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December 18, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

According to our friends at the Daily Bell, the papacy, which has already come out with calls for a one world central bank, is now adding its voice to the calls for a global "moral" order and government:

Vatican Calls for Global Genocide

Now, while I agree wholeheartedly with The Daily Bell on the principle that the responsiveness of governments to the public good of the people they purport to govern is in inverse proportion to their size, and that by the nature of the case a global government would be an unprecedented nightmare of tyranny and oppression and murder, there are some things I think we would do well to remember, for when I read this, I had the same reaction as I had earlier when I blogged on this site about the papacy's calls for a world central bank: abject horror. And indeed, part of me recoils because as my close friends and associates know, I predicted this move almost thirty years ago.

For someone like me, whose background is theology and church history, the calls conjured again those images of the then "world authority," burning people alive who did not conform to its "consensus," and if that seems far-fetched in today's modern world, then I would respectfully submit that, in spite of the best efforts to dress itself up in pretty modern clothes that was begun at Vatican Two, any student of that Council, and indeed of the whole effort, will tell you that on one significant point during the great "liberalization" that gave us nuns in miniskirts, guitar "masses", liberation theology, and indeed, the current pope, there was no change: the doctrine and definition of the papal power and its claims themselves.

We would do well to remember that those claims are absolute, non-negotiable, and are founded on the principle of the universal fall of all of mankind in the corporate Adam, and of the necessity - if I may be permitted again to cite Boniface VIII's encyclical Unam Sanctam - for every human creature to be "subject to" the Roman Pontiff.

Of course, subjugation can be sought in a variety of ways, one of them being simply to be the role of the moral advisor to the global government... and interdicts will not be far behind... It is interesting then that Vatican Two also made numerous declarations on the status of Islam as part of the great Yahwist monotheistic family.. with the papacy angling to play the part of "honest broker" of all the competing Yahwist interests. This to some extent implies that the Oracle on the Tiber - with its claims to infallibility ex cathedra and to an universal and immediate jurisdiction - is abandoning all pretence to speak merely for the Catholic Church, but now reaches out to embrace all morality within the human purview.

But on this point, The Daily Bell gets it right, such a global apparatus of power will be no more moved by decency and compassion than it was during the Albigensian crusade, when a similar "moral authority" counseled the king of France to wipe out a segment of France's population that fell outside the consensus reality, and to let God sort out who belonged to him. We would do well, therefore, to demand of that authority public clarifications of the various mediaeval encyclicals and of the definitions of its claims made at Vatican One, before even entertaining the discussion of its potential role in any such emerging political and cultural order.

See you on the flip side.