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  1. David Gergen had some sensible things to say about the murders in Connecticut in his piece, “Honor the victims — with action,” (http://www.cnn.com/2012/12/17/opinion/gergen-gun-culture/index.html?hpt=hp_t2).

    He did not leave out the mental health issue either: “Clearly, we must find better answers for the mentally unstable. We have the ability to recognize the characteristics of those more likely to commit such acts of violence, and we must do more to provide long-term treatment.”

    1. But the Germans are doing it? The Nazi International? Ideological War Frankie? Are we propagandized with Nazism? Or are a bunch of Hollywood Jews, and CNBC Rachel Maddows telling us that Israel is a peaceful haven, with no gun violence (LOL) and the land of Milk and Honey, where Yahweh’s chosen are incapable of ever committing an atrocity? When you go to a University, do they teach Nazism? Seems like Liberalism to me, and often times, outright Marxism. Say anything that can be construed as Nazi Ideology and they bounce you right out. Go to Germany and say, “I sure am happy to be here in Germany, birth place of the Nazis, because I really love the Nazis!” You go right to jail for that. I’m just not seeing Weltanschauungskrieg. Seems to me, that if they are doing it, they aren’t doing a very good job. It doesn’t seem to be working. Seems to me, to be the exact opposite of Nazi Weltanschauungskrieg.

      1. Frankie Calcutta


        Have you read Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops? I’m just finishing it. JPF is definitely on to something. I think I’m converted but I’m still scratching my head. Pre-war nazi sympathizers/agents in the US like the Dulles brothers come out of WWII stronger than ever. That’s a fact. The jews in the Roosevelt administration like Sec. Morgenthau are left choking on their dust as their dreams of revenge are squashed and nazis are liberated in droves. I don’t know what the explanation is for this. The Bavarian illuminati encompasses the Nazis and the Yale skull and bones crowd and has very little allegiance to their host countries of Germany and the US? Moreover, maybe they could care less what the zionists/ zion elders do currently as they are like little beavers building a damn that is only going to be crushed in an eventual nazi flood? I think they are focused on something much bigger and planning something so grand (or know something) that much of what goes on in the world at the hands of the jews is just triviality and probably just a source of amusement. I can never get out of my brain the space shuttle with the Israeli on board crashing in Palestine, Texas. Breakaway Nazis telling the jews that, while the world may be their oyster, space is off limits to them? I’m even of the opinion that this clique within the Nazis arranged it so the Germans lost the war on purpose. This might be far fetched but all this advanced technology and very little of it makes to he battle field? Not to mention the huge strategic blunders in Russia,etc.

        The question is: who is organizing all this? I always figured the talmudists unleashed some demons while captured in Babylon and have been working feverishly to control the world for them, but how do you explain the breakaway nazis? Are they just an example an amoral social organism totally focused on building the best hive? Or, are they possessed by demons as well, and when did this happen? Some demon conjuring rituals performed in their secret society? I suppose just committing horrific acts of destruction like the nazis did would open them up to demonic possession. But there is always that suspicion that they have a boss that we don’t know about or like the talmudists, pursuing an ancient secret agenda.

        I don’t know how the Rothschilds play into all this? Part of the same secret society and events like WWII and manipulating jews are just sport to them? Or have they been trumped? The technological edge would have to go to the breakaway nazis and if the London bankers don’t have something equivalent to this than they are no longer on the same playing field and are doomed.

        Nazis don’t equal German any more. I don’t know what they are gunning for but it doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with racial identity or racial supremacy in the crude WWII sense. But that is not to say this could still all be really about DNA.

        1. Frankie, you have many of the same questions as me. I do now understand much more about the breakaway civilisation, and the ongoing Nazi machinations, and try to marry all that up with what I know some Jews have done. Maybe the Nazis ARE laughing and letting them carry on, with much weightier issues on their minds.

          I’m going camping after Christmas and will be taking a couple of Dr Farrell’s books with me (I have them all now). A bit of quiet reading will be good. I rather think I’ll be taking the newer ones with me and returning to the earlier ones to catch up with what went on in the earlier books. They’re too intriguing to stay sitting on the shelf… 🙂

          1. Hi DaphneO,

            I shut my computer off to give myself some respite from the external world when no sooner had I done so, a batch of Dr. Farrell’s newer books arrived in the mail. Its so fascinating and perplexing, it is hard to ignore. These breakaway nazis are a true mystery. I wish I could read faster and had time to re-read older books such as The Cosmic War.

            Have a great holiday and camping trip.

  2. Manchurian Canidates anyone or maybe Gestapol on the cheap or sleeper terrorist to rain chaos on society Rachel Maddows pointed out that both Isreal and Switzland have high amount of gun ownership but only the USA has a high amount of gun violence could our sociel structure be the missing element in these cases who to say but looks very fishy to me.

  3. you’re right on the money (literally!), Dr. Farrell-

    I still can’t fathom why people still haven’t seen through the manufactured gauze of the “neutrality” of Switzerland (how this tiny nation is just so conveniently “quaint,” right?- right) and its connections to the Vatican (just start with the exclusive Swiss Guard)- the Swiss/Vatican connection is HUGE, not quaint-

    then look at the source of the word plutonium and we get even more clues-


    1. ohh, forgot to include the joke about the connection between Swiss banksters/lovers- but will post it if anyone is interested 🙂

        1. Robert!!!- you’re slippin’, baby- you’re obviously just as much a cheap date as I am 🙂

          am just kidding, of course 🙂

          but I knew that would draw someone’s attention (we all need a bit of comic relief!)-

          the definition of heaven/hell defined by 5 European nations (obviously completely politically incorrect but who the hell cares?)-


          Great Britain- police
          Germany- auto manufactuers
          Italy- lovers
          France- cooks
          Swiss- bankers


          Great Britain- cooks
          Germany- police
          Italy- auto manufactuers
          France- bankers
          Swiss- lovers


          1. @Robert Barriclow

            am answering to Robert via myself because the three lines of statement death were drawn by this website-

            I read the article- shades of the Dunblane massacre- the first thing that ran through my mind once I heard about grade school children being killed was “dead sexually abused children don’t talk”

          2. Robert Barricklow

            The official “rabbit hole” is getting deeper.
            The father of the alleged shooter is vp of ge capital.

    2. LSM,

      The inner circle of the Templars moved into Switzerland a few years after their supposed demise. I would love to see Dr. Farrell get into some deep research on this, as the Templar and Masonic scholars have been reluctant in this area. Why? But, I would not like to see him subject himself to any danger.


      1. when did the Templars ever “demise”?- never occurred-

        Switzerland and it’s political/economic implications is the most underestimated country in the world-

        I lived in Bern for 2 yrs.- I know what I’m talking about- just go to any cemetary in the country and see how many obolisks are above grave sights- it’s mind-boggling-

        then go to the concept Swiss Guard/Vatican, etc.

        I hardly think Dr. Farrell is in much danger- his concepts are just so close to the truth that they just sound so whacky to the general public (we on this website NOT included under concept of “General Public”) so I hardly think the power-brokers think he’s much of a threat-

        hope you and all are well- many regards-

        Larry in Germany

        1. Robert Barricklow

          No doubt.
          They’ve been in the mix for God knows how long.
          Secrtetary of the treasury Gallatin is just one of many weasles that comes to mind, who jumped across the pond to purposely to infect any “new-borne” ideas. Undoubtedly looking at an American currency free of debt, as a contagion to be stopped in its tracks, before getting “its” legs(so to speak).
          Many were infected/Hamilton for one.

  4. Ijust read an article online describing how Newtown is located next to Bethel and New Cannan south of Bethel. These cities are mention in the Bible several times in the story of Abraham, Issac and Jacob starting with Genesis 12:8…I don’t know if this has anything to do with this horrible event but I find it very interesting.

  5. Ijust read an article online describinghow Newtown is located next to Bethel and New Cannan south of Bethel. These cities are mention in the Bible several times in the story of Abraham, Issac and Jacob starting with Genesis 12:8…I don’t know if this has anything to do with this horrible event but I find it very interesting.

  6. Invisible crocodile tears from the Kenyan. The maneuver was so obviously botched. The gangsta appears on the teleprompter and flips off the world. A “disciplined” gangsta bird, to the “undisciplined” who built a world. “Birthdays, graduations, weddings.” The Kenyan sticks his middle finger in his eye. No kids of their own.

  7. Robert Barricklow

    Now to address the silent weapons of warfare, the ones that fall under the Big Pharma shadow.
    …In the interest of future world order, peace,. and tranquility, it was decide to privately wagw a quiet war against the american public with the ultimate objectiove of permanently shifting the natural and social energy (wealth) of the undisciplined ane irresponible many into the hands of the self-disciplined, responsible few…In order to implement this objective, it was necessary to create, secure, and apply new weapons which…were a class of weapons so subtle and sophisticated in their principle of operation and public appearance as to earn for them selves the name “silent weapons.
    The massive toxic poisoning on an unimaginable scale of the human metablic system not only from industrial products but also industrial waste and increasingly powerful electromagnetic fields generated by mobile phone towers and other electronic devices. This pasive human poisoning is a corporatye cost that is passed on to individuals and their communities. The entire planetary biosphere is under continual siege from widespread release of medical, industrial, nuclear poluution, including heavy metals, chem-trails, carcinogens, electro-magnetic radiation, and hormone disrupter; not to mention the growing GMOs.
    This has put increasing and unremitting pressure on the human energy and immune systems and has shifted the immune system in such a way that it is less responsive to external threats and more likely to see the self as other, thus creating a rising tide of auto-immune diseases in which the body attacks itself.

    1. Following this aspect of the discussion . . . those silent weapons are not just outdoors or in the food but in the home environment as well: virtually all conventional household cleaning and personal care products [relentlessly hyped in the media] are loaded w/ toxic chemicals, esp. everything synthetically fragranced, which are persistent and cumulatively further stress the immune system, trigger chemical sensitivity and can negatively affect behaviour or mood. We live in a toxic stew. Now the psychiatric industry is set to classify normal human stress reactions/emotions as ‘mental disorders’ requiring chemical treatment, i.e. Big Pharma prescription drugs. Guarantees a market for both scammers. After all a healthy patient is lost income and lost profits. Such a tragedy! [ http://www.naturalnews.com/038322_DSM-5_psychiatry_false_diagnosis.html ]

  8. Robert Barricklow

    Through continuous “exposure” to their Madeleine Albright callousness(I think it was worth it[killing 500,000 innocent childre]); we have become accustomed to their “look”.
    This “shooting” has the “Phoenix Program” signature of goal orientated psychological warfare. They are no different here than they werte in S/E Asia or Central America: to scare the people into willingly surrendering their rights and accepting ever inmcreasing levels of repression; and to desensitize the people to horrendous levels of interpersonal violence.
    The ultimate goal, one that we are rapidly approaching, is the complete atomization of society.

  9. One of the things I find interesting is that psychiatry seems to have decided to bring back the good old day of electric shock treatment. Pavlov discovered that electric shock worked great for causing TMI. Likewise, all the personality disorders associated with it. Great tool for mental conditioning.

    1. Freddy Kruegar and the nightmare on elmstreet, where the limo took a slow wide “left” turn and Jack placed his right hand under the lord..

      FK is a anagram for electro NASA shock pioneer Fritz Kaufman. Seems soldiers suffering shellshock, after a bit of electro therapy, became normalized killers.

  10. Firstly, I am so deeply sorry for all the people whose lives have been touched by today’s shooting.

    However I do wonder if it’s more than drugs (and more than one killer?)
    This terrible massacre reminds me of the horrific Port Arthur shootings in Tasmania, Australia back in 1996, in which 35 people were killed and 23 wounded. The next day our then PM John Howard was out in Sale, a country town in Victoria, with bullet proof vest (in Sale?????) and immediately our guns were taken away.

    I don’t believe one mentally deficient young man could possibly have committed this crime.

    This killer may have been on medicinal drugs, but it may also have been a programmed event. Part of an ongoing campaign to take America’s guns away. Already I noticed on Face Book that the unthinking are blaming Americans generally for being prone to killing, and inferring that their guns should be removed.

    Thank goodness America’s second amendment will need to be revoked. I am sure TPTB will use the grief of a nation to try and override the amendment.

    1. I agree with you that these rampage style shootings are either programmed events or in some other way induced by dark forces. The effort to take away an American’s right to own firearms is being kicked to a higher level. How did the general population in Australia react to having their firearms taken away?

      1. Mostly like sheeple… Everyone was in shock of course. It was the worst massacre in recent history, though there had been five previous shooting incidents. However, even though this was the case generally, I’ve been told by a friend who was once a gun shop owner that there are still a lot of guns around. I hope so.

        And of course taking out guns away hasn’t slowed down the number of victims killed by guns. As if it ever would.

  11. I don’t think these are just disturbed people, or this is some reaction to drugs. There have always been disturbed people. They didn’t go shoot a bunch of kids in a school. Columbine marked a new era of people shooting up schools and malls etc. I’m sure the drugs play a role, but these are MK Ultra style, CIA Ops. Program a zombie and send him in to murder children? The level of evil is beyond belief!

  12. Regarding the atrocity in Connecticut:

    More than 20 years ago I worked as a psychiatric crisis team member in rural New England. It usually fell to us to manage chronically mentally ill persons because of the low availability of mental health services to low-income folks.

    These weren’t necessarily psychotic patients. Usually they were impulsive, angry, “acting-out” patients that private hospitals (and therapists) did not like to deal with. They were “difficult” patients, often with the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. We very frequently had to send these patients to the State Hospital when they showed signs of being a danger to themselves or others because they would be denied admission to community hospitals.

    This is my nightmare: That the young man who committed these murders was one of these chronically mentally ill “difficult” patients who was “managed” as an out-patient probably with some type of medication and some minimal psychotherapy or counseling. That he had a psychiatric crisis but was denied admission to a hospital by the hospital staff. Or maybe he was denied admission because his insurance (if he even had it) refused to pay because of some limitation on the number of hospitalizations it would pay for (it IS December by which time many similar people would have used up their allotment of possible hospitalizations for mental illness). This nightmare scenario happened time and again. We were just lucky that these incidents did not end up with such an atrocity.

    Do you think we’ll hear a “debate” about insurance companies limiting mental health services, about hospitals’ refusing to admit patients because they are “difficult?” I doubt it!

    1. Thomas, thanks for sharing your experience on the psychiatric crisis team. The point you made that the mentally ill patients your team dealt with did not end up doing some atrocity. Why are these atrocities happening with such frequency now? We need to start asking the question more and more and demanding answers. Is it because as many already believe there is a link between the antidepressants and these rampage style shootings?

      As Dr. Farrell alluded to and as I posted about in an earlier blog there could be something darker going on such as mind-control or maybe more along the lines of mind-irritation. Think of it as beaming some low frequency wave into the general population. For most of us it creates no ill affect but perhaps with mentally ill patients it creates a swirl of turmoil within their mind. Were these rampages caused because the shooters were on some antidepressant, or had come off of them? We need to start asking questions and demanding answers.

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