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I hope all of you are as nauseated at the prospect of this wretched and corrupt family being yet again involved in Amerikan politics as I... yet more reason for people to consider, if not voting "no confidence," then at least abandoning that particular political party... it is like a family of Lyndon B. Johnsons...ugh ugh ugh!

Jeb Bush Meets Former Aides Near White House

Not that they ever QUIT being involved (unfortunately).

3 thoughts on “TIDBIT: UGH! THEY’RE AT IT AGAIN…”

  1. Jeb Bush? Unfortunately there are never any ‘fair’ (s)Elections in America. Roosevelt’s’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s and now the Obama’s……Please, just throw a dart at a page of any phone book of any small, backcountry town in America, and the name of any individual close to the dart point would make a better POTUS.

    Now, someone like a JFK would be a superior choice of course, but they would need their own private security force in order to stay alive.

  2. terminally skeptical

    Rumor d’jour:

    A friend of mine has told me twice now over the span of around 2 years that a brilliant I.T. specialist he knows who commands hundreds of dollars an hour for cracking and tracking data, intimated to him that Jeb Bush made a fortune off illegal dealings in Florida Everglade land deals. The analysis and summary by this wizard was that were this made public it would effectively end J.B.’s political career.

    Somebody please hand me another beer.

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