December 20, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many of you brought this story to my attention, and I promised I would talk about it briefly in a blog, so here goes. The Daily Bell has argued that RT TV is but a propaganda shill for the emerging global matrix reality:

Elite Neo-Nazis ... Is Russia Today (RT) Part of the Controlled Media Matrix and the Imposition of Global Government?

Now before I comment, let me say this: I like both The Daily Bell and RT TV, and I have used stories and articles from both here on this blog, but I like them for very different reasons. With respect to RT TV, I am under no illusions about it being a propaganda mouthpiece for the Russian government, and given its polished appearance and informed articles, have never entertained any idea that it was not connected to Russia's considerable intelligence capability. I like it rather because, for all that, like any other effective  propaganda organ, it must always deal with kernels of truth, and those kernels very often are not found in the major western media.

That said, I want to draw your attention to the following statements in The Daily Bell article:

I won't name names, but strip out the libertarian appearances and you are left with a certain kind of "alternative media" guest.

– It is a guest raging against Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and the corruption of capitalism.

– It is a guest seeking government control of money.

– It is a guest who seeks to use the genocidal power of the US penitentiary Gulag to "punish" Wall Street bankers.

– It is a guest who seeks "control" of central banking rather than its downfall.

– It is a guest who would not be opposed to neo-Pecora hearings of the sort that started the full-fledged downfall of modern capitalism in the 1930s. These hearings are apparently already being prepared in the bowels of Washington DC committees.

These hearings are of integral importance because they will fully bring capitalism under control of the public sector. Today's Wall Street is bad enough. I have no sympathy for it. Henceforth, politicians will control all aspects of finance under the further control (at arm's length) of the top banking elites.

The government being formed in the US is the government that will rule the world. It will be run by the power elite from the City of London, the Vatican, Washington DC and probably Jerusalem with sub-nodes in Brussels, Moscow and Beijing.

And this:

The government being formed is a totalitarian NAZI-style government. Not a communist one as people have been led to expect ... and fear.

Well, for those of us who have written books about the Nazi international, this is no surprise either, and in fact, in Babylon's Banksters this author clearly compared the system in China as an essentially Fascist, rather than Communist system. No surprise there.

And The Daily Bell is correct: the calls for "control" of central banking are in my opinion manipulated as well.

But there has been a trend as well in some alternative circles of an almost slavish following of arch Libertarianism and more especially of a kind of "gold buggery" if I may be permitted the term that would have it that bullion is the solution, once again, of all the world fiat-money central-bankster woes. Those who would argue that case seem to me to be blind to the point of incredulity, for the same banksters once manipulated bullion, and continue to do so as all the stories about re-hypothecation, obfuscated bullion figures, bearer bonds, clipping, and culling, demonstrate.

Like the Daily Bell, I also believe the internet revolution is a game-changer, but we would do well to remember, that if one traces its peregrinations back through the World Wide Web, then ARPANET, we arrive once again at DARPA and the very same elites.

The point here is, none of us - not The Daily Bell and not RT - are perfect nor "ideologically pure," for no such thing exists. And in the internet information age, this means that everyone has to be informed from many sources, and to make his or her mind up for themselves.

As for the global fascism of the elites, doubt it not. The beast with the fatal wound in its head appears to have survived its last incarnation in Germany quite nicely...

See you on the flip side.