnesses" from "other realms" or "higher dimensions."

In the course of these articles, I have talked about the "soul-catcher" chip, chips that literally record and download an individuals entire memory and life. Here is one story about this technology:

RFID Chips And Soul Catcher 2025 May 2012 06

Such technologies only raise once again the difference between emulation and anamnesis, as I am employing the terms here for the sake of philosophical speculation. Does a chip that records sensory input really capture the soul, or does it merely record the effects of it? the signatures?

I would argue the latter, which leads to the anamnetic possibility, for effects or signatures are a kind of resonance signature, so, would reproducing such signatures create a kind of resonance effect, transducingĀ  that particular soul once again?

Whatever the answer to that question may be, there is of course at least an analogous practice or technique within the history of religion: certainly some aspects of sympathetic magic can be viewed as an attempt, literally, to conjure a presence by a process of anamnesis or a remembering of as many things as possible, similarly, the anamnesis forms a major component of the Christian liturgy of the mass in the Roman, Anglican, and Eastern Orthodox traditions, and as well in many Protestant traditions.

The mere existence of such practices within human history and experience, however, suggests to me that someone, somewhere, if they already haven't, will inevitably see the possibility lurking in such emulational technologies as a "soul catcher" chip, and indeed some transhumanists already see in the development if such technologies a kind of "virtual immortality," but some will see in them the anamnetic possibility, and no doubt, attempt secretly to develop it, or, if I may be permitted the expression, to invoke it.

See you on the flip side.