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December 7, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's a super-computing race on folks, between the USA, Japan, and Germany, and, for the moment, so far as we know, the USA is ahead (which isn't saying much, since we don't really know what the Chinese or Russians may be up to). Now, before I share this article which was sent to me by many of you (this particular example being from Facebook friend Mr. P.T.), as you read this, I want you to bear in mind all those transhumanist articles I have been blogging lately, and particularly, the idea of anamnetic technologies:

Oak Ridge’s Titan named world’s fastest computer

I suggested in blogs this previous week that one may be looking at the potential development of "soul catcher" technologies that could eventually be used as "anamnetic" technologies, technologies able to "transduce" some form of higher consciousness by dint of the emulation of its signatures... a kind of "noetic resonance effect."  Now what interests me here is the potential that such supercomputers offer in this vein, for what such computational ability would seem to imply is the ability to create an efficient transducer for such speculative projects or purposes.

So let's extend this speculation further. Let's assume that such anamnetic technologies are being pursued (we already know the emulational technologies are with such things as as the "soul catcher" chip and so on), and let us make a second assumption which, on the face of it, seems a reasonable assumption to make, and that is, that computing power and speed are directly proportional to the efficiency of such emulation and anamnesis. Our final assumption is that, through such means and technologies, "contact" might be theoretically feasible.

What this would mean, in effect, is that one would have a kind of "transhumanism super-computing anamnesis" race akin to the space race, or nuclear weapons race, of the 1950s-1970s. Countries would vie, not only in terms of computatonal power, but in methodologies for the transformation of that technology into the sort of anamnetic technologies I have been hypothesizing through these blogs.

What this would also mean is, in effect, that consciousness research - anamnetic technologies - would be perhaps some of the most highly and deeply classified research in the world, for its potential power would be incalculable. Why? Stop and consider: if there is an interface between consciousness and the physical medium, as many physicists already theorize, and if, in turn, such anamnetic technologies or possibilities exist, then such supercomputers may only represent the surface of a much deeper black projects agenda...

Modeling climate change and energy sources?
Yea.... right.

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