1. about the oligarchs who want to control us,i look at my country because the army dont have anything now to defend her self, even the planes who surveillance the aero space of my country was very old ,about 40 years old(russian migs) now they want to buy some from PORTUGALIA,some piece of shit planes(scuse my language,i’m upset) on thirt hand,in the past we had factories who made guns,tanks,military equipment,NOW THEY ARENT ANY MORE,because the EUROPEAN UNION MAKE US TO CLOSE THEM UP,i’m thinking now in a case of war we don’t have almost anything too defend our selfs(we have too flip the coin like in the SECOND WORLD WAR,THE WEST OR THE RUSSIANS)-my country always liked the vest,but the RUSSIANS are too close SOO our fate is seald by the COMUNISTS,ok people THAT’S LIFE FOR ME(HAVE A NICE DAY AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS) AND GOD BLESS MR,FARELL FOR HIS INTERESTING WORK

  2. terminally skeptical

    I borrowed a quote from Edmund Burke by way of Wikipedia in support of Christian’s observation that if humans fail we have only ourselves to blame. “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

    All the valuable reference and opinion resources here on Giza will be lost if, in retrospect, this forum were ultimately nothing but a circle jerk. It’s great that we inform one another but the real value lies in mobilizing the world outside our little community.

  3. hy people,THE END OF THE WORLD WILL BE MADE ONLY BY US,,THE HUMANS”-not asteroids,not aliens and other things

    1. What do you make of Australian PM Julia Gillard’s confirmation RE: the end of the world as we know it? This was a video statement she made on Dec 7th (Australia is of course a few hours ahead of the US.)


      Also, New Zealand PM “John Key says senior US intelligence officials were in New Zealand last week for a “routine” meeting with officials from several countries, but maintains [if one can believe the following incredible statement] he still does not known exactly who was in town.”

      What? Really?


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