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December 21, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

HAPPY MAYAN APOCALYPSE everyone! Apropos of the day, I thought I'd talk about the theme of this website: space death stars and militarization.

While talking recently on the phone with my friend George Ann Hughes of The Byte Show, we talked about something she had drawn to my attention: a formal petition to the White House for the USA to build a "death star" space-based strategic weapons platform. At the time, my reaction was to chuckle nervously, but soon my email boxes were overflowing with articles from many of you, one of which concerned this very petition. First, we need a little perspective, and here as so often the folks at RT TV provide it:

Space militarization: Coming to a galaxy near you

Now let's concentrate on two series of statements in the article:

"Zaitsev said that America’s push to militarize space may include the use of both nuclear and conventional weapons, which could have dangerous and dramatic implications for future warfare.

"'The United States, as well as some other leading powers, is attempting to gain supremacy in [space],” Zaitsev explained. “This will enable their aerospace operations at the very beginning of a war to initiate strikes on strategic facilities throughout the [targeted] country.'" (Emphasis RT's)

Just who some of those "other powers" are is stated here:

"The United States and the European Union are working out a draft code of conduct in outer space," he said. "This document may regulate space activity in the interests of the United States and its allies and may discriminate [against] other states, including Russia.”

“Russia and China are unlikely to sign this document, which means military confrontation in outer space will intensify,” Zaitsev warned.

You can add India, Japan, and Brazil to that list as well. Space is the new "high ground" in warfare, and no self-respecting elite contending for a place at the global table of power in the future can afford to be without a space capability. But the article is subtly suggesting something else: No space power can afford to be without a space-based military capability, and that capability includes strategic offensive technologies, both "nuclear" and "conventional". Zaitsev is here most likely carefully choosing his words (or the censors in Russia have carefully chosen his words for him): "conventional" could mean anything "not nuclear", including space-based strategic kinetic weapons and bombardment capabilities, space storage and vectoring capabilities for chemical and biological weapons, and of course, exotic directed energy weaponry.

Now, like you, I tend to think that if the elite are talking about regulating anything, it means they've already done it: so we can rest easier tonight thinking of all those American, French, British, Russian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Brazilian tungsten-rod-launching kinetic weapons satellites in orbit overhead, and lord only knows what else they've already put up there.

Well, this brings us to "the petition", for believe it or not, if you haven't already heard, there is a petition in the USA floating around that requests the Obama Administration to build an Amerikan "death star" in orbit around earth for use against.... well.... suspiciously, it doesn't say...:

Star Wars-like ‘Death Star’ petition prompts White House response

Group wants US to build 'Death Star'

Well, if this is genuine, then it's a sad commentary on the state of popular Amerikan culture, since the only gainful employment the authors of the petition in question can seem to come up with is building a weapon of destruction, and to call it a "death star" and deliberately to invoke the image of George Lucas' infamous "planet killer" is to signal the intent to build a weapon of ultra-mass-destruction.

But it may be something more, and I strongly suspect that it is. I suspect that this may be an engineered "spontaneous" petition, the beginnings of a "meme", orchestrated to be put into popular culture, that meme being a "popular" movement for the weaponization of space. Forget about Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, for that program never achieved the popular cachet of becoming a formal petition to the White House.

If that's the case, then the idea of doing so simply to "create jobs" is a screen... the problem is, just who does one imagine we need a "death star" against?

Sorta makes you think of the Rosin affidavit, doesn't it?

See you on the flip side...