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Much as I'd like to blog endlessly about the corruption of central banks and the sorts of suited parasites that work for them, these is other news happening, and this one I think deserves some commentary:

Mars: Over 100 NASA Scientists Quit Or Retire Early Over ‘Security Obsession’ With Mars Rover – What Are ‘They’ So ‘Obsessed’ About?

Now, there's a lot here that bothers me. The first is the lack of context. The idea that NASA never employed security clearance or secrecy is just...well...laughable.  For example, during the Apollo program and the run-ups to it, much was classified. Much wasn't. But secrecy is nothing new to the space agency.

The article insinuates something else, that there is a new quality and intensity to the security and secrecy obsession at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and specifically, in respect to the Mars rover. I, for one, can believe that. But I suspect there is more to this story than meets the eye as well, and I suspect that this possible "real story" may lie between these lines:

“Everyone who wanted to continue doing space science at JPL was told they had to submit to a security investigation.

"The cost of this idiocy, which was aggressively pursued to a final pyrrhic victory in the High Court by the Obama Department of Justice (sic), has been grievous, as some 100 veteran scientists at JPL have quit or taken early retirement, rather than open their lives to the FBI.”

I submit that these two sentences contain a great deal, perhaps a hidden story receiving very little attention, for what we might be looking at is a twin objective: clearing out an old guard, one perhaps among those at NASA and the perpetually troublesome JPL that were intent upon less secrecy, and opposed to what might be perceived as an increased pressure to "bottle up the goodies," in new efforts at suppression...

... for at one level, the idea that these employees did not have to undergo at least some kind of security vetting, no matter how rudimentary or pro forma it may have been, stretches credulity. So why the resignation over security vetting? Clearly the implication of the article is that this is some kind of re-vetting, for whatever purpose, and one which veterans of the agency, some 100, clearly objected to, and that this vetting applied even to those whose positions were not all that sensitive.

For my part, I cannot avoid the impression that this is an "anticipatory" decision, that it is being taken with respect to the future, and potential future discoveries. There have long been people - this author among them - who suspect that much space data is obfuscated. Indeed, here on this site I have pointed out pictures from NASA that have been posted on its website, without much commentary. Perhaps there are those at NASA who would like to comment, but now, are confronted by an atmosphere where commentary is cleared frowned upon, in the name of some dubious criteria of "suitability."

In short, the veil may be being drawn again...

See you on the flip side.


  1. forgit the validity of NASA-

    I somehow don’t think Gary McKinnon was lying- otherwise the US wouldn’t have been so desperate for his (thank God thwarted) extradition

  2. I asked my sister about this as she was in the upper level of NASA at Cape Kennedy from the 60s thru the 90s and was friends with all the players including Dr Kurt Debus, politicians and astronauts. She didn’t want to commit on the phone but thought it amusing in a way. When she started, there were people running around all over the place with foreign accents, mostly German. Dr Debus was the “man” and was out of the office quite a bit as there are other NASA offices around the country. He was a menacing character in many ways with the facial scars from sword wielding and his Curt, no pun intended, persona. He played classical music and even D J d at a local radio station. HE HAD HIS OWN DRIVER AS DID HIS WIFE. Quite a fellow who seemed to answer to no one. She thought Von Braun was very smart but a bit of a mountebank. Anyway, she has her own ideas but will keep them to herself. The Apollo Program was a real dream. There were times she would work 80+ hours a week and love every minute of it.


  3. wonder what hoagland thinks about this? i get the impression he thought obama was doing a bang up job for nasa? i really thought obama was banging up nasa…paranoid junkies on a crusade to the land of fairness.

  4. I remember all the “back slapping, kissing and good old hand shakes” from images when Curiosity landed on Mars.

    Now you just cannot convince me that all those scientists and engineers are all dumb and nieve, that can’t be the case. Also why has the top man at NASA always come from a military intelligence background, you’d think the top guy would be a monetary type of guy to run such a large organisation like NASA.

    Security huh, well I think the cat’s out of the bag, just ask Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara. And also these technicans, engineers MUST have seen all the obfuscated images at Joseph P. Skipper’ web site which clearly show the shady tricks that NASA and the ESA get up to with regard to smudging et al.

    The NASA pay cheque is a powerful tool isn’t it?

  5. What is afoot at NASA what is our government hiding about the space program life of some kind through out the Solar System Earth like worlds found by the Kepler telescope in space. Who knows stay tune for more to come as they say THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

  6. terminally skeptical

    No, no this is just all a big misunderstanding. NASA simply needs a better press secretary, namely a graduate from U of E, the University of Euphemism. Had one been available at the time of this press release then the clarification would have read that an internal audit revealed that NASA and JPL had been remiss in their failure to hire their quota of hearing and vision impaired employees and consistent with equal opportunity guidelines they we now working towards compliancy.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Some of the super-snowed-blinded are being kept to interface with attack-poodle journalist of the rich sheep-dipped tribe of talking snowed-in heads and/or the foxy blonde air-heads.


      I am not sheep
      which means I am nothing.

  7. Robert Barricklow

    Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State. What’s intriquing, is that some “unknown known” has gotten “ink” as yet. This “Mars” episode looks to be of that nature. So this is more than a vetting. Propbably muti-purposed. But, no matter how good the vetting process(despite their new toys) there is a joker or two in the dceck that will “magically” get through. So when the “leak” comes it will be in a river of dis/misinformation.
    Unconvential warfare is waged “upstream” with the assistance of those with the means, motive and opportunity to massage consensus opinion. Where are modern day battles fought? Not on the ground nor in the air nor on the seas. The minset is the primary theater of operations.

    Death & Destruction Come Later.

    1. one mmisstaake 2

      thheyy forgoot too siezze the weapooonss frromm the ayraanns.

      they shouulld reject tthe manuuaal.

        1. the infant from the virgin child is not holed…the blood libel as they say.

          were back…and were not singing silent night.

          1. look up and to the left…..1 3 for lunar months…and the cosmic (feathered) serpant above his head.

            In a box, within a box…….into….. back to the basics.

            limited hangout

  8. Nasa has been a golden goose that has laid many golden eggs.

    Let the whistle blowin begin in earnest…..and lets see what Pandora the explorer has been upto.

    The answer mon ami is blowing in the wind.

  9. The paranoia…
    TPTB live in perpetual cringing fear that one or more of those government employees who work with ETs, UFOs and in space side strategies will one night go rogue and upload multiple gigabytes to Wikileaks, thus giving Assange an opportunity to break the biggest story in the world.
    Note Medvedev’s recent remarks on the two files given to every Russian President re the activities of those ETs who have visited and stayed. Medvedev joked that if people knew how many ETs are here living amongst us incognito there would be ‘panic’.

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