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There's a super-computing race on folks, between the USA, Japan, and Germany, and, for the moment, so far as we know, the USA is ahead (which isn't saying much, since we don't really know what the Chinese or Russians may be up to). Now, before I share this article which was sent to me by many of you (this particular example being from Facebook friend Mr. P.T.), as you read this, I want you to bear in mind all those transhumanist articles I have been blogging lately, and particularly, the idea of anamnetic technologies:

Oak Ridge’s Titan named world’s fastest computer

I suggested in blogs this previous week that one may be looking at the potential development of "soul catcher" technologies that could eventually be used as "anamnetic" technologies, technologies able to "transduce" some form of higher consciousness by dint of the emulation of its signatures... a kind of "noetic resonance effect."  Now what interests me here is the potential that such supercomputers offer in this vein, for what such computational ability would seem to imply is the ability to create an efficient transducer for such speculative projects or purposes.

So let's extend this speculation further. Let's assume that such anamnetic technologies are being pursued (we already know the emulational technologies are with such things as as the "soul catcher" chip and so on), and let us make a second assumption which, on the face of it, seems a reasonable assumption to make, and that is, that computing power and speed are directly proportional to the efficiency of such emulation and anamnesis. Our final assumption is that, through such means and technologies, "contact" might be theoretically feasible.

What this would mean, in effect, is that one would have a kind of "transhumanism super-computing anamnesis" race akin to the space race, or nuclear weapons race, of the 1950s-1970s. Countries would vie, not only in terms of computatonal power, but in methodologies for the transformation of that technology into the sort of anamnetic technologies I have been hypothesizing through these blogs.

What this would also mean is, in effect, that consciousness research - anamnetic technologies - would be perhaps some of the most highly and deeply classified research in the world, for its potential power would be incalculable. Why? Stop and consider: if there is an interface between consciousness and the physical medium, as many physicists already theorize, and if, in turn, such anamnetic technologies or possibilities exist, then such supercomputers may only represent the surface of a much deeper black projects agenda...

Modeling climate change and energy sources?
Yea.... right.

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  1. I have just listened to about hour of Joseph and Scott’s interview on Coast-To-Coast, and while I may have some metaphysical/theological quibbles with some aspects of their presentation (which I don’t need to get into at this point), I share their palpable sense of alarm concerning these developments. From my point of view, Transhumanism is a Luciferian project; it’s an example of the Great Parody of inverted spirituality which was portrayed so presciently by C.S. Lewis in “That Hideous Strength.” In Transhumanism, the Person, which is a divine gift, becomes reduced to a unit (something the Corporate world has already started vis a vis its emplyees), which may emulate the ”phenomena ‘of consciousness, a counterfeit, as it were. But one gets to the point where you have ‘phenomena’ (worth nothing) without a soul. Some have speculated that the ‘Antichrist’ will in fact be such a creature–a counterfeit incarnation.

    1. It should also be noted that this is the logical denouement of the modernist project which seeks to create a human utopia without God–a project which is ultimately doomed. What you have is a Satanic parody of the Transfiguration of man and the world The primordial point was Eden–which came by the Grace of God; the Tower of Babel was a man-made, Promethean attempt to usurp God’s prerogatives and create a New World Order. The Transhumanists will meet the same result, as John has so vividly described in Revelation although not before causing alot of misery, devastation, and death.

      1. The Hindus speak of Being and Beyond Being: Beyond Being could also be called “Total Being” as it includes Being and Non-Being. Analogic Being also encompasses Being and non-Being, Cataphatic Being and Apophatic Being. Precisely because Aquinas conceives of Being as analogical, he does not have to posit a Beyond Being.
        The Hindu concept of Being is univocal; it is coeval with manifestation and so requires Beyond Being to encompass Non-Being and hence All Possibility. Non-Being is not nothingness: as Guenon has pointed out “it is evident that Non-Being, far from being ‘nothingness’, is exactly the opposite, if indeed ‘nothingness ‘could have an opposite, for this would imply granting it a certain degree of ‘positivity’ incompatible with its absolute ‘negativity’, which is pure impossibility.” So however conceived, ‘nothing ‘ is never a valid predicate for God. When apoophatic theology negates a cataphatic determination, it is negating the univocal use of that determination. If the determination is conceived of as an Icon, then there is no problem with it.

  2. Soul-catcher chip! All you need is a photograph (see radionics.) What is magic but a technology that we don’t yet understand. Since the spirits of the dead have left a residue or imprint in the aether, we ought to be able to contact them and given a really good connection, even ask them questions, or have them do our bidding. Since distance is irrelevant at the level of the aether, we could conceivably act upon others at a distance by use of a simple photograph. What I think we’re seeing here is the past traces of spiritualism from the days of Blavatsky, gone technological. Once the classified boys understood that the stargate is not so much an outer jump as an inner jump, they got very interested, I think, in all the old spiritualist “mumbo-jumbo” and magical things of like ilk. I suspect that if we were able to corner one of the classified boys, we would be aghast at how “non-scientific” he sounded. The classified world is so far ahead of us (50 to 100 years according to Ben Rich, retired head of the Skunk Works), that their science may no longer sound “scientific” to us.

  3. Zeropoint, I think you might be onto something there. This is perhaps the essence of the ‘Tower of Babel moment’ that so threatened the gods, that Dr Farrell talks about in several of his books. Perhaps, if it really is possible to do, it is ultimately this ability to transduce consciousness from outside this plane/dimension/etc. into a body on this plane, that defines a ‘god’, or at least a ‘god’s’ creative ability. Perhaps it impinged on their territory, as it were, in the past, causing them to attempt the annhilation of human beings (or whatever beings those stories are actually talking about).

    If that really was the case in the past, and we are almost ready to do it again, might we expect another flood or other devastation? What might make this time in history different from other Tower of Babel moments?

  4. I think I’ve posted this before, but it bears repeating:

    From a psychic source (‘”channeler”) in the mid 19990’s, comes the idea that at least one supercomputer (at that time) had “become self-aware,” and those involved were very afraid of “it.” Not a reliable source I know, but also not a completely unreliable one either. I remember this source predicting a terrorist attack on US soil a few weeks before the Oklahoma City bombing.

    Did anyone see a Verizon commercial about some sort of “DNA” phone? The final words are:

    “It’s not an upgrade to your phone. It’s an upgrade to your self.”

      1. The californium circled the Titanic as it sunk….from the official inquiry from a officer on deck…….they filmed it going down.

        The Onion got it right ,….the headline read, a metaphor for the hubris of mankind.

        1. also the ..in today’s dollars, a 24 billion dollar payout insurance scam…..kind of like 911, that one paid double though.

  5. terminally skeptical

    If such a powerful computer is not only able to calculate but also is able to exhibit signs of consciousness it would be interesting to see if, like some humans, it is able to affect a bias onto a random numbers generator.

  6. Perhaps the human brain already is a biological emulational and anamnetic device based on genetics, designed, through ‘attachment’ signatures, to invoke different consciousness complexes, so an electronic/photonic/quantum device may just be the next evolutionary development in accessing (hijacking?) the infinite Consciousness.

  7. Hal to dave after informing him that he left his helmet (head) on board as the astronauts attempted to fix the phone.

    “I’m sorry Dave but I dont see any point to this conversation”

    Dave took the leap of faith….through space….and died. That wine glass tipping over, as he ate supper in front of a sideways movie screen in a Renascence (rebirth) decorated room….apparently was his last supper.

    Apparently the mission is much too important to be left to space apes.

    1. there also was some telling video communication going on, in one before the astronaut who figured hal was cheating at chess was bumped off, he was informed his pay raise was confirmed from Langley….30 pieces of silver …check.
      In another, Defy Hollywood or was it Floyd Heywood was informed his daughter wanted a telephone and a Bush baby in 2001. Of course George jr became pres so we know that wish was granted.

      Thanks Gregory for posting about Marcion, I’ve been contemplating about Paul lately, it provides more insights.
      Interesting side bit of info, that the church of Saint Paul was spared on 911, saved from falling debris by a sycamore tree, unfortunately it was destroyed and a cedar planted in its place.

  8. Robert Barricklow

    As I read alot, my first reaction to this was a “new” andromeda strain, but this would be analogous to a Jack D. Forbes “wetiko” psychosis, “invecting” Earth from another “dimension”. In Forbes nonfiction work, Columbus and Other Cannibals, he explained the wetiko “meme” as coming from the “old world” and invecting the “new world”. It was/is a great “out-of-the-box” analyses.
    Thus, this would be like an “andromeda Meme”(mind virus)
    invecting “earthlings”, via the “Twilight Zone”(another dimension).

    1. funny, in my research into Hieroglyphs seems the Egyptians were telling a story similar to agent dis info Carls movie contact, except with a twist, we have been beamed onto the planet via pyramids and being observed. Although they made a little mishap, the being resemebled Jodie Fosters father.

      You know though, you treat a man like an animal, he behaves like one and acts like one….skinners box. Placing your right side of your brain in trust could have severe consequences to ones health.

        1. thats as natural as the birds and the bees, the problem starts when a serpent floats down the milky way and steals the honey pot.

          1. Robert Barricklow

            Of course, in discussing a “super-computing race”, the ::”honey pot” is/are the “quantum qubit” computing power(s). That cat, once it’s out of the box, throws a (w)hole new dimension of dice on/into the vast void of probabilites .
            Now that’s one bad cat.

        2. terminally skeptical

          Well that’s one way to skin a cat . . . butcher it’s name. Unless we’re not talking about the same cat.

          1. terminally skeptical

            R.B. you’re stretching my horizons to the limit for a Friday night. There I was looking for what I thought was a few missing letters and an umlaut and you displace me some 5500 miles to the west. Perhaps I need to start drinking to stay in this conversation. That must have then been one badass puss-in-boots though I never saw the Disney series, starring Robert Loggia who a few years later became T.H.E. Cat. Born to a typecast, I guess.

          2. 1 and 0’s….a son with z brain like a sponge and a father lying at the bottom of the wetico…… pass the ky jelly and give me a boost.

  9. Frankie Calcutta

    I bet the supercomputers didn’t predict undefeated Notre Dame football? In the Passion of the Catholic Church the crucifixion is now over and we are entering the Resurrection stage. Symbolic re-emergence of the Church and the thinly veiled Divine Mother Cult. The Divine Finger of the Goddess pointing to the side She is on. It’s similar to the space shuttle with the Israeli on board crashing into Palestine, Texas.

    Read ’em and weep Yahweh worshipping suckers.

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