cosmic war


January 8, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

This one caught my eye principally because so many of you sent it to me and when I read it I could see why. If this report be true, then apparently the United States has tested a "tsunami bomb" close to New Zealand, and in "cooperation" with New Zealand authorities:

'Tsunami bomb' tested off New Zealand coast

Now as you'll note, what's interesting here is that these tests were apparently conducted during World War Two. Even moreĀ  interesting, is that apparently the tests were successful. But even more interesting than that is why we're learning about it now, from the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph.

Regular readers of this website will recall that, like many others in the alternative research community, I have held the opinion that the earthquake and tsunami that so devastated Japan may have been an artificial creation, i.e., the application of a technology, and hence, an act of war. In my recent book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations I advance the hypothesis that in the absence of technological means of verification of the use of such technologies, one method of determining if they are in play is if such events (1) bear unusual enough signatures to suggest an artificial cause, (2) have a temporal correlation to the possible activity of HAARP and other such arrays, and most importantly (3) occur within a time frame when significant political or economy activity occurs.

In the case of Japan, readers of this site will recall that I suggested that this might be a factor, for the government elected a few months earlier in Japan had clearly signaled a willingness to repair relations with China (there was at the time talk of a state visit by the Emperor to Beijing), and there were also clear indications that the Japanese government wanted the American base at Okinawa to be gone. Then there was a very stern warning from then US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates that clearly amounted to no more than a threat, and then, finally, there was the tsunami and earthquake themselves, with all their tragic nuclear aftermath.

...And suddenly Japan seems to be "ok" again, provoking a fight with China by claiming some isolated rocks in the Pacific.

And now,this story...

Well, I never shirk my responsibilities to engage in high octane speculation here, so here we go. Frankly, it is the timing of this story that bothers me, because it is, it seems to me, a none-too-subtle message from the Powers that Be in Wall Street and London, that the "Orient" with all its high population coastal cities (think of places like Shanghai or Hong Kong here), had better watch out because "what happened to Japan can happen to you too...see? we've been tinkering with this stuff since World War Two."

Yet the "message" is strikingly subtle in other ways too, because it appears to be also a bit of deflection in the sense that one wouldn't necessarily need bombs to produce tsunamis and earthquakes. A much more efficient method would be to choose an instability (a fault line), and stress that instability with....oh, say, lots of very low frequency waves until the instability just "snapped," and voila, one has an instant earthquake and tsunami. One might "tweak" the results a bit but using a combination of VLF and a bomb to provide the final "pulse" to really get things rocking.

In any case, this little articleis an astonishing admission (and, consider too, the source... one of the UK's three major papers and hence a bit of a mouthpiece for the British [Tory] establishment). It's an admission that the west has indeed been developing methods of geo-warfare; it's also subtle misdirection at the same time: "look for bombs," and finally, it's a Asia (gee....I wonder who they have in mind?)

A message, a bit of disinformation, and a warning...all in one: if nothing else, we can thank the Daily Telegraph for providing us with some interesting grist for the high-octane-speculation-mill. But I have this terrible gut feeling that it may not just be speculation.

See you on the flip side.